Happy Anniversary!

Two days ago, WordPress kindly reminded me that I started this blog one year ago, so maybe it’s high time to have a look at what’s changed. Errmmmm…..nothing. When I look up definitions of insanity and futility I expect to find:

Insanity. Noun. The permanent condition of humankind. (See also ignorance, hypocrisy, greed, stupidity).

Futility. Noun. The action of trying to combat insanity (for instance, the works of Philip Rose).

This blog, therefore, can probably continue forever. It would seem that every day, the news brings me more stupidity and hypocrisy than I can deal with (over the next few days I will be bringing some examples forward). Will I wander off track? I don’t think so. The magnificence of the Amanda Todd story is that it encompasses virtually every example of stupidity and hypocrisy that can be found – from the bang-head-against-the-wall utterly incredible willingness of people to base entire thought processes on a pack of lies produced by a highly manipulative young girl, through the ongoing crassness of people who are misled by the vermin Press, to the mind-numbing frustration that, even when confronted by the truth and evidence, people still choose to believe whatever is in their heads.

So…..let’s have some light-heartedness.

In Yugoslavia (now a hotch-potch of nationalistic, racist, violent countries masquerading as viable entities) there was a joke that used to have them rolling in the aisles:

Three men are in jail. They are saying what brought them to this situation.

The first man says: ‘I worked in a factory, and I exceeded all my targets. I worked day and night, and was praised by my colleagues for my diligence and hard work. I was brought before a tribunal and imprisoned for Stakhanovite tendencies’.

The second man says: ‘I, too, worked in a factory. I was disabled, and couldn’t keep up with the rest of the workers, and fell behind with my quotas. I was brought before a tribunal and imprisoned as an example to others of being a potential enemy of the state’.

The third man says: ‘I also worked in a factory. I turned up on time, did my work, did exactly what I was told, and met every target set exactly. I was brought before a tribunal and imprisoned for being too bourgeois.’

My, how we used to laugh at that joke!

However, maybe it’s now consigned to history. So here’s a new joke.

A father in (insert a choice of a few countries, e.g. Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan) says to his young son ‘That plane over there is American’.

The son looks at his father in admiration and asks ‘But father, it’s so far away! How can you tell?’

The father replies: ‘Because it is bombing us.’

Today’s video is odd. As with most popular songs, most people just listen to it and enjoy it. However, the reference to planes has led to the suggestion that it somehow predicted the 2001 destruction of the Twin Towers, though it’s more likely to refer to Iran:

‘Here come the planes. / They’re American planes. Made in America.

Smoking or non-smoking?
And the voice said: Neither snow nor rain nor gloom
of night shall stay these couriers from the swift
completion of their appointed rounds.’

Of course, most informed people will know that the terrorists on those planes were from Saudi Arabia, thus, in the swivel-eyed loony world of American foreign policy, justifying an attack on Iraq. What has that got to do with Amanda Todd? LOL. It’s the same way of thinking – her nonsense was used by the idiotic general public to vilify innocent people, and ended up being used by the indescribably dumb Canadian government to make children into vile prison inmates for having noods of their girlfriends on their phones, and to curtail civil liberties in the name of righteousness.

See what I did there? Amanda Todd – invasion of Iraq? It’s all the same tripe. Stay tuned for how I also link Stan Collymore into the chain of events.


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