Take a break!

For some reason, I quite like the guy in the video. Very calm.

This is a sort of distraction day. From what I can see, the Todd story is even more dead than I thought it was. I think that I could produce a picture of Aydin Coban getting out of a flying saucer from Mars, and most people would simply shrug their shoulders.

It’s a shame in a way. What I believe has happened is this: the Todd story was repeated so much, and in such a bad way, that it has become distasteful. But we sort of knew that would happen. Time marches on, and this brilliantly funny article shows that things don’t change:


I found this just completely hilair.

“Nobody is taking H. to prom because nobody has a forklift.”

“John Dodig touched my no-no parts.”

As usual, there’s an interesting sociological aspect of this:

‘Suddenly, the social 1 percent was subject to the same sort of cyber torment that had in the past been directed at the students at the bottom of the pyramid. Yik Yak gave everyone a chance to take down enemies, reveal secrets, or make shit up in order to obliterate reputations. ‘

It reminds me of some experiences.

Years ago, there was an effort in my workplace to introduce new ways of thinking, and the first big experiment was honesty. Never a good move. People were encouraged to get all their negative thoughts out, and say what they really felt.

The first meeting took place. A tough guy manager invited truthful, face to face criticism. Fifteen minutes later, the same manager left the building in tears (I’m not kidding). The honesty project was abandoned.

I was always shocked by what people would say about others. On many occasions (and this is not rare – it goes on in every workplace in every country) a woman would come into the office.

People would say “Oh hi! How are you?” and make polite and joyful conversation. As soon as the person left? “Did you see her shoes? Dreadful” “Blimey, she’s put on weight.” “Did you know she’s leaving her husband?” “She thinks she’s so great.”

This had quite a good effect on me. I was so petrified about what people might be saying behind my back that I made sure I was almost permanently at my desk – first one in, last one out. I looked like I was a dedicated employee.

Anyways. Enough of that. Has anything else happened in the world of any importance? Well, for me, yes. Gerry Adams has been arrested. For me, that was an absolute highlight of yesterday, and I am sure that there will be a few people who feel the same. I won’t go into rant mode in describing just what an odious, evil scumbag I think he is (adding the IRA to my list of haters might be a step too far) but I will leave you with a picture of the three most evil people in the world – all in one place!

evil people

The three monkeys: See evil, hear evil, speak evil.


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