ACAB (the RCMP Press conference)

So I got a valiant shout-out from Carol Todd this morning.  I am the person who is never given a name.

‘And what about the IDIOT that has been obsessed with Amanda’s life story and cyber harassing/extorting & slandering me & my loved ones and friends of Amanda’s from overseas? OMG … talk about someone without a life.  Fine lines are drawn.  Fine lines are crossed.  As I said, I guess some people don’t have much anything else to do but write lies and extort in their own ways.’

I don’t even laugh at this any more. It’s all too contemptible. A strong word? Not really, for I feel the deepest contempt for all those involved in this story – the Press, who will be dealt with later this week; the rest of the clickbait media; the Todds and their cronies; the risible police; and last, but never least, mostly myself. Yet, when I rise from the depths of depression and Weltschmerz, aided by copious amounts of coffee and cigarettes, I still have the last vestiges of determination knowing – completely knowing – that I am the last man standing.  I tell the truth. I quote the facts. There is no slander, there are no lies. I will triumph. I am triumphant. Rationality, understanding, intelligence and civilised behaviour will win. People believe that this farcical arrest is the turning point. It is. Over the next few days I will tear this apart, piece by piece, bit by bit. So let’s cook.

The RCMP Press conference.

Let’s begin with some simple observations, before we look closely at the role of the RCMP and their inability, even at this stage, to tell the actual truth.

Norm Todd and Carol Todd. Good to see that they put on their best bib and tucker – Norm in his casual shirt and jeans, looking like he’s just come from the local bar, and Carol – the ersatz failed Tiger mom – in her hen party gear. Good to see that they put a lot of thought into it. Now look at the body language from the two of them – Norm leaning to the right, as if to put as much distance as possible between him and his ex-beloved, neither of them bothering to even look as if they were once husband and wife. Old friends reunited.

Now let’s think about the pomposity of the RCMP, and their complete and utter failure to tell the correct story.

‘In December 2010, Coquitlam RCMP launched an investigation into the allegations that a 13 year old resident….was being harassed and extorted both in person and online’

Think about this. Just stop and think. In December 2010 Amanda was fourteen years old. It’s easy enough to get that right. Or is it that saying thirteen just adds that extra bit of outrage? And the investigation, as we all know, really only started in October 2012. Carol Todd herself had much criticism to offer:

“Nobody dug deep enough to find the answers for Amanda,” the teen’s mother, Carol Todd, told the fifth estate’s Mark Kelley.’

‘Carol Todd said she felt like police weren’t taking her concerns seriously’

My how this story changes.

Right from the start, none of this fits in with what we actually know for certain.

Cast your minds back, and think about what we know as fact. We know that Amanda’s BlogTV escapades were thought of by Amanda as ‘not a huge big deal’, as ‘goofing off’ (see the ‘Sextortion of Amanda Todd’ interview with Norm about 12 minutes in). We know that the story wasn’t triggered by a police investigation about sextortion, it was triggered by a worried parent who reported it (see the same video). This was not some sort of well-planned police sting operation – it was a knee-jerk panic response to a citizen’s complaint.

We know – through Amanda’s own words as cutiielover – that her friends found her pictures after she and her friend blabbed about it at school. No-one organised the distribution.

‘all my friends found my pic’

Can this be the same police force that Carol complained about so vociferously? The same police force who sent this message in November 2011, when Amanda was still up to her old tricks?

‘“I would highly recommend that Amanda close all her Facebook and email accounts at this time,” the constable wrote to the then 14-year-old’s mother. “If Amanda does not stay off the internet and/or take steps to protect herself online … there is only so much we as the police can do.”

Wouldn’t the police have responded with something more like: ‘We are taking this seriously, and our investigation is still ongoing’?

If the cops knew of sextortion and crime in December 2010, wouldn’t Amanda be in a virtual lockdown scenario? But of course, we know that Amanda contacted the Daily Capper on January 4th, 2011, less than two weeks after the arrival of the police, and we know that she was back doing what she did best, planning more online exposure shortly after that:

And we also know that Amanda continued with her performances through to November 2011, when members of the public complained yet again. Hardly the responses of a girl and a family plagued by online extortionists.

Then we get this: ‘harassed and extorted both in person and online’. And all this in December 2010. This is a new one – extorted in person. Rather odd.

The speaker then continues. Forgetting the fact that online reports say that the work was mainly carried out by police in the Netherlands with the aid of help from Britain and the United States, with no mention whatsoever of Canadian assistance, she desperately tries to claim the end result as being the product of Coquitlam’s investigation. Very decent.

Now what? Rather ridiculously, and before any details of the case have been released, and before the suspect has even faced trial in the Netherlands, the British Columbia authorities, the police, have charged the guy with extortion (give me a break); Internet luring (luring of someone who didn’t need any encouragement, and went out of her way to construct online identities); criminal harassment (really? He’s not Tyler Boo nor Austin Collins); possession of child pornography for the purpose of distribution (unlikely – cameracaptures and Omegle did all that); possessing child pornography (one out of five – very likely, though the Dutch have very different views).

This guy will be hanged, drawn and quartered before he’s even given a fair hearing. However, I would like to add one further charge and suspect to the list:

Norm Todd. Charged with facilitating and allowing the production of child pornography through negligence.

After all, that’s why the police REALLY turned up on the doorstep at four in the morning just before Christmas 2010. No-one comes to your door at 4 a.m. to deliver a polite heads-up. Oh dear. Yet another fine line crossed.

A word of warning. If this case does get to Canada (something I strongly doubt), defence lawyers will be merciless. We know that there were other people involved in Amanda’s online activities. At the time, they were young, unapproachable. They will now be available as witnesses. Those that thought that time had moved on, that their part in the story was now chucked in the waste bin of history and forgotten, will come under heavy scrutiny. Trust me – if the court case goes ahead, it will become everyone’s worst nightmare.

To be continued.




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