Saint Valentine’s Day

A romantic video for today. From my childhood.

Way, way back near the beginning of this blog, I sort of hinted that some of the kids involved in cyberbullying may have brought it upon themselves. Why? It was all too difficult to explain. Why didn’t the kids just get off Facebook or away from whatever source was providing the abuse? Why, in the case of, didn’t the kids just refuse to publish the abuse, or simply delete it? It’s easily done. Why was some of the abuse actually on their own Facebook pages, and why, as is the case with Amanda Todd, did it remain there so long?

It was only later that I found the articles about cyber self harm, after the Hannah Smith case. And we now have the result – no trolls for Hannah Smith, it was from her. It’s a shame – note how dad refuses to believe it, which is sad. No doubt the police will be accused, yet again, of not getting it right.

It’s interesting to see the comments in the second article:

‘Perhaps it’s best to get all of the facts straight before apportioning blame.’

Well, not in the Todd case obviously. However, I would stick the cat amongst the pigeons here. The abuse came from the same IP address, not necessarily the same person. Member of the family? I should work for the cops, don’t you think? Note that today, child murder statistics for the UK were released:

‘The NSPCC launched a publicity campaign to raise awareness of the issue, stressing that parents were convicted or suspected of child murder in nearly 80% of cases in England and Wales.’

See – I told you it’s parents you want to worry about. In the Todd case, not only did Amanda love the attention, but so did mom. A double-edged sword indeed.
Happy Saint Valentine’s Day!

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