Happy Birthday!


‘I have been seeing a rash of cases in teen age girls who….. are just plain stupid with digital technology. By this I mean sending nude photos of themselves to grown men (via phone, webcams, emails), or soliciting sex online. I have 8 girls in the hospital and 4 of them fall under this, while another one was involved in child porn. Their parents found out and brought them in for evaluation. Thing is, they don’t really meet criteria for mania or depression. Certainly low self-esteem (and daddy issues), but other than filing a CPS and police report I’m not sure why they are in the hospital.
Given the recent focus on online shaming and subsequent suicides like Amanda Todd and Audrie Pott I’m wondering if a case could be made the they are a danger to themselves even though they engaged in these activities of their own free will? Most of these girls are upset that we informed the authorities and even try to protect the perpetrators.

Errrrmmm…….nuff said, surely? I have commented, of course.

btw – did I post this before? I lose track. LOL.

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