OK – just one more

Well. Many of you will know that throughout this blog I have stated MANY times that the story is never what it seems, and that, almost without shadow of a doubt, most cyberbullying cases are far more complex. You will also note that I have repeatedly put the blame on dysfunctional parenting and basic family problems, far more than any other aspect. And those of you who have believed me have known that most of what I have said is true.

Now: the latest Rebecca Sedwick news.


Here are some quotes:

‘a spotty relationship with her father and had just broken up with an online boyfriend’ – sound familiar?

‘She was concerned about her mother and stepfather’s fighting, had been involuntarily committed’ – sound familiar?

And what is most telling is this:

“What is strange is that despite solid evidence of challenges associated with Rebecca’s home life, for some unknown reason, the detectives chose to spend all of their time in middle school ‘drama land’ trying to find someone to arrest,” Willard said.

Somehow, my suggestions that it was Amanda’s home life that wrecked her seem more and more plausible as time goes on.

And to all you Canadians out there – are you not at all perturbed that there has been NO coroner’s report, NO final say by police after their long investigation, NO conclusion whatsoever?

To add balance, Rebecca’s mother comments:


She says ‘”It just seems like people are trying to dig into my personal life and trying to point the blame at something.”‘ but then we see ‘at least two episodes of deliberately “scratching” herself in a bid for her father’s attention ‘ and an odd episode in which ‘child protective authorities were called after Rebecca told friends she was abused by her mother’. So – everything was fine, but everything wasn’t fine. Pick the version of truth you think is best.

Another article from another point of view:


‘Web searches on her cell phone revealed her anxieties: “What percent is considered overweight at 13?” “How many Advil to die?” “How do I get the blade out of my razor?” On the morning of the suicide, she had texted two friends: “I wanted to say bye … for, like, ever.”‘

‘Her mother was frantic. “You’re not going to put her in cuffs, are you?” she begged, but they did, leading Katelyn to their car as her mother screamed, “They’re taking my baby!”

Looking at the last quote, is this REALLY what needs to happen? It’s all shameful.



Are people really that slow, after I have been saying stuff like this for over a year?

‘And now, reviews of the police files for the case paint a far more complex picture of what Rebecca was dealing with – including family problems with her mother, stepfather, and father; a history of self-cutting, and a breakup with an Internet boyfriend just before her suicide. The reviews of the police files also reveal little evidence of the online bullying that Judd said was so pervasive.’

‘The files have caused some bullying experts to criticize the way in which the case was handled and to paint it as a cautionary tale of too quickly drawing assumptions along the accepted story line that the public and news media now look for – blaming suicide on bullying.

‘My conclusion is that his brazen assertion had absolutely no basis in any evidence.”

‘A review of police files shows that Rebecca was involuntarily committed and evaluated for “suicidal ideation” nearly a year before her death, and that “Rebecca’s stressors were the arguments between her mom and stepdad and Rebecca’s biological father not being a constant part of her life.”

“Arguments and disagreements over a boyfriend is teen drama; it’s not bullying,”

‘Screen shots of “anonymous” comments made to Rebecca on Ask.fm, a social networking tool, have been released, saying things like “Nobody cares about you” and “you seriously deserve to die.” But the tone of the “conversations” at least raises the possibility that they were an example of “suicide ideation” on Rebecca’s part and that she posted them herself, says Willard, noting that there are other examples of that occurring.

‘Willard agrees, saying she’s troubled by the rapidity with which the public seems to want to point fingers at other children for almost every suicide these days, even when the evidence isn’t there – or to “blame and arrest children” while ignoring other factors that may have been even more of a driver toward suicide.

‘She’s concerned, too, that publicizing a message that bullying leads to suicide may inadvertently be leading to more suicides, as students take home the message that “if they’re being bullied, suicide is an option they should consider.’

Wasn’t I so far ahead of the curve that I was in the next century? I have stated this time and time again, whilst the world expert Carol Todd has simply spewed out repetitive and biased rubbish. Oh well.

Addition: never let it be said that Philip doesn’t go the whole way. The Sheriff involved in this fiasco does not have a good track record:




‘That excitement and adrenaline rush is still what wakes him up before the alarm goes off most days. When big stories break, Sheriff Judd is right in the middle of it.When deputies fired dozens of rounds at a man who had killed one of their own, the sheriff was asked why deputies shot the suspect sixty eight times. Judd replied, “Because we ran out of bullets.”  His response got the attention of the nation.’

The man’s a nutcase. A great example of what it takes to be a true American.


One thought on “OK – just one more

  1. You sir are the brilliant one. Advocates for the reopening of the Rebecca Ann Sedwick death investigation is my group on face book.

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