Kill the monster!

It seems like centuries ago that I began my foray into the lunatic world that is…..well, the world, I guess.

Some time in October/November 2012, I came across the infamous Amanda Todd September video. I was immediately struck by the poignancy of it – sad, tragic, anger-invoking, highly emotional. But I was pretty naive back then, compared to now. I used to assume that, to a certain extent, most of what I saw would at least have an iota of truth about it. Even allowing for variations of memory recall, and personal spin on any story, this video was mind-boggling.

However, slowly but surely things changed. A huge amount of vitriol was poured out on R.I.P. pages. Why? I had seen this kind of thing before, but the amount of it was unrelenting and kept on and on repeating the same allegations. Videos? More to the story than meets the eye? Pictures of events being posted, existing for a few minutes until quickly disappearing? And then someone who will remain unnamed posted the Bianca/Amanda performance in full. What the heck was going on?

So I did some research. What turned up was phenomenal, and most of it has been used in this blog. I have not mentioned many of the things that appeared, simply because they could not be verified, but what I could find and prove made its way here. And it showed that most of the September video was a pack of lies.

Then we had possibly the worst aspect of all this – the raging vigilante fervour shown to someone accused by the Anonymous vermin. It was shocking. Kill him! Find him! Curse him! Facebook pages urging people to track him down and wreak terrible vengeance.

I decided to step in and, if I am truthful with myself, perhaps I have regretted it ever since. My first Facebook page proclaimed his innocence, and sought to calm things down and provide the truth. Anonymous had announced that he was 30 years old; he was 32 years old; he was a Facebook employer (sic). They had published wrong addresses, wrong phone numbers. By checking court papers and the Press, all this was evidently complete nonsense. But people still believed it.

My first page was harassed off Facebook, but I returned. More and more harassment followed. I was accused of being a murderer, a stalker, a pedophile, the Devil incarnate. For what? For telling the truth. For wanting to spread forgiveness and understanding. For wanting to protect an innocent person.

The Todd supporters proclaimed that there never were any videos. They swore oaths that it was only ever one picture that was, in some way, cleverly and despicably extracted by some evil monster. I was even accused of being that monster. And they didn’t stop there. Their putrid venom and hatred spilled over to victims who happened to want to know the truth. Other people’s families were dragged in, simply because a relative posted on my blog. Innocent people who had the same name as me were persecuted. Women, children, cancer sufferers were sent messages saying things like ‘We know where you live’ by the very people who were supposedly anti-bullying – DeeJay Bewy, the worrying and wicked Will Burke, the dimwitted lackey La Punisher (aka Rick Carrier), the ’13th Mask’, biker bully boy Tristan Black, the monstrously malign Jean-Yves Salve from the ‘Safe Haven’, John Golden. All those people who are now proud admins of the Todd pages. You know who you are, and you should be ashamed. These people (especially the psychopathic Jean-Yves and the deviant Will Burke) so viciously threatened young children online that I had to intervene to assure them that they would be safe. Meanwhile, these idiots completely ignored the overt predators who roamed the R.I.P. pages with statements like ‘Anyone out there wanting a shoulder to cry on? Message me’. Of course, I dealt with some – God knows how many got through the barriers set up by me and a few others.

However, of all the idiots, by far the worst was DeeJay Bewy – a cohort of the Todd brigade whose blog, until recently, was recommended on the Amanda Todd Legacy website. One of the most vile and stupid women I have ever encountered online.  She believed that Amanda was 12 when the ‘photo’ was taken; she believed that any other pictures were photo-shopped; she wanted the mother of the innocent accused to suffer because it was her fault for giving birth to him. Even when the evidence was supplied to her, she denied it. Truly, if evil was ever to be personified in the form of rampant stupidity and ignorance, then it is DeeJay Bewy.

Meanwhile, what did our charming friend Carol Todd do about all this? Well – you already know that. Fuck all. Whilst criticising Facebook for allowing whatever she deemed unfit, not once did she speak out against the disgusting ‘Kill the monster!’ pages. Not once did she stand up and say ‘Enough is enough. He is innocent.’ yet all the time she knew what was going on. Not once did she stand up and say ‘My daughter thought flashing was no huge deal’. Not once did she say that the accused was nowhere near the case. Instead, she stoked the hatred and animosity that the Amanda Todd story has now come to represent.

Stay tuned. Something tells me this story is far from over.


3 thoughts on “Kill the monster!

  1. For Nicky and Colin:
    ‘If your aim was to shut me up Nicky, you didn’t and in fact you have shown me it’s time to have a blog about how adults have started bullying online while telling their kids it’s wrong. You don’t know me Nicky and you never will. I don’t like backstabbers, fakers or liars. My life is far too short to deal with people who really are a waste of my time.’ hahahahahahaha! I’m loving this.

  2. Ok so there are only so many episodes I can watch of ‘Once Upon A Time’ before I am intrigued by the demented ones blog post?
    I’m surprised. I was left with strong impression that it was about me? (Seriously why wasn’t it? I’m here? Celebrity of sorts? Hated? Loves pain… Ginger what’s your game pet?
    Anyways, I can’t seem to comment further(until approved) on the retarded imbecile blog that belongs to DeeJay Bewy (noticed how I didn’t put capital W in BeWy – proof I’m Philip Rose 🙂 ) so I will say my wee bit here.
    Myself & Nicky have had differences in the past – as she says we butted heads a lot – but after talking to her privately I can say I have never come across a person more direct & honest online. We will probably never be friends but I have enormous respect for her. She thought the worse of me but she still took the time to help. I never forgot that. I attacked her page – relentlessly – & we fell out. It was public & not nice. In fact it was right here on this blog. We agreed a ceasefire which lasted til recently.
    If there is anything anywhere on his blog that shows that paranoia, suspicions, hate & anger casts no bounds in this story it was then. People fighting & arguing & not even knowing what they are fighting about? That’s the Amanda Todd story for me.
    This girls story will always mean loads to me – that is now written in stone for me. I will always be thankful to Philip for having the stones to tell a different version which is proving more by the day to be the truth. However it has come at a price – too much of a price. I realised this a long time ago but I continued nevertheless.

    • Blinkin’ flip! Anyways – without sounding too poncey – truth will always be worth fighting for. Chelsea Manning was locked up for exposing the vile and cruel truth of war; Assange (maybe a bit of a twat) showed us some of the things that were going on; and Snowden will remain an exile. I remember when Salman Rushdie had a price put on his head – yet when our governments do much the same, well, that all seems OK, doesn’t it?
      The Todd story has indeed caused many problems. My search for the truth began to protect the innocent – we all know about that – and it extended to having to help victims of the online hatred. But beyond that, there was a need to see the truth behind the story to deal with the REAL problems of online webcam usage, parental stupidity, and the many other problems that have been highlighted in this blog. What does fighting and arguing achieve? Nothing. If the truth had been told right from the start, if people had just sat round a table and discussed things, so much could have been avoided. Instead, we are left with yet another tabloid tale. Price to pay? My sanity, perhaps. Was it worth it? Who can tell? The idiotic Parsons and Todds of this world get awards for failure; the truth-tellers get locked up. Nothing really changes.

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