Carol Todd – telling lies? Again?

Is Carol Todd’s story finally unravelling?

Editor’s Note

This post was removed from the site after the blogger expressed reservations about her ability to accurately recall the events described therein.

My post from a couple of days ago – ‘It’s a disgrace’ – was about her article, which was edited and then disappeared altogether.

It has now been picked up here:

The original post by Carol is now being called ‘controversial’.

Is this the beginning of the end? Has Carol Todd finally just pushed things too far?

Over the next few days, it will be interesting to see what happens. Will Carol Todd try to explain? Will there be a new post desperately trying to avoid mentioning her collusion with the Vancouver Sun? Maybe she’ll retire from blogging.

Will anything come of this? Who knows. However, at least people will know what source is most trustworthy – Philip Rose.

Latest addition:

‘Blogs sometimes raise important ethical questions about journalists and media outlets. More transparency here seems an obvious antiseptic to the festering concerns about how the Sun handled the Todd stories and handled fellow media.’

‘Carol Todd’s description of what happened kicked off a debate about journalism ethics.’

The latest lies:

Oh well! Don’t say I never told you!

12 thoughts on “Carol Todd – telling lies? Again?

  1. I ask first… Do you have a job, other than this blog? And if so, is it a job where you are allowed to post 24/7? You obsession with this story and the people involved has become quite disturbing to be honest with you. Not to mention your facts are wrong and blurred to say the least. I feel quite sorry for you that in your life, you feel attacking a young girl, who you did not know at all, and only really know what you read in the media makes you a better person, that ” seeking the truth” somehow is your duty. Who exactly elected you GOD?? When did we, as a society elect you as judge and jury, I know I certainly did not.

    • Hello, and thank you for commenting.
      I think you will find that my facts are not wrong – quite the contrary, and I welcome any opportunity to discuss anything that people think is not clear. Actually, I would go as far as saying that this is the only place where you can find a truthful representation of the events.
      As you will know, if I went by what I read in the media, the story would be entirely different. Some of the facts here are not to be found in the media. Indeed, the Press has made up an incredibly non-factual story based on nothing but hearsay, rumour, and the words written in Amanda’s infamous video.
      Nobody has elected me God (gods don’t get elected, which seems quite undemocratic). Gods are dictators, and you will know that, indeed, their stories are far from being rational and verifiable, whereas at least my views can be substantiated. I am just an ordinary person.
      I suspect that, like so many, you haven’t bothered to read the entire blog. You will see that in many instances I have quoted Carol Todd’s own words, and it’s just unfortunate that they seem to change so much.
      You have called yourself ‘concerned mother’. Are you really concerned? Perhaps you should be. The dangers to your child/children do not just lie in bullying, they lie also in the problems concerning webcam usage, the problems of drug and alcohol abuse, the problems of promiscuity at an early age, the problems of the effects of divorce and parental strife, and many other things which seem to have been ignored in this story. You will see that I have made at least an attempt to provide information (see the header of this blog) and I have tried to highlight problems and give people guidance. It’s just unfortunate that most people visit here with an axe to grind, rather than looking for a chance to actually think about what is going on. I hope you may have learned something.
      btw – seeking the truth is everyone’s duty. A civilisation based on media lies is tantamount to savagery.
      Carol Todd and the Press have not just made up a version of this story, they have lied. In doing so, two things have occurred:
      1. People no longer trust the story, and have turned away from it instead of learning from it.
      2. It has encouraged wrong thinking, e.g. it has inflamed people to anger and vigilante behaviour, it has perturbed young children who visit pages where they see words like ‘flash’ and ‘masturbation’, and it has made thousands of kids dwell on suicide.
      With the second observation, of course there has been some positive action regarding bullying, but if you look closely, the whole thing has actually CAUSED more bullying – people are still looking for revenge against CHILDREN, there’s never a mention of understanding and forgiveness, and Carol has never tried to stop the hatred of the wrongly-named ‘stalker’. She and her followers have stoked up the furnaces of hatred, not of love. They are vile. And she’s the leader.
      While I’m here – I suggest you try to find out where the thousands of dollars of Legacy Fund money has gone. Trips to Las Vegas, perhaps? Why does Carol Todd find it necessary to take all the money, when there are so many pre-existing proper charities to support? The Legacy is doing nothing new.
      Anyways – nice of you to drop by.
      Regards, God.

    • hey dudette – a fan of the Calgary Flames I see. Still friends with Landon? Good grief – was that you in all the pics? Naughty! I had a friend called Bad Betty – kinda reminds me of you.

  2. Well in fact, I know a lot more than you could ever know about the story. And you seem to think you speak for the majority when in fact all you are is a bullying with too much time on his hands. You seek out and quote Ms Todd every chance you get. Again, do you have an actual job? You do not speak for me,or millions of others, you speak for yourself. You are attacking a child who like many others, discovered the internet, who made some “bad judgement calls”, which no one, not even Ms Todd has denied, and who was attacked for those mistakes. Nothing you post here or say, can justify other teens telling another teenager to ” go kill herself”. Are you an RCMP officer? Did you or have you seen the barrage of messages and posts? My thoughts are no, you are not and have not, therefore what makes you the expert on this? And before you begin to assume you also know me, based on a screen name, let me assure you, that you, in fact do not. Just like you do not know Ms Todd or her daughter’s story. How else would you have facts that are so intertwined with the truth?? I am a concerned mother, and I know how ruthless the internet can be first hand, however, in the end, you have started a sort of witch hunt on not only Ms Todd, but her daughter and anyone close to them. For myself, your words and site are irrelevant because you speak from a naive point of view with little to no knowledge. I to, was accused of “profiting ” off my child’s suicide attempt, being told similar things like ” easing my guilt for being absent” or ” looking for a book deal”, both of which were so far from facts. The fact is, unless you are in the immediate situation, you do not know how you will react. I ask you, Philip Rose, are you in fact a parent? And please do not say If you were a parent, somehow your child would be sheltered from the perils of the trolls and internet scum, because you would be naive as hell to think that. As you have proven time and time again with your endless posts, no one is safe. And if your child was to make a wrong choice such as Amanda did, how would you handle it in this day and age? Have no internet in your home, disable world wide wifi? Please explain so all of us horrible, and absent parents can learn from you, since you seem to have all the answers, and assume that since this happened, and that Amanda was so unlike millions of teens out there, that somehow she deserved all she got. You may re quote Ms Todd, and find fault in her words, however you do not know the story…

    • Are you actually in Calgary? You could answer that, and perhaps explain your pictures, if that is indeed you.
      Let me see.
      People always say they know a lot more – LauraLynn said that, yet she seemed inordinately ignorant of what was going on. It seems that every Tom, Dick or Harry knows stuff, yet only I know what really was said and done online.
      I speak for myself, really. I do seek out Mrs Todd, but that’s because she’s a profiteering liar. A few months ago, I might have put that in a different, kinder way, but one has to be brutally honest.
      OK – you agree I speak for myself. So what? I tell the truth, I try to steer clear of simple opinions, and people seem to be interested (good stats, don’t you think?)
      It’s not that Mrs Todd has denied all Amanda’s online shenanigans, it’s just that she has allowed the story to be confused by adding in the ‘stalker’ who is non-existent, by allowing people to still believe that it was a one-off coercion, when it wasn’t, by not confronting the problem of BlogTV herself, and by basically avoiding the fact that her and Norm were totally useless.
      Mmmm? Little or no knowledge? You would be surprised by what I have left out. And actually, I have more knowledge about things than you or Carol Todd. Why doesn’t she acknowledge what really caused the problem? Believe you me, what Amanda’s family have made up in their heads bears no resemblance to what is real.
      For most parents, the initial reaction can be three-fold – stunned grief, followed by action; stunned grief, followed by silence; or what seems to be no grief followed by blame-avoidance (Carol Todd). For you and others, it’s basically a guilt trip – you know you were to blame, but acting like a saint after the event makes you feel a lot better. It turns YOU into the victim. Clever move.
      I have first hand experience of these sorts of things, but unlike you I don’t shout it from the rooftops.
      What is most irksome is that what happened to Amanda was avoidable. What were the excuses? A computer savvy mom who allowed unfettered Internet access? Who wasn’t there half the time? Webcam at the end of Amanda’s bed? Cops arrive December 2010 and she’s still at it 3 weeks later? There’s naivety, sure, but utter stupidity is unforgivable.
      You want answers? I’ll give you some. In nearly all the cases, the kids have come from dysfunctional homes, yet it is always someone else to blame. Given decent, supportive and protective parenting, even the worst affected kids will get through it. There is a big difference between allowing kids to have Internet access willy-nilly and taking steps to monitor their behaviour patterns – even minor ones would at least help. Setting boundaries also helps – unlike Carol Todd’s extreme permissiveness in allowing Amanda to freely indulge in drink, drugs and sex. Quite a rock and roll existence. Really, you lot are pretty hopeless. The list is almost endless about what can be done, and as a parent you should know that. Why did Amanda feel so alone and go to the Internet? Because Carol didn’t engage – simple as that. Kids might hate you for being strict, but that’s part of parenting. Carol was the typical cool mom, who was afraid to do anything. Parents who allow their kids to do everything are not cool, they are stupid. They might get ‘loved’ for being cool, but eventually the kids will think that a lack of concern is a lack of care – and that’s what happened to Amanda. ‘I drink’ – so what. ‘I take drugs’ – so what. ‘I have sex’ – so what. ‘I masturbate online’ – so what. That’s how it was with Carol, and it’s destructive. ‘I exist and I’m in trouble’ – so what. At what point did Carol ever stop to think that all this was a cry for help, a search for boundaries and some sort of parental response that showed proper concern? Did it never enter her mind that the September video was essentially a suicide note? But – in her own fucking words – she never even spoke about it with Amanda. Bra-fucking-vo!
      What can I suggest? That you utterly stupid and selfish parents realise that having kids is a fucking responsibility, and that your personal problems marriage-wise, career-wise, whatever-wise, are all nothing when it comes to caring for your children. Kids come first; your lives as parents are secondary. That’s my motto. It’s something that all parents should know, or learn. Unfortunately, they don’t.
      I know the story, Jackanory. And it’s one big fuck-up.

    • Bom dia, Marcelo. If you think that the authorities are unaware that this blog exists, you are quite naive. I suggest you read the entire blog, then you will know that I, myself have contacted the police 5 times, and I have contacted all of the British Columbia MLAs. So it’s no secret. The truth never is.

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