Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Email sent to the Canadian Embassy:

Subject: Am I wanted by the RCMP?


My name is Philip Rose.

It has come to my attention that I might be wanted by the British Columbia RCMP to help with their enquiries concerning the Amanda Todd story.

So, if that’s true, I will come to the Embassy and be arrested, or whatever it is you want, e.g. to be questioned by the police there, or to be arrested and deported (or is it exported in this case? I don’t know the word).

Failing that, you are welcome to visit me any time at the Brighton Jubilee Library. Just let me know when, and I will be there.


Philip Rose

P.S. Your email contact facilities are pretty poor.

And it has been received:

—– Original Message to LDN (Consular / Consulaire) /Message d’origine à LDN (Consular / Consulaire) 


This is an automatic response. Thank you for your email to the Canadian High Commission Consular Section.  We will respond to your enquiry soon.

Please note we do not respond to or forward any enquiries concerning immigration, visas, permanent residence and family sponsorship. Please refer to www.unitedkingdom.gc.ca
Ceci est une réponse automatique. Merci pour votre courriel à la section consulaire du Haut-commissariat du Canada. Nous réponderons à votre enquête bientôt.

Veuillez noter que nous ne répondons pas aux demandes de renseignements concernant l’immigration, les visas, la résidence permanente et le parrainage d’un parent, et n’acheminons pas ces demandes. Veuillez consulter www.unitedkingdom.gc.ca

The lulz continue.

Please, stay with the blog for what I think will be a great post later this week. That’s if the Mounties haven’t got their man by then!

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