And it goes on….and on….and on….and on….

Hello friends and fiends alike!

Good grief, this blog goes on forever, doesn’t it? And the loons and the goons keep visiting, some of them pooing on my doorstep, some leaving words of encouragement. Word of warning to anyone out there wanting to get involved in the search for truth – just don’t do it. Ha ha! Ignorance does indeed seem to be bliss.

I sort of lost my way with all this. I wanted to be informative, but that takes a huge effort – there’s just too much out there for my tiny brain to take in. The levels of stupidity in the world is crazy, and it’s easy to drown in it. Luckily, I have had a few people along the way who have helped – John, Mr K, CC, L, Roy, GF, Misty in America (just what the Devil happened to you?) and a few others.

Today’s video is one of my favourites. It’s not entirely relevant, but yes – it shows the willingness of the dumb masses to believe that they are fighting for a righteous cause, when all it is is corporate murder. Oh how easy it is to fall for the crap spewed out by the media.

Talking of which, here’s the latest nonsense. Back to the Amanda stuff again.

Sound familiar? Dumbass 15 year old girl and an even more dumbass 13 year old boy playing grown up games. The same old nonsense.

He was 13 – which makes him (in the opinion of cretins) a sextortionist child-pornographer criminal worthy of capital punishment. She was a 15 year old girl, which means she must be innocent of the crime of utter stupidity, and she is excused. Oh – and she has a pretty butter-would-not-melt fizzog, so that means she must be lovely.

But wait? What is this I see?

‘I go to CMHS and I have known Josi Harrison and her family for many years. Josi has always been promiscuous and she herself is a bully’ No – I can’t believe it! What a shock!

‘What I don’t approve of is the lack of responsibility her parents have in this situation. It is very well known in Clatskanie that her father robbed many houses of any prescription drugs while on duty.’ Parental ineptitude? Never heard of such a thing!

‘Well fox 12 I think that this girl is a little lier and sentenced an innocent boy to 2 years of house arrest. She was flirting an texting him so that he would come to the park.’ Nay, nay and thrice nay. It’s time for me to stick my fingers in my ears and shout ‘la la la’!

‘And yea parents are responsible for everything their minor child does! Wake up to that people. Trust but verify. The parents that don’t, either lazy or wana be the cool parents too much, well here’s your prize!!’ Well, I’ve never heard of such nonsense!

So that’s quite enough of that! Any similarity between this story and Amanda’s is purely coincidental.

Ta ta!


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