Tara/Tera Murphy

an accidental webcam shot

Note: these pictures were on public display for everyone to see. They have not been ‘stolen’ and their use is justifiable as being of public interest, especially when used as evidence that the person has – like so many others – simply exploited her own daughter for fame and fortune. Any interest shown by any authorities, Canadian or otherwise, is welcome. Fraud is not a good thing in any country. Except maybe Canada, where it seems to be a pastime.

Well, well, well, what do we have here? Tara Murphy, who had the flaming audacity to come to my blog and have a go at me. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!

This pic was called ‘accidental webcam shot’.

Let’s look at some more.

i like the way you say please

‘I like the way you say please’ Nice. Tasteful.

I was bored at home

‘I was bored at home’ LOL

Commando the way to go

‘Commando the way to go’

Tara nude

Well, this is just her without a caption. Lovely mother.

Tara Murphy Six


another angle

‘Another angle’ Tasteful.


Charmingly called ‘fromdaback’

great nails

‘Great nails’. Nurse, pass the smelling salts! I think I might swoon.


Did she get those from Primark?

OK – there’s more, but maybe I’ll stop there.

In case we don’t know who Tara (aka Tera) Murphy (great mom) is:


And if you want to see the originals, including Kenzie:


Ha ha! The pictures have now been deleted, and the delightful Tara is in denial. So more pics.

Tara Murphy Three


Tara Murphy Four

There are, of course,ย  more photos (including a pornographic one, but not of her), and actually more text, including comments from her fans. My accusations that Tara Murphy and her daughter conspired to defraud people by claiming that there were incidences of bullying, and decided to gain even more publicity by faking a suicide attempt, still stand. Unless, of course, anyone can prove otherwise – which they never can.

14 thoughts on “Tara/Tera Murphy

  1. Please please be bored at home a LOT ๐Ÿ˜‰ And yeah commando is the way to go! I agree! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hopefully you will like the way I say please ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. My suggestion? Tara Murphy and her daughter are our first copycats. Yes, it took your friendly neighbourhood Philip to work that out. So – what’s all over the news and gets fame and fortune? Amanda Todd. Want a piece of the action? Get your daughter to claim that she, too, is being bullied and has made a suicide attempt. Get on that bandwagon! Front page news, interviews. Poor old Kenzie didn’t stand a chance – like mother, like daughter, I guess.
    Come on guize! Philip reports the news that is news – and he does it truthfully!

  3. I disagree that these photos are in the public interest, unless โ€œthe publicโ€ is a tiny group of leering men who like pornography. Philip, posting these photos, because someone disagrees with your blog, is vindictive and detracts from your intellectual arguments. These photos donโ€™t prove anything, except that you can find dirt on people you donโ€™t like. Saying this is taking a chance I know, because I could then be a target. How about some genuine freedom of speech here? I would like you to take this post down please. A polite request, so no insults needed.

    • What constitutes public interest?
      Tara Murphy turned up on my blog as ‘concerned mother’ slating me for picking on Carol Todd and other poor parents, and faking her identity.
      She then took a holier-than-thou view about ‘Internet scum’ without mentioning that she, too, would, in some people’s opinion, fall into that category. And remember. I have actually treated her quite gently.
      Now – I suggest that her behaviour had an impact on her daughter. How else can I prove that certain elements of Tara’s actions were indicative of problem parenting?
      It’s got nothing to do with being vindictive – it’s to do with the hypocrisy, for one thing. Tara was part of the problem, no doubt about it. If I had wanted to be vindictive, I would have published a lot more details.
      I also believe – strongly – that Tara exploited her daughter, and encouraged her daughter to get into that Amanda Todd limelight. The timing of Kenzie’s actions just fit the bill perfectly, and again, the lack of any proper information about the suicide attempt, and the willingness of Kenzie to pose for the cameras, all smiles, really doesn’t point to a story of disaster.
      I think you are being far too soft on these people. These photos proved that Tara was not necessarily unaware of the Internet problems. Indeed, it proves that she used the Internet to advertise her body. These weren’t private photos, they were published for fans who, on her comments, said things like ‘more tits please’. So come off it.
      And this post won’t come down. It’s there for a valid reason.
      And please – before you start about being a ‘target’, who is it that is harassing you on your Facebook page? Not MY supporters. A little honesty and transparency please, before you too start implying things.
      If Tara was doing nothing to be ashamed of, then why delete the page? Why not come here and discuss matters? You yourself say the information is ‘dirt’ – good choice of word, and it betrays what you think, doesn’t it? Otherwise you would have said ‘innocent pictures’ or something similar.
      Ta ta for now. Welcome on board (or maybe ‘bored’ by now).

    • Understand – SHE published them, not me. They were taken from her own website, which she has now deleted. She came to my blog complaining about Internet behaviour, yet, in my opinion, she is part of the problem. If people put these pictures out for public viewing, they become public property.

  4. you are an absolute bully yourself, in the real world outside of internet land, id pop you in the fucking mouth for what you say about these girls.

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