Raffi Cavoukian – hypocrite

OK. This post is just a quick filler, but I have some time to kill as usual, so decided to introduce a new character – the sanctimonious bandwagonner Raffi Cavoukian.

And just as an aside, and absolutely nothing to do with Raffi Cavoukian, in the UK nearly all people who were termed ‘children’s entertainer’ in the last 40 years are currently under investigation from Operation Yewtree. In case you don’t know, one of the UK’s most beloved entertainers was Jimmy Savile.

Anyways. This is one of Raffi’s latest tweets:

’15 months after Amanda Todd suicide, her tormentor still hasn’t been identified. unacceptable.’

Yet, in the typical manner of a hypocrite, we get a re-tweet less than a day later:

‘The whole purpose of religion is to facilitate love and compassion, patience, tolerance, humility, and forgiveness.’

This is what gets me about these types of people. Raffi essentially jumped on the most convenient bandwagon. It’s very typical of sad old geezers who are at the tail end of their careers. With the usual conviction that celebrity somehow equates with having any intellect, he wades in with some crappy views about the Internet, and the dimwitted public buy the book because they see it as informative. Well, it must be mustn’t it, because Raffi wrote it.

Now, some of you out there will no doubt raise your anger levels. How can I criticise someone who has done so much to protect children? Well, it’s easy. All of the hullabaloo created by Carol Todd, Raffi, the Press and all the other unworthies hasn’t created an atmosphere of decent and informed discussion, it has just created vast amounts of contradictory and misleading piffle guaranteed to enrage the pious couch-potato public who basically run around like headless chickens.

But let’s get straightforward opinion away from this, and let’s, once again, just look at the evidence of hypocrisy.

Raffi tweets about finding the mythical tormentor, and how outraged he is that this non-existent figment of everyone’s imagination is still at large. Yet the tormentor NEVER EXISTED.

Get this straight. We now know for certain that Amanda entered the world of online danger totally voluntarily. We know that, in her own words, flashing online for her was no big deal. How many times do I have to say all this? We know that even after the cops came in 2010, Amanda was allowed to roam freely in the danger zone. We know that the biggest danger to her came from HERSELF, and if we follow the line that she was too dumb to be aware (something I tend not to fall for), then the responsibility for all her ‘mistakes’ fall squarely at the feet of her terrible parents.

We know that Amanda’s physical ‘tormentor’ was a girl who hit her, and we know that this girl has been dealt with. Does Raffi want to extend whatever torture he has in mind to all the children who watched the fight?

We know that the biggest danger to Amanda’s well-being was the daft mother, Carol Todd, who allowed access to webcams, the drinking, the drug taking and sexual promiscuity. Yet Raffi wants her canonised.

And we know that it wasn’t ONE tormentor. Amanda was in a virtual world consisting of hormone-driven boys, vindictive girls, dirty old men, perverts and scum. And yet, however much Raffi might want to have some sort of dodgy orgasmic reverie that it’s all to do with pedophiles and evil men, we all know that the vast majority, if not all, of her online trouble came from her peers (and not forgetting feeble parenting).

And we need to ask – just what does Raffi suggest we do if we find these tormentors? Notice he offers nothing constructive, but we can have a guess – punishment. But he leaves that open, knowing full well that the type of person who listens to his bullshit wants torture and the flames of Hell to be unleashed, not just on genuine tormentors, but on anyone who they choose and who those idiots Anonymous point their fingers at. The morality of the lynch mob.

Then to cap it all, in the manner of all self-deluded so-called do-gooders, he goes from the urge for revenge and retribution to the disgusting habit of all these types – ‘The whole purpose of religion is to facilitate love and compassion, patience, tolerance, humility, and forgiveness.’ What complete and utter sanctimonious bollocks.

Oh well. I’ll leave it there for now. An odd video choice for today, but at least they use one of my favourite words quite a lot (and no, it’s not hypocrite).

3 thoughts on “Raffi Cavoukian – hypocrite

  1. Just fyi – The Red Hood Project (an effort by Raffi to jump on the bandwagon) seems to have abandoned it’s rather poor website. The last entry is dated August 9th, 2013, and mentions Hannah Smith and Rehteah Parsons – two cases that are far from clear. From the last entry:
    ‘Smith, 14, was goaded by anonymous abusers to kill herself’ – we now know that to be false, too. But hey, at least it promotes the book.

  2. I recently discovered this blog, and while reading through it I saw you and some people in the comments talking about a “Mizzesula Lake” incident, but I cannot find where that is actually talked about. What is the “Mizzesula Lake Incident”?

    • In all this story, Norm Todd’s role has remained mysteriously out of the limelight, even though it would appear that Amanda’s activities may have peaked while she lived with him (Amanda moved to live with dad as he seemed to be more permissive).
      There was a holiday home at Missezula Lake. Rumours are that this was quite a den of iniquity, and I will get back to you with any further details I can find (I didn’t expect anyone to pick up on this incident quite so long after the story seems to have died).
      My opinion is that Norm allowed lots to go on. Whether this was down to complete stupidity or anything else is worrying. It would appear that Norm and Carol played the ‘favourite parent’ game – basically the parent who allowed Amanda most freedom won her affection. Both parents appear to have allowed a lot to go on, both becoming quite renowned amongst the Amanda group and thus the Todd camp was the place to be – no rules and an ‘anything goes’ environment. Of course, the Todds thought that this was cool and that they were in some way ‘down with the kids’.
      My theory (based on a lot of observation, combined with a certain amount of speculation) is that Norm might have enjoyed having young girls around, if you know what I mean. This would provide an explanation why, after all the kerfuffle and the arrival of the police, Amanda still ended up with a webcam at the end of her bed. OK – I am saying that Norm was part of the action.
      I will see what I can find, and get back to you with more. And by the way – the Todd story is full of ‘incidents’ that don’t appear to have reached the outside world.
      Thanks for taking the time to read the blog, and to comment. I welcome any further questions you might have.

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