The higher a monkey climbs the tree, the more of its arse you will see


First things first. We now have positive proof that either Carol Todd is a liar, or the Vancouver Sun and Gillian Shaw tell lies. Take your pick. I know which one I would choose. Vancouver Sun reporters say they didn’t let Carol see their work, she says they did.

I haven’t yet seen the television documentary from CBC. I will comment on that later. Meanwhile, I will look at recent articles one by one.

The story is slowly unravelling. This post will pose some questions and, as usual, I hope people may contribute. So here goes.

‘RCMP in British Columbia were alerted at least five times’ Well, that’s new. But ask yourself this. Amanda must have kept communications open enough not only for someone to contact her five times, but for it to be bad enough to tell the police FIVE TIMES. Why were those communication lines left open? Even if it wasn’t the same person, at what point would Amanda’s computer savvy mom decide to do things like change email address, stop Facebook messages, keep more secure. For someone to locate her five times is irresponsible.

‘a topless picture of her was shared via social media’. By now, everyone knows it wasn’t a picture, it was a link to a video (maybe on cameracaptures). Even Carol Todd says that in an interview. Just why can’t they get anything right?

‘she flashed a crowd by webcam while on a live streaming chat site’. Now that destroys most of the myth straight off. Weren’t we led to believe that she was lured, cajoled and coerced into flashing an individual in innocence? We at least have the truth a bit closer now.

‘Someone captured a freeze frame of the teen topless and then used that photo to repeatedly try to blackmail her for more webcam “shows.” Oh dear – back to bollocks again. Her BlogTV show (not the first, I might add) was captured, went on a site, and was publicised. However, this is confusing. The videos that FIRST attracted attention were of her and Bianca Nitoi. Nobody captured a freeze-frame – it was a video. So yet again, somebody’s telling lies.

‘RCMP say the investigation is ongoing’. If this is true, then it makes things very dodgy. In the UK, it would be seen as not top form to release all this information before the case is closed.

‘CBC-TV’s investigative show also obtained exclusive access to the B.C. girl’s two computers’. So – two computers for a girl who should have had none? With ‘extensive chat logs’ for a girl who should, maybe, not have been chatting about it?

‘Amanda’s troubles began in late 2010 when she was on her webcam with more than 150 viewers watching her on the now-defunct BlogTV livestream video site. When she lifted her shirt, someone captured a freeze frame and posted the photo to a porn site.’ Same old toot, really. However, we at least have the myth of Amanda being twelve years old getting buried. We know now she was fourteen, which does add something – was she really a ‘child’ who didn’t know what she was doing at that age? And of course, it reiterates that she was hardly in some intimate one-to-one chat with some dastardly fiend – she was putting on a show! But this freeze-frame malarkey is a load of old twaddle. Nobody uploads one pic to a porn site any more – we’re not in the Stone Age!

‘She played it off as goofing around and said it wasn’t a huge deal.’ Well I never. Goofing around. She never said that in her September video. But then again ‘I was goofing around in front of 150+ people’ might not have had the same ‘look at me I’m a victim’ effect.

‘On Christmas Eve, Amanda’s mother received an anonymous Facebook message warning that her daughter was being extorted by men who troll sites looking for such pictures and then blackmail the girls for more photos or online performances.’ Now take heed. Yes, it’s likely that the perves would have been round Amanda like a swarm BUT remember this. The pictures, according to this, were already out there. They had been distributed, and most of the Van City area knew all about it.  There would have been NO POINT in threatening blackmail, because it had already been publicised. What would the message be – ‘Hey – everyone has your pics, and if you don’t perform, we’ll send them again’? Highly unlikely. This is a major thing to think about – if the pics were already out there, there COULD BE NO BLACKMAIL.

‘Meanwhile, the picture made the rounds at school via social media. Schoolmates tormented her by calling her a “camwhore” and “porn star.” It drove her to change schools, hoping for a fresh start, her father Norm Todd says.’ OK – how many more times do I have to say it was a link to a video? However, just think – for a teen flash which, according to everyone, is common, it’s unlikely that it would be met with such vitriol. Remember – it’s not just one video at this point, it’s at least two and God knows how many others on TinyChat and Omegle. Her school friends knew all this because Bianca and Amanda told them. Why? Because it was, in Amanda’s own words, no huge deal. I’m prepared to gift the ‘move schools’ even though the reason is untrue, but again just think – with Amanda’s online stupidity, it wouldn’t have mattered if she had moved to Timbuktu. But EVERYONE in the area knew her -moving schools would have made no difference – news travels fast.

‘In the spring of 2011, the blackmailer tracked down Amanda and again used threats to try to elicit more webcam shows. Carol Todd alerted the RCMP again.’ Not sure of what happened here. Amanda announces she has a blackmailer on January 4th, 2011. But she is on webcam with Shylah Watson on January 11th, a week later. Just how on earth would a blackmailer ever find the shy and retiring Ms Todd? Doesn’t it seem peculiar that a girl who risks blackmail is still broadcasting three weeks after the cops came? And still – just what, exactly, would the blackmail tool be – the photos had already gone viral locally. So any threat would be pretty useless, as I have already stated above.  And note that this is THE blackmailer, not someone new. So why would a blackmailer publish all the stuff, let everyone know, and THEN start blackmailing? I’m very confused.

‘Then in the fall of 2011, police were notified for the third time. Staff at Amanda’s new school alerted them after several teachers were sent her topless picture by email.’ Right. This stuff KEEPS happening. Like I’ve said, once may be a mistake, twice a bit odd, but THREE times? This doesn’t quite make sense. Not a very clever blackmailer, obviously, to send out the pics yet again. However, either Amanda has, as usual, been very lax in her security, or it’s obvious that the person is pretty close to Amanda in real life. It’s more the mark of an idiotic teen than a hard blackmailer, but I’m prepared to think about that if anyone should argue with me.

‘In October of 2011, the blackmailer appeared for the fourth time, this time sending a Facebook message, which was obtained by the fifth estate.’ So – Amanda is STILL on Facebook, still not private, still not closed down and secure. So the Todd rule: if you are being blackmailed, stay online as much as possible.

“U already forgot who I am? The guy who last year made you change school. Got your door kicked in by the cops,” the message said. “Give me 3 shows and I will disappear forever. you know I won’t stop until you give me those 3 shows.”

OK. At first glance this looks sinister. Shocking even. But I urge you to take a closer look. ‘The guy who last year made you change school.’ How did he know she changed schools because of him? How did he know she even changed schools? Did Amanda just blab this all over the place? It’s an odd thing to say, and it would again have to come from someone close if Amanda didn’t blab it. And we know that, in fact, she changed schools to live with dad. In FACT, the changing of schools as an evasion tactic ONLY cropped up in the September video. Suspicious?

‘Got your door kicked in by the cops’ – OK the blackmailer may have been some sort of online genius (like me) BUT without some sort of superhuman telepathy how would he have known that the cops went round and kicked in the door? Amanda either blabbed all this to everyone or…….it’s yet another pack of lies. Surely, the cops’ arrival was yet another thing that was only ever publicised in the September video, which we now know for certain was pretty much all fantasy.

‘Give me 3 shows and I will disappear forever’  This, for me, is the clincher. I’m not going to TELL you that you have been tricked yet again, I’m going to ASK you to think. In Amanda’s September video, it was just one show, he wanted just a show. It’s the sort of thing all the online perves say – ‘Give me a show’. This is where the Todd thought processes break down. Why THREE shows? Why not four, five, six? Why THREE? I’ll tell you why three – the idiot Todds have gotten all arse about face. They know there are several instances of Amanda performing, so by saying there might have been three shows covers their arses. No perve on the planet will say ‘three shows’. Really, do they think I was born yesterday? The rest of the message is pony.

(PS – this was written before I’ve seen the TV documentary, so I’m not sure what the explanation was for Amanda’s several performances)

“I would highly recommend that Amanda close all her Facebook and email accounts at this time,” the constable wrote to the then 14-year-old’s mother. “If Amanda does not stay off the internet and/or take steps to protect herself online … there is only so much we as the police can do.”

Oh noes! The police say that Amanda should keep off Facebook and be more careful. They probably said much the same in December 2010, and on all the other occasions. They knew what Amanda was like. Hell, everyone knew what Amanda was like. Just what COULD they do? It’s kind of two way thing – the cops warn Amanda’s family, the least they can do is help out. But they never did. Maybe they could have done more. Maybe they should have done more. But it works both ways. Remember – Amanda kept on doin’ it, doin’ it, getting naked and doin’ it, doin’ it. And Mrs Todd never complained that the cops never arrested Amanda for drinking, taking drugs, making child porn or doin’ it, doin’ it all over the place.  I don’t know – there’s just no pleasing people these days.

“It’s very difficult because how can you comfort your daughter or anybody when you’ve got something you can’t control yourself and they can see that you can’t stop or control it?” Mr Invisible Norm chips in. What a feeble-brained arsehole. This is the man who allowed Amanda to have a webcam at the end of her bed! Jesus H. Christ!

‘A fake Facebook account was created by someone posing as a new student at Amanda’s school. The person connected with her Facebook friends then switched his profile picture to the infamous photo of her topless.’ I don’t have enough information about this. It’s a bit odd. I will wait until I see the TV show before I say anything.

‘Some mistakenly believed the cue-card video was a message about her suicide plans.’ Well, it was as near to a suicide hint as you are ever going to get.

“It was not,” said Carol Todd. “It was a release. She wanted her story out there, especially to the people that were harassing her.” That’s odd. Carol Todd (in her own words) seems to have never spoken with Amanda about the video, yet she now knows why she did it.

So – some extras.

Note how the BlogTV stuff comes out NOW, just in time for Amanda’s birthday and more opportunities to gain donations to the Carol Todd Legacy Purse.

Would this have all come out if a certain person hadn’t kept on and on and on telling the truth?

Bored with bullying now, are we? So let’s shift the story?

Why does Carol Todd still insist on dragging her daughter’s actions out into the open yet again? Amanda supposedly committed suicide to avoid all this shit – her mother makes sure it continues.

And finally. No mention of Kody. No mention whatsoever. That bitch Carol Todd let all the hatred get stirred up and, according to all this, she knew he was never involved. Those like Will Burke who put their faith in the cretins who are Anonymous – what do you say now, you verminous scum? Those who hounded and harassed me from Day One? Truly, you should be ashamed of yourselves. I told the truth right from the start, and I knew the truth right fom the start. And I will continue with the truth.

Thanks to those who supported me. And I must offer a huge amount of thanks and respect to WordPress for allowing me to have the freedom to tell the truth. A freedom that is disappearing fast, by the looks of it.

One thought on “The higher a monkey climbs the tree, the more of its arse you will see

  1. ha ha! I’ve just been back to look at the comments on this article. ALL criticism of much else than the RCMP has been deleted, people have been banned,and any post left that slightly blames the Todds is simply responded to with even more anti-RCMP nonsense. In fact, it comes across not as an anti-BlogTV warning, but more as anti-police propaganda. Carol Todd is making enemies – the HuffPost, the Vancouver Sun, now the RCMP. A risky strategy!

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