Hello everybody!

Oh well, another day dawns. I should have kept to my farewell promise a couple of months ago, but what the heck? Where there’s nonsense, there I will be. Philip-man, Philip-man, does everything a Philip can!

Some time ago, I lost heart concerning this blog, and unfortunately it shows. I was tempted to go back and maybe re-write some of the posts in a more erudite, less vernacular style, but I thought that the story was over and done with. Some of my readers may be interested as to what I was doing in the background. I was still carrying out my research, and it was depressing. I was in touch with academics who were too lazy to write their theses properly, University professors who hadn’t even taken the time to find out about digital self-harm, and many more. The Tallulah Wilson and Hannah Smith cases came and went. The usual reactions in both cases – a quick bandwagon jump by the likes of the Daily Mail, the usual ‘Oh Lordy Lord, the sky’s falling on our heads’ reaction from the general public, even super-twat Cameron getting involved – and then, when a few more facts appeared that people felt uneasy about, the stories vanished.

And so it comes full circle. Why do I do all this? For me, in my own head, it’s as clear as day. Putting it on paper is far more difficult, and as for getting anyone to properly debate – well, you can forget that. As soon as I say anything remotely contradictory, no matter how much back up information and quoted sources I use, it doesn’t take long for all the stupid repetitive hate words to appear – ‘pedo’, ‘troll’, ‘victim-shamer’.

I thought that the sub-heading on this blog would sort of make it clear. The sorts of problems prevalent in the Amanda Todd story can only be solved if the entire history is examined closely, meticulously, and unemotionally.

Towards the beginning of my blog, I tried to highlight the existence of BlogTV, Omegle, Stickam and the rest, and their much worse partners in crime – the sites like cameracaptures. Yet no-one particularly wanted to see all that. Massive efforts were made in the press to vilify bullies – children mostly – or to blame Facebook,, Kik and the rest of social media. Calls were made for changes to Facebook and so on – I am sure we are familiar with all that – yet barely any attention was given to, nor mention made of, the burgeoning impact of online webcam activity. The suggestion that young girls – you know, those young innocent girls like Aurora Eller, Samantha Marie, Giovanna Plowman, Peyton Ramsey – were voluntarily going online night after night and basically doing their own porn shows – well, that was all too much for Joe Public, who prefer not to imagine that these things are happening in reality.

And just in case you think that lessons have been learned, and that things move on, you can forget that. One of Amanda’s friends (yes – I do watch THAT closely) put a video on to YouTube. Unfortunately, due to the content of the video, she couldn’t actually log on to see her own work because it was restricted by YouTube to 18+ viewers.

One of the things I was desperately trying to get across (and seemingly failed to do) was that all this bullying crap was just a sideshow. Whilst hysterical moms and dads were running around looking for bullies, their daughters continued to get up to the usual antics online. It’s like the distraction methods used by magicians – look in one direction, whilst all the real trickery is going on elsewhere.

Enough of that for now. What keeps me interested in all this? I find it gobsmacking what people will believe. Except, deep down, it’s no shock. I always knew that the average Interweb browser was a cretin – it is just frustrating to find out just how cretinous they all are.

The Aydin Coban story is flimflam, mishmash, or – to put it bluntly – complete bollocks. I expect psychologits (spelled correctly there) would have some fancy names for it all – basically, it’s mass hysteria. It is simply not true. What is truly astonishing is not that the Press has built this up out of all proportion, but the cops have decided to ride the wave, too.

I have soooo much to write. Already, I’ve doubled up on posts – two in one day is a rarity. All I ask at the moment is for you to THINK. In cases such as that of Aydin Coban, ALL names of victims are highly protected. There isn’t yet – probably sadly for Canadians – a crime of ‘being in touch with Amanda Todd’ (give it time, give it time). No-one knows who the girls are. And it is likely that no-one ever will know. Yet somehow, based on the guess of one newspaper, we all know it’s to do with Amanda.

Soon, I will be doing a post on the whys and wherefores. Stay tuned! It will be called ‘Aydin Coban is innocent’. Sound familiar?

and….people know that I said that Aydin Coban used to appear as a young girl. But I didn’t link, so that people would get annoyed that I could find it but they couldn’t. Now PAY ATTENTION:

‘Aydin C., de man die in Oisterwijk werd opgepakt, onder meer voor de afpersing van jonge meisjes, deed zich meestal zelf voor als een jong meisje als hij met zijn slachtoffers sprak op internet. Dat zegt het Openbaar Ministerie. Of dit ook in de Amanda Todd-zaak het geval was, is onduidelijk.’

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