Aydin Coban is innocent

Let’s begin with some extra information that would tend to state that Amanda was not being blackmailed nor coerced into her activities, and how the RCMP could do very little to stop her.

In October 2011, 11 months after Amanda first became notorious, we have this statement from the RCMP, sent to Amanda’s parents:

‘We believe that the photo’s and video….is new material that Amanda has posted of herself since last year. We identified….Facebook profiles Amanda currently has running. The main account still has…followers on it’

Note: this is cut down and slightly edited, but no meaning has been changed. A full version is available.

We see that Amanda was producing new material – something we already knew. And she’s posting it herself. Hardly the actions of someone who feels scared of being online, stalked by God knows how many predators and pedophiles – and definitely not in response to blackmail or luring. In fact, we know that the actions of Tyler Boo – a supposed blackmailer – were aimed at getting her to quit. From the same month, from Tyler Boo, sent directly to Amanda:

‘my comments on youtube like 6 months ago scared you a bit. you promised the authorities not to do be sexual on cam again because you are considered to be underage and providing of child porn..well, you have. so I can send them out and make them come to you again…you will go through the exact same again all over’

What I can also tell you is that the reporting of Tyler Boo’s  message to Amanda was doctored to make it look more aggressive, but he does seem to ask for shows if she chooses that option.

All of this is readily available online, but I’ve stopped linking sources so that people have to come to me – I’m sick and tired of doing everyone else’s work for them. Good grief – I can have some pretty good guesses who Tyler Boo might be.

What can we learn from this?

We know that Amanda was doing stuff all over – mainly on Facebook and Youtube by now. The RCMP acknowledge that, by October 2011, Amanda has produced ‘new material’ and has published it herself. But what of Tyler Boo’s remarks? They are not those of a blackmailer – they are the remarks of someone who wants Amanda offline. Comments 6 months ago would have been around March/April 2011, so we know that Amanda was still active after the cops arrived in December 2010. But why ‘you promised the authorities’? How does he know this? This is extremely odd (note I have a tendency to say ‘very’ a lot – extremely means ‘very, very, very’). We also note ‘because you are considered to be underage and providing of child porn’. This indicates a lot more going on in the background than we are led to believe. It looks like Amanda has already been warned off by the police for producing child porn, and that she has already told the authorities that she won’t do it again. But it’s strange how Tyler Boo would have known this. My main guess is that Amanda simply let everyone know and boasted about it online; my second guess is that Tyler Boo is someone very close to the story. Very, very close. Family? I leave it to you. But it is very unlikely that someone in the Netherlands would be behind any of this even though, looking at the communications microscopically, there are Dutch language usages. But that would be like 0.00001% of a link. And the charges are for luring (so not valid if Amanda is producing her own stuff) and extortion (also not valid if someone is trying to get someone to quit).

So – Aydin Coban isn’t Tyler Boo. And he’s not Austin Collins.

So – even as late in the day as October/November 2011, we can see that it was AMANDA who was posting her stuff online. Herself. That’s the cops saying that. This really isn’t a case of blackmailer/extortionist/predator – but haven’t I said that already? Like a million times?

I was going to write a ton more, but I know that readers get overloaded. But hey – Aydin’s innocence will be easily proven over the next few days. Step by step, little by little, this latest fiasco will be exposed for what it is – yet another pack of lies.



2 thoughts on “Aydin Coban is innocent

  1. Actually, I’ve looked at this post and feel quite chuffed. A lot of hard work goes into finding all this stuff. Gillian Shaw gets an award for crap reporting and what do I get? Diddly squat. Never mind. And apologies – my first draft said it was a message from Austin Collins. This was corrected to Tyler Boo.

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