New crap

More drivel for the Todd story – just as I thought it was getting boring.

First – it’s a long way from Kody Maxson, isn’t it? But of course, the Todd cretins were absolutely certain that he was the guy. And he even lived in the neighbourhood. And it’s not me, as some people would believe.

But for the National Post, he is ‘the alleged tormenter’. But I get confused – I thought it was all about bullying; or the fight in the playground. Oh never mind. For the time being, the story will return to the salacious predator story.

But look closely. There’s still barely a hint of verifiable news, except for some piss poor report that states very little, except a girl in British Columbia was involved, who we all imagine to be Amanda.

Interesting. Carol Todd will love this, as it will revitalise the story which – let’s face it – had died a death. But I’m telling you now – this guy isn’t Tyler Boo, nor Austin Collins, nor anything else of any value. He may well be one of the cappers – for some reason rOra (aka Oscar) springs to mind, but I need to find out where rOra comes from. (Surely we haven’t forgotten rOra, the delightful Peyton Ramsey’s beloved?)

Oscar Haro Oolders (aka rOra and many others). Look him up on Google.

How do we know this isn’t an alleged tormenter? Simple. Even the ‘Sextortion of Amanda Todd’ rubbish documentary admitted that Amanda went online voluntarily. We have a direct quote from Amanda: ‘no big deal’. We have a real admission from Carol, that Amanda ‘won’ when it came to webcam performances. So we know that all the story about enticement and trickery is total codswallop. And we’ve all seen the videos.

Amanda’s presence online was vast. It’s the nature of the Internet – the whole world knows who you are. And yes, perves will have flocked to her like flies round shit. But you can forget about this guy having anything to do with getting her to perform – she needed no encouragement. He’s probably just some sicko (the Dutch are a bit weird when it comes to sex). However, the shit Canadian press will have a minor field day before, yet again, they realise it’s all a pile of crap.

Oh well. We’ll see.


One thought on “New crap

  1. The Dutch are a bit weird when it comes to sex?! Hahahaha!

    Well at least it was a night/morning full of excitement! There was one report which did name the man arrested? His lawyer is already claiming he was hacked due to the unsafe location of his computer! Also he is apparently a nice looking quiet gentleman! Haha! Oh well drama drama drama 😛

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