‘It’s been a week since the news that there was someone sitting in a jail in the Netherlands who had a connection to the death of my daughter, Amanda Todd.’ Who what now? Norm’s in jail in Holland? Oh, wait a minute. It’s all about some other guy.

‘The connection that this man allegedly had — and now has’… Errrr…this doofus was arrested in Holland. ONE newspaper there said he MIGHT have something to do with Amanda Todd. The Canadians decided he DID have something to do with Amanda Todd.

‘As one of Amanda’s parents,’ well, duh – ‘ the question everyone seems to want to know is, how does this arrest make me feel.’ Well, I sure as heck don’t want to know. But of course, Carol will tell me.

‘That someone had been caught in connection with Amanda’s death: Hers was the only name mentioned in the initial news stories.’ Oh for Pete’s sake! Early reports said girls in Canada. And Norway. And the UK. And everywhere else. The press simply suggested that a Canadian girl might mean Amanda Todd. After that, it became true. Well, it didn’t become true, it was accepted as being true by idiots.

‘Knowing my daughter and her emotional background, it was hard for me to believe that Amanda would ever make up a story’. Errrrmmm…..weed smoking, drinking, ‘one photo’…….honest and trustworthy indeed. Even the dumb ‘Sextortion’ video had news that Amanda waited for Norm to close the door and leave before she got back online. Oh crumbs and crikey.

‘In any event, the arrest in the Netherlands, a case that has taken over three years of investigative time, according to police, should resolve that claim once and for all.’ Cobblers. This case didn’t take three years of cop time to solve. The idiot Canadian cops were piddling about, as usual everyone else did some work, the guy got caught, and the RCMP said it was all down to them. Except it isn’t. Because the guy is not really connected. I would bet my life on that. Or Colin Connolly’s.

‘the exploitation started with the first image being sent out. ‘ Oh Lord! The first image? …when Carol herself said it was a link to a porn site? That first image – one of many.

‘Not being a person that shares a lot of my words out loud, I hold it in — most of the time.’ Now come on. Carol Todd has spent most of her time trying to get publicity. Blabbing on TV, uselessly blogging, HuffPost, the Vancouver Sun……you couldn’t get her to shut up if you tried.

A lovely sentence: ‘we know there is a man in jail..who allegedly might have been the one responsible for the start of the vicious cycle of online and offline harassment that Amanda had to endure.’

Allegedly might. May possibly be. Utter codswallop. We know what kicked off the ‘vicious cycle’. Or are we going to find out that Aydin Coban also dressed up as a young girl, came to Canada, and hit Amanda? Or sold her the weed? Hang on a minute – he’s not Amanda’s old boyfriend with whom she hooked up? Nah. That would be too absurd. Like this whole new chapter.

Love to all.

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