Turkish Delight

I was looking forward to a relaxed Easter weekend, then I woke up to find that the blog stats had registered a massive increase, just as I thought the story was all over.

I will, of course, be doing some more research and providing more of an analysis soon, but for now I will leave you with some observations.

Isn’t it odd that, in all her press coverage and all her talking, Carol Todd never seemed to think that it was really important to mention much about the existence of BlogTV, cameracaptures, Omegle and the rest?

Isn’t it odd that Carol Todd seemed to want to put the blame on cyberbullies, Amanda’s friends, people at the school, ex-boyfriends, yet now, all of a sudden, we’re back to blaming it all on predators?

Isn’t it odd that Carol Todd seemed to imagine that there was one person involved in the ‘torment’ of her daughter, yet now she insists that there are many people to hunt down?

As for the RCMP – well, that’s quite a joke, really. It will more than likely turn out they had no clue what was going on.

Of course, none of the press stories actually bear any resemblance to what really happened. That only occurs here, on my blog.

What will possibly happen now? Not much, in reality, but a lot in the fetid world of Todd. The guy will simply turn out to be some sort of pervert who visits teen chat rooms, and really, that’s not uncommon. Like I have stated many times in this blog, dozens of teen chat rooms all over the world are full of perves, and most of my regular readers will know how frustrated I became when Carol Todd never highlighted their existence. This story never has been one of cyberbullying – it’s one of rampant and dangerous activity in the online world of webcams.

In the Todd world, a couple of things will happen. The nutcases will want to blame everything on this one guy. It’s convenient. They have found, for the time being, the culprit, the one, the tormenter, the killer. It would wrap up the story quite well – the precious Princess Snowflake being the victim of not just an online pedophile, but a foreign one at that. However, not even Carol Todd will let it rest there. She has already stated that others are involved. But how could this be? We all know that Amanda herself stated that it was just one guy who flattered her to perform, and it was the same guy who returned. Or maybe it wasn’t. Maybe it was hundreds of guys online. After all, how could someone in Holland, with access to the Internet, possibly know so much about Amanda, who broadcast all her details on Facebook, which we know is only available in Vancouver and the surrounding area?

Will anything good come of this? Well, I hope so. If the rancid Canadian press does their job properly (which they won’t), the Amanda Todd story will re-focus on where the real problems lie – teen chat rooms and webcams. But a word of warning to Carol Todd and her supporters: if the press decide to investigate what Amanda REALLY got up to online, there’s going to be a bumpy ride ahead.

One last thing (for now). Carol Todd, being the absolute monomaniac that she is, never once cottoned on to the fact that the real interest in Amanda didn’t come from concerned citizens. It came from the prurient interest in her videos. Almost since Day One of the Amanda Todd story, the vast majority of searches online have been for pictures. She should ask herself: what were the real costs of all her publicity seeking? My answer to that is that I would never, whatever the result might be, allow my daughter’s name to be so sullied over such a long time. She should have told the truth a long time ago. The possibility that it will all come out now will only be more damaging. And Norm? Watch out, Sonny Jim. When your part in this sorry saga is looked at, who knows what might happen?

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