I hate to spoil the party but…….

Aydin C. was ‘jong meisje’

Aydin Coban ‘begaf zich op chatsites waar hij zich voordeed als jonge meisje. Hij kreeg het voor elkaar dat zijn slachtoffers hun bovenkleding uittrokken voor de webcam. Zodra hij de beelden in bezit had, begon hij met chantage. Als de meisjes zich niet verder zouden uitkleden, zou hij de eerdere beelden verspreiden.’

Important words to note here:

‘als jonge meisje’

LOL. Not exactly the man we’re looking for. Oh well. Better luck next time.




My beloved friend DeeJay back in full flow.

‘ Phil the Phile rears his ugly little demented head and screams fowl.’ Ermmm….does she mean cluck like a chicken?

So we start with a good laugh this morning. As for today’s post: ‘Not sure where he got that from since there is no trace of it anywhere on any search engine. ‘ Ha ha! She can’t find it (being a dumbass) but of course it exists – I deliberately didn’t post the link to annoy. Anyone with half a brain can find it if they look properly. Proof yet again that I do my research.

‘‘als jonge meisje” means as  a young girl but I am not sure what his point is’

Well, let’s think about this. Amanda said – quite clearly, I think – that it was a man who first contacted her. Not someone pretending to be a girl.


‘Well if he is saying that Amanda was doing anything sexual in the two video’s which are still on the site, she’s not. ‘

Even funnier. People will note that Amanda’s Ustream channel was called ‘Announcing Amanda’. Blinking flip, she was even referred to as ‘Announcing Amanda’ by the Daily Capper.


or here, where she tells everyone she’s from Vancouver:


What is the significance of ‘Announcing Amanda’? It was the channel she used after being banned from BlogTV


‘cutiilover was her name before ban’

But here’s a gift for everyone, even the dumbass Coquitlam cops. Look carefully at the conversation (which was used by those utter cretins Anonymous to implicate a totally innocent person). See anything striking?

AC – she had anothe name then

AC – I cant find it in my folders

Who is the mysterious person with the initials AC? Spooky, eh? Why don’t you lot EVER pay attention – hunting for a twerp in Surrey when he’s nowhere in sight? Now hunting for another twerp in Holland. And btw – ‘heros’ and ‘traitors’ – maybe you should spend your time looking for them.

And of course we see proof that the video was posted on Amanda’s YouTube channel:

2010 18 Dec – cutiilover(AnnouncingAmanda) flashing boobs – http://www.youtube.comisabella100555

How did it end up there, on Amanda’s own channel?

Why do I have to do all the work? This tells us that Amanda was pretty famous, and broadcast herself. Oh really, my patience does wear thin.

Seriously, dudes, don’t I ALWAYS have the answers? Go to the Mandaa&Shyy video – at around 9 minutes and 25 seconds in, Amanda complains that ‘they have a moderator’. She’s back on BlogTV, for Pete’s sake. At 10:23 Shylah Watson – before her remarkable performance on the Fifth Estate along with Tess Anderson, stars of the Sam Hemphill bong hit video on Keek – says ‘They like to see me’. LOL. No singing there.

Oh – and just one more thing for all you speculators out there: ‘Not sure where he is getting his information’. Now think – and think hard.  Do you really think I work alone? If my old friends out there think back, I hinted heavily that I had a cop informer. Why else do you think I corrected some of my lines of investigation? Where do you think I got names and locations from? And I can tell you – there is a lot of stuff I haven’t said, as I don’t publish hearsay or anything without evidence.

Have a nice day! Thanks for the shout-out, DeeJay, and don’t have a heart attack. Keep up the good work. Let me know if you want any more evidence. You know where to come to. And send my regards to Carol.

Jeez Louise – don’t you lot ever learn?


3 thoughts on “I hate to spoil the party but…….

  1. aha, clever. ac = acidcat = aydin c. good job perso (:

    and i like your posts on this topic, theyre insightful and so much closer to the truth than that nonsense from vice or those anonymous wannabes that couldnt even get sharifs d0x right


      • Just now catching up on this. Yes, I believe AC was acidcat, a notorious alleged extortionist. I remember he often teamed up with someone else but I don’t recall who off the top of my head other than he used sequential numbers as the last characters of his names (fakename, fakename2, fakename3, etc).

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