6 thoughts on “For want of anything sensible to post…..

  1. Omg philip u r so ignorant!!! U know nothing about any parents who’s kids commited suicide!!! U r obsessed with writing bs about all u write!!! Get a life and stop feeding ur stupid ego from other ppl’s tragedies!!! How many x wives are u at now ??? Cause u r an ass!! Hands down!!!

    • Thanks for the comment, Jennifer. As you will know, I have a great amount of insight concerning this situation, as you well know. One thing I have learned is that the Todd family reaction has been extraordinary when investigating other suicides – peculiar in fact. I assume you are intelligent, although you write quite badly. Next time, please try to write a more constructive addition. Thank you.

  2. Leave the grieving families alone!!! U know shit!!!! If u want to write about something u know about!!!! Write abov all ur divorces dumbass!!!! Better yet ask them to write why u r obssessed with the todds and all u write is garbage!!! Ur nothing more than an arrogant bully!!! Leave them alone!!!! Get a Life!!!! U r feeding off a tragedy to try and get fame!!! Well it is not going to happen!!!! LOSER!!!!!

    • Well, it has happened. I did ask you to try and write in a better fashion. There is no need to write ‘u’ nor ‘r’ – that’s pure laziness. As for feeding off a tragedy, my goodness Carol Todd has done that brilliantly. It’s odd how we never find out where all the Legacy Fund money went. So just calm down dear.
      By the way – everything I write here is true. Your critique is somewhat boring and repetitive. Do you work for the Canadian Press?
      Happy New Year. Now move on.

    • Jennifer – seriously, take a bit of advice. Substitute your obsession with suicide and animal cruelty for something better. This kind of behaviour will only make you feel worse. Seek out the good things in life, not the negative all the time. People have a tendency to end up being a spiritual reflection of what they are obsessed about. Just chill. And spread kindness – your aggressive tone does no-one any good. Happy New Year!

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