Freedom of speech? Not in Canada, it seems

This is how I felt after reading the latest load of crap.

I will be tearing this apart later, but for now, at least one thought:

‘Amanda’s troubles began in late 2010 when she was on her webcam with more than 150 viewers watching her on the now-defunct BlogTV livestream video site.’

Erm…..didn’t I say that? Hardly coerced by an individual into handing over one little photo! And of course, observers will now know that she wasn’t twelve years old, as some of the idiots (DeeJay Bewy, for instance) would like to claim, and even more perceptive readers will know the exact figures – 191 viewers all forcing her to flash. hahahahahahaha indeed!

Rest assured, faithful followers, the holes in this story are so big you can drive a truck through them. Even an analysis of this one article will show that it’s all poppycock.

By the way – I was banned from commenting online, of course. I must admit I was waiting for this shite with some trepidation. What if I had the story all wrong? What if I had missed some clue? Now, at least, we know that the September video WAS nonsense all along. All we have to wait for now is what new cockamamie bullshit the Todds will provide.

Added private note: The Magnificent Seven are re-grouping. I have five – I am just missing my beloved American lady (M) and good old opera man JR (your email addresses are defunct).

4 thoughts on “Freedom of speech? Not in Canada, it seems

  1. OK – I had to rub it into DeeJay somewhat. Here is what she says:
    ‘He seems to think he knows her and tries to deter the reader from realizing that the pedophiles which were in that room he mentions, which he was also in to get the screen cap, and he incorrectly says she was 14 at the time the image was captured. She was 12.:’
    For more tripe from the gullible old twat:
    I believe the saying is – you’ve been pwned, DeeJay – well pwned.

    • Even the math is provided for the fool in the site text:

      “Amanda, 15, committed suicide in her mother’s Port Coquitlam home on Oct. 10, 2012.”

      If she was 15 in October, 2012, then she would have been 14 one year prior and 13 one more year back in 2010. The mythical one-off picture was sourced in December, 2010 by the timestamped screenshots. Her birthday was in November, so she absolutely, positively was 14 in December, 2010. Only someone living in a deranged fantasy world or in politics could come up with something different.

  2. Nothing worse than having so see a bunch of comments from emo tripping fools demanding answers from yet another place of blame without being able to watch the damn thing myself!
    So it would appear that its all the fault of the RCMP now? Hmmmm. They have never installed confidence in myself I have to admit but……and im hoping this question was asked & answered in this ‘truthful story’………Why was Amanda still online whilst this ‘crazy person’ was stalking her so intensely??? And why is it now a ‘crazy person’ in a roomfull of people/perverts? Wasn’t it always ONE solitary stalker with one little photo/one little mistake? Has that now changed as well? Yet another verson of the story?
    Lastly but not least – did programme ask & get an answer to why there was a webcam complete with microphone at the end of her bed in one of her ‘shows’ when she is clearly not 13??? I’m thinking NONE of this was covered but why let any awkward questions, with answers everyone can learn from, get in the way of a good emo tripping story.
    I have other questions but I will leave them til after I’ve watched Amanda Todd – the REAL story 😉 😉

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