Bullying is boring – anti-bullying even more so

Good advice from Charly.

Meanwhile – has the anti-bullying campaign destroyed itself through overexposure?



‘It no longer matters that people say that anymore since everybody and their dog is tweeting, posting and Instagramming the same message like a broken record. Nobody seems to be doing anything significant about the bullying issue and those who genuinely hold a hand out to victims risk getting bullied themselves.’

Rampant hypocrisy and trendiness of the sentiment has led to the bandwagon itself being used as a guise for bullying as people have started using it as compensation for their actions. It is certainly an unfortunate tag to a truly needed cause. ‘

‘Here’s the thing about directing our attention so fully and passionately toward bullying: The people most affected by it are sick of talking about it.

“Kids are at the eye-rolling stage with bullying,” says Cynthia Lowen, producer and writer of the 2011 documentary “Bully.” “They’re so inundated with messages from the media and school and this huge explosion of awareness over the last few years that it’s like, ‘Ugh, bullying.'”

I would say that, more recently, it’s not been the simple boring repetition of the bullying message that has killed it off – it’s the fact that the poster girl and her mother were such truly awful representatives of the whole sad business.


2 thoughts on “Bullying is boring – anti-bullying even more so

  1. Seriously! It’s like a broken record… over and over and over! So what if I’m short, nerdy, a little chubby and not popular at all? So what if kids call me names? I’ve never felt like a victim of anything, and I think it personally helped me a lot. The real world isn’t nice. People WILL criticize and people WILL be mean. Instead of cuddling children, we should be teaching them to stand up for themselves, and talking about it, as you said, contributes nothing and it’s just plain boring.

    PD: I think it should be really obvious that there are true cases of bullying out there and that there are true victims. I was just talking about the more general kind, since nowadays everything is considered bullying.

  2. This is quite interesting. Bullying, and all this accompanying pile of uninformed rubbish, HAS become boring, which is a shame. Emotional fatigue always kills things off, but the one thing that can always be counted on – people love talking about it, but actually THINKING or DOING anything…..well, that’s too much like hard work.
    The other thing that is interesting to note (nothing new, but this for some reason, never seems to sink in) is that the true victims are ignored. There are kids out there who are truly treated cruelly, but the Amanda Todd story proves to them – if you are not ‘pretty’ you don’t count. But as is the way with most things, the true sufferers are drowned out by the kids who are distraught because mommy didn’t buy them an iPad, or who got annoyed that they weren’t allowed to constantly flash their tits online without some sort of disapproval, or that their (to be honest) singing that was mediocre to say the least didn’t win a Grammy.
    All we need to do is teach love and understanding, caring and kindness as being worthwhile values. I think it’s been suggested before, but maybe I’m wrong. And if that doesn’t work, take a gun into school or work and sort those bullies out once and for all. A bit like the Bush clan did. That always solves everything.

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