The Massacre of the Innocents


People may say that I am too quick to point fingers at parents, but this article says a lot.

What I am trying to say here is that all children – bullies and the the bullied – are victims, and in nearly all cases, the parents are at the root of it.

We need to have pity on these children, not urges for blind revenge and retribution. The continuing attitude of the Todd supporters sickens me – trying to, on one hand, speak out so sanctimoniously about protecting and nurturing children, then on the other, crying out for punishments, jail sentences, violence and hatred. It truly, truly, disgusts me, and it eats away at my personal well-being when I see innocent children threatened by the Todd cronies, and when I see Carol Todd’s lack of response to any of the threats issued against the wrongly named so-called stalker.

Where is the love for our children, people? What the Hell has happened to us that we race to lock up 12, 13, and 14 year olds for simply being totally let down by their parents?

Time and time again my investigations show up, and prove, that huge problems emanate from the parents, yet the self-same parents claim some sort of immunity when it comes to taking any blame or responsibility whatsoever. Did Tara Murphy not think that her online shenanigans might influence her daughter? Any parent must know – or should know – that their offspring are extremely observant and will, even though they might not show it, have some inkling about what is going on regarding their parents’ behaviour patterns. Did Carol Todd never stop to consider that allowing her daughter, without any hint of instruction, education, or concern, to indulge in drug taking, drinking and sexual activity, might just have some sort of detrimental effect on her mental stability? And Carol Todd knew it was all going on, so it wasn’t a case of Amanda being secretive. Did the Parsons family, the Pott family, any of them, actually consider that not instilling some sort of code of conduct upon their children would be dangerous? Did they think that sons and daughters who are allowed to drink and carouse will be found playing charades or hide-and-seek as if they were seven years of age? What the Hell possesses these kids to think that being gang-banged by the entire football squad is a good idea?

I’ll tell you what possesses these kids – the thought that their parents don’t care, the thought that they are unloved, the emotional strife of having parents who argue and fight, or are not there in times of need, and having parents who simply don’t give them the type of love and understanding they need.

Take Carol Todd’s fine example. She lavished gift after gift on Amanda, buying her the latest phones, the latest clothes. Easily done. She allowed  – in exchange for Amanda not hating her – the drug taking, the booze, the sex. But when it came to the suicide-note September video, she never even asked about it. No cuddles, no hugs, no concern.

Yet here we are, a year later, and what has happened? No urge for special parenting classes, no desire for a proper investigation about the roles of teachers, educationalists, doctors and parents. No – all that has occurred is a race to turn 13 year old boys with a picture of their girlfriend into child pornographers, to lock up and punish children who need to be repaired after all the damage their damned parents have done to them, and to hunt down and threaten innocent people.

Bravo, world! Is it any wonder that I despise you all?

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