Insert sensible title here

Philip’s always running around trying to find certainty. He needs all the world to confirm that he ain’t lonely.

Philip thinks the world would be right if it could buy truth from him.

Anyway. That’s what the lyrics should have been.

Does anybody read this any more? I can tell you that, as a blog writer, it’s pretty weird to write stuff and not know how the Hell it is being received. The very idea of getting a few dozen reads a day is enough to send most bloggers into a self-referential reverie in which, overnight, their barely literate writings have become, for them, the future of information as we know it. But for me – with my perhaps self-destructive, self-esteem killing inner voice of reality – it’s all a bit meaningless. Based on my current level of 730,000 views and the comments I have received, I would be exaggerating if I said that my words have been important to 0.01% of the people who have read them.

However, for the time being it looks like I’m not going to give up. It’s not easy. I have incredible levels of self-doubt and self-criticism and, rather crazily, they increase as I become more certain that what I am trying to say isn’t just a pile of crap because, after all, it can be the height of insanity to have utter self-confidence. That’s not saying that what I write here IS the be all and end all of ‘truth’, nor is it saying that what I have written here is God’s gift to the art of communication but, looking round at what others have to offer, it’s a damned good try.

A couple of things have sparked off my renewed interest in the blog.

Firstly, the arch-villain Carol Todd has crept back out after a couple of months of virtual invisibility. And before anyone says anything – yes, I am fully aware that calling Carol Todd an arch-villain is not very constructive but seriously, dudes and dudettes, the feelings of antipathy I have towards that woman are quite overwhelming. But we’ll leave that to another entry that will be coming soon as a response to her latest effort on her Huffington Post blog. And again, before anyone gets upset, I just ask one thing: does ANYONE know where all the Amanda Todd Legacy Fund money goes?

Secondly, in the UK, the Times has started to get on the cyberbullying bandwagon and, as usual, they are way off in all their dreadful reporting.

Begin rant.

The average thick-as-shit reader of news loves a headline, especially when accompanied by a picture of some child victim, especially if that child happens to be ‘pretty’ and female. They love to read of the horrendous death of some kid who was a promising future Olympic gold medallist because they once ran down to the shops to get some sweets, or was the next generation’s saviour because they once gave a poor person 10 pence. If their pea-brained attention spans get them beyond the picture and the headline, they don’t want to be alarmed by an in-depth article regarding the whys and wherefores of all that happened, and they certainly don’t want to be told that it might be their fault. Of course not. The only thing they like better than victims is to have something to blame. Blame the government! Blame the children! Ermmm….blame the adults! Oh no, that’s us! Errmmm…blame something else! Blame cyber-bullying, because we all know that every suicide in the 21st century was down to that and nothing else!

End rant.

That’s enough for today. I will more than likely be blogging daily for the next few days, and just in case anyone is interested, the posts will concern the treatment of young boys as sex-crazed-monsters, the half-arsed attempts by the Times to reduce the reasons for every child suicide down to a set of feeble anecdotal paragraphs designed to gain traffic to their website, and Carol Todd’s latest insane foray into the world of shit articles.

So….ta ta for now.

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