Aydin Coban

Oh Lord! To be honest,  I’ve had mixed feelings about this ongoing malarkey for some time now. It’s tiresome, tawdry, boring, and largely irrelevant.

People out there who have retired from the scene will know what it’s like. Spending huge amounts of time investigating and tracking, sending out warnings, desperately trying to get people to stop what they are doing or to at least try to get away from the dangers.

It takes me back to a relatively recent experience. A ten year old boy was on Facebook, obviously out of his depth. I politely warned him to go away, to get off Facebook, to be careful what he was doing. As usual, it took me about five seconds to know where he lived, who he was, and to name his entire family. Oh good grief! For some inane reason, the father decides to get involved. ‘Who do you think you are, telling my son to get off Facebook?’ The usual old toot. Even after an explanation of the dangers, of how he had let his child break the rules, still no understanding. See what we are up against? Same old idiot parents. However, all was not lost. Eventually, mother arrives. At least she understood, and she asked how best to protect her son’s online existence.

The same sort of thing happened with Carol Todd. On Christmas Eve, 2010, she was contacted by one of the heros – most probably from inside the Capper community. I have my thoughts about who it might have been. The message was a big, plain warning – as simple a warning as can possibly be – ‘Your daughter is in trouble’. What did she do? Instead of thinking it’s lockdown time, she took this as some sort of threat, and told the police. She didn’t take it as a massive heads-up to get Amanda protected, because as we now, in Carol Todd’s own words, Amanda ‘won’ when it came to online webcam activities.

If you look at the chatlogs involving Amanda and BlogTV, and many other sources, there were people telling her to stop. ‘Don’t get banned’. ‘Don’t do it’. The background is quite convoluted and complicated, but it’s worth pausing maybe to understand what was going on at the time. A certain group of people were desperately working to get the girls flashers offline and safe. At the time, there was a policy – track down the girl involved. Give plenty of warnings, plead and cajole, explain and educate. One of the prime people involved in all this sorry saga was good old Peyton Ramsey, who was actually having an ‘affair’ with rOra at the time.

In many cases, the hero activity would work. Girls would realise the stupidity of their actions and clear off. But for the worst offenders, it didn’t work. So the next step in the policy would kick in: the threat of disclosure. If all other lines of communication had failed, the ultimate step was: we will tell your friends and family.

These actions added yet another layer of complexity to the whole issue. It is likely – VERY likely – that some of the online communications Amanda received were due to this method of trying to stop the girls from performing. And that is why is is so difficult to sort out just what went on. This policy is well-known, and it was the mainstay of many of the heros and White Knights online. However, if you follow the 4chan noticeboards, you will notice that it has now been dropped, mainly due to the Amanda Todd story. It was realised that, if the exposure threats were carried out, the repercussions might not be quite what were expected.

And this is what makes the Aydin Coban case so dangerous. If the trial does come to Canada, it won’t be a trial of Aydin Coban, it will be a trial of Amanda Todd and what she got up to online. The defence will show every trace of her activity, every video, every conversation – the whole kit and caboodle.

There is mention online – at this point NONE of it is to be trusted – that the Canadian girls involved are ‘in counselling’ (yes, there are actually other girls apart from Amanda Todd, you know). Now imagine this scenario – which isn’t that far away from reality:

Each of the girls will have remained anonymous. Whatever they did or didn’t do online will have passed – maybe forgotten, maybe passed over with a sigh of relief. Their videos or pictures, names, faces – all unknown. Until now. The Aydin Coban court case will dig this all up. Parents who never knew what was going on will have counsellors, police, the Press, knocking on the door. Stand by for more histrionics.

There is one HELL of a lot of information for me to process. So….laters!

8 thoughts on “Aydin Coban

  1. “And this is what makes the Aydin Coban case so dangerous. If the trial does come to Canada, it won’t be a trial of Aydin Coban, it will be a trial of Amanda Todd and what she got up to online. The defence will show every trace of her activity, every video, every conversation – the whole kit and caboodle.”

    She was a child and she was preyed on by perverted pigs. No one is going to put her on trial.

    • Unfortunately, it will end up as a trial of Amanda Todd. That’s a fact. The defence will use everything in their power to show there was no luring, no coercion, no threat. And now you’ve got perverted pigs on the scene of the crime? Can you just tell me this – which one went to the market, and which one stayed at home?

  2. We’ll see. You sure seem hopeful this person, who btw has many other victims, gets off. What do you think of his other victims? Are they responsible too?

    • At this point in time, we know very little about the whole story. It would seem, as with the rest of this tale, that people leap to conclusions even before any real details have emerged. You may be ignoring the fact that the link to Amanda Todd is entirely improbable – it was made by someone who just assumed a connection.
      You are being foolhardy and entirely predictable in going down the ‘they are responsible’ route. There is a HUGE difference between, shall we say, Daniel Perry and the likes of Amanda Todd. Or Aurora Eller. Or Jessi Slaughter. Peyton Ramsey. The list goes on. Just where does responsibility and stupidity cross over? Amanda – as we all know for the umpteenth time – was warned by the police; she continued; she was warned by heroes; she continued. Now, if she has indeed blindly walked into it, then maybe she’s blameless. But she didn’t. Following on from that, had she been genuinely tricked, persecuted, extorted, what have you, that would indeed have been horrendous. But she wasn’t – her whole story is a fabrication, designed to push blame on to everyone else.
      I know that you would very much prefer to go down the victim-shaming, slut-shaming path, but that is worn out.
      As far as the guy getting off, he won’t. It’s unlikely. What really worries me is that the whole story fails to get to the point. As you know, I have done a ton of research, and not all of it reaches here. But what I have noticed is that isn’t that the Todd story has got all the girls running for the hills and way from the Internet – it simply has them thinking that the online threats come from much older guys, so they continue performing for their peers, unaware that they are still in danger, and I have actually seen a quote from a girl who wrote ‘I hide my face, so it’s all OK’.
      God, I get tired because I have said this a million times already. Get it out of your head that this is a case of innocence meets evil – it’s a case of stupidity meets opportunism.
      We shall see how this case pans out. But it will not be the big deal that you expect, and it is only a small fish in a very big ocean.
      Like I said – their are genuine victims and dumbass victims. Amanda was a dumbass victim.

  3. “At this point in time, we know very little about the whole story.”

    So where did you get the idea Glen Canning is a bad father? That’s a pretty mean thing to say about someone who’s daughter died and if you know little about the case why are you pretending you do?

    • It’s not so much that Glen Canning is a bad father – he’s just not a good one. And stick with it – most people learn that Philip knows just about everything about everything.

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