A lot of hard work

Note: original post edited.

I am the firestarter.

I seem to spend my days experiencing various levels of emotion – most of them unpleasant. Yet there are times for elation, and today there is great news. The Daniel Perry case has resulted in major action.

I am filled with disgust and contempt for the Press, especially the American and Canadian versions. I am filled with anger and rage at the neo-Feminists who spew out misandry and misinformation. Where was Daniel in all of your splenetic rantings? Where was he in all your accusations of misogyny? Where was the concern for male victims of crime? It was nowhere. Whilst the tale of a narcissistic, out-of-control girl makes major headlines, whilst every other instance where a girl is involved in online insanity gets outpourings of wasted empathy and grief, explosions of sanctimonious wailing and gnashing  of teeth, the true tragedy of this poor lad passed by – hardly noticed.

It’s time to wake up. Wake up to the truth and the reality, and wake up to the fact that those are only present here on this blog.

So – it’s time for an announcement. An announcement that probably no-one will read, and that no-one will pay any attention to.

Readers will know that there are things on this blog that exist nowhere else. I have recently released an edited version of emails sent to Carol and Norm – these are nowhere to be found online, they are my property. I have released a true version of what Tyler Boo sent in his message to Amanda – a version that was doctored to make it look much worse and, in fact, criminally embellished for shock factor. At the moment, it would appear that, apart from police and investigators, only I have these documents.

Readers will also know that I have hinted heavily that I have a police informer, who I have protected for several months. Well – that time is up. I will give you the name you all want: Police Constable A***** S*******. How else do you think I know about the parties at Norm’s lake house? the chatlogs? the emails to the Todds? Sorry love, had to be done.

I am half expecting this blog to disappear at any time soon.

I have written to the RCMP yet again, knowing they will not deign to respond. I know that they are liars. When the police start lying to you, you know you’re in trouble. It’s truth time. I’m fed up with playing about. Aydin Coban? Nonsense. The Dutch legal announcement was nothing to do with Amanda, nothing to do with Canada. Online extortion? Nonsense. The Flying Dutchman legend was invented to make it look like the police had finally got their man, in an effort not only to look good, but to try and close the case once and for all.

I will show one of the full emails sent to Norm and Carol tomorrow. It will show that Amanda was allowed to do whatever she wanted, and that there was no other person involved in making her perform online. And it will show that Carol and Norm did nothing to prevent it – perhaps even encouraging it for the sake of their own misguided attention-seeking. And I will show the fakery behind Tyler Boo and Austin Collins – evidence that was manipulated for a gullible audience.

Like the heading of today’s post – it’s a lot of hard work. I will bring the fantastic Daniel Perry news from the Philippines to the blog soon. Meanwhile, have a nice day – and keep your kids safe!

11 thoughts on “A lot of hard work

  1. As you know, (and perhaps others know as well) I have been reading your work a little shy of two years. I can beat around the bush and ask you, ‘How do you like your coffee? or would you like chips with that’? but to dive in directly and just come right out and ask you…”Where is your bottom line?” or ” “What is your goal exactly?”. Even, “How far are you prepared to go with all this?”. I feel I have a million more questions. ( I would also like a microphone and a couple of fancy chairs for this interview) However, they may be based upon your response to the first batch. I sometimes wonder why you feel the need to be so harsh when you speak of The Todd’s. Actually it saddens me at times and I often feel less human reading your work. Then of course the times where I’d rather just punch you in your gob and go slice some mutton. Enlightened at times of your vast knowledge. You have a pretty good sense of humor and often then not a venomous tongue. The heart does exist but you’d rather paint it black. I get it. Hmm sometimes. I guess, I could also go on about all your latest blogs….talk about it until it sucks the life out of me but I have recently learned that less talking is better. I’m not exactly sure why I felt the need to comment here. Perhaps, I’ll shake my head at myself in the morning. Back to you, Bob.

    • hiya toots! Where is the bottom line? There is no bottom line. For Heaven’s sake, I thought my aims were clear.
      1. To expose the dangers of shoddy parenting (far more dangerous than any old online shenanigans, I can tell you).
      2. To expose the dangers of what some teens are getting up to online. Not one-to-one webcam bs but narcissistic self-exposure.
      3. To try to get people to realise that hatred and malice – like completely fucking dumbass vendettas against alleged perpetrators, like the unwarranted persecution of dumb kids who said dumb remarks online – are not replacements for understanding, rationality and forgiveness.
      4. To show that the Press tells lies – something we all know.
      and there’s probably a 5, 6 , 7 and 8.
      I am prepared to go as far as it takes. It’s just annoying that I can’t take it to Court, though I’ve been tempted.
      Harsh with the Todds? Not harsh enough, if I really think about it, as I hold them mostly to blame for all this. I am just sick and tired of failed parents – desperately failed parents – producing fucked up kids and then exploiting it in the worst manner possible. Had it been a genuine case of ‘we looked away for 10 seconds and she got into trouble’ I could accept that – it happens a lot. But when parents KNOW their kids are taking drugs and doing all sorts and do fuck all about it – that’s a crime in my book. I even allow for utter ignorance, stupidity – Hell, I always give people a lot of leeway – but this just isn’t the case here – nor elsewhere for that matter.
      My heart does exist? You bet it does. Except having a heart doesn’t mean looking at cute kittens all day and going ‘awww how cute’. Having a heart means fighting hard to battle against hatred and stupidity, hypocrisy and ignorance. Having a heart is not going round continually looking for revenge, as Carol Todd does, blaming innocent children for the demise of her daughter; not encouraging hate campaigns against people who those fucking dimwits Anonymous shove under the bus; not putting the onus on ex-boyfriends and silly kids in the playground; not constantly standing up and saying ‘Look at me, ain’t I great?’.
      This story has grown into a monster. Press lies, media lies, even the cops telling lies. It’s not what people think it is – more kids are confused by the Todd story than are helped; more kids are thinking about suicide; more kids have learned new things such as flashing, sexting, online bate shows. The Todd story has turned people AWAY from the subject – the only people left with any interest in it are cockamamie loser musicians who use it for publicity (if I see one more ‘profits go to Carol Todd’s pension fund’ I will scream); malware peddlers who use the story for clickbait; closet pedophiles who think that pictures of a 15 year old looking saucy or semi-dressed as a nine year old cheerleader are ‘beautiful’; bored journalists who tag Todd in their articles for a few extra hits; and 12 year old girls who think she is some sort of goddess. Oh – but most of all, dreadful parents who can also feel much better about themselves when Carol tells them it’s not their fault.
      Anyways – smell you later, dude.

      • Maybe that is what the world needs! To take a full day and look at cute kittens!! Turn off all devices. Deactivate your Social Networks and live in the moment. Where did that go? Technology has robbed us in so many ways!!
        Okay, your listed answers seem reasonable, I have heard them before of course.
        As a parent myself, perhaps a failed one…I must say that it isn’t always easy to make the right decisions. In a broken home things often get complicated. I feel that a lot of this blog is a hate blog towards the Todd’s. That if your main goal is to educate the people, then you should focus much more on that. I do give you props as you haven’t hurled to many names since your valiant return. The kids that say malicious comments online, I have much concern for them and always have. They are good at what they do, I’ll give them that. I know names have been hurled at you, (and yet I say tit for tat). I do think you are a genuine asswad but that is pretty much the extent of it. I know that with the info you have ‘shared’ (shared without really sharing) could make the strongest person uneasy. Because questions will form in our heads. “How does he know?”, “Is he deeper involved with AT?” and so forth. I will admit I have asked myself those same questions. So you will take this to the moon? and back again? Just keep on keeping on? I feel exhausted just reading it. So you’d be willing to go to court? Personally I’d love if you did. I mean you’d think that is the bottom line. The way to end all this. I have come here today to ask you to have compassion for all people. Even the parents who make mistakes and pay the most ultimate price. Do it for the apple crumbles! I’m sure I have plenty more to say but the kettle is calling my name and the day awaits! To those glued to your computer, GO OUTSIDE!

      • Oh honey bun – pretty verbose today. I have compassion – as you well know, you naughty person. But for those who deserve it. haha – the ultimate price – fame, celebrity, income from charity – hahahahaha!

  2. I also want to say that I don’t condone speaking to one another with harshness. I have tried my best not to publicly get involved or belittle others A task that requires much patience. You may say sitting in the middle is cowardly. I would have to disagree. Trying to understand why people do and say what they do is often exhausting. Names have been called back and forth and yet the children should look up to us for guidance. HA! The online game world, tit for tat and all that. I can give my view in the open about how I feel about every party I have encountered (since Oct 10, 2012) but then again…the bottom line is…we all have a slight case of hypocrisy. You should jump on a plane and walk right into the Coquitlam Police Department. I mean surely that would turn some heads. Heck, give them a call even. I mean clearly you want to be be involved in the front lines. I say go for it. Court perhaps?? I mean there has got to be a damn bottom line somewhere around here?

    • ‘the children should look up to us for guidance’ God help us if children look to us for guidance. Most parents should tell their kids ‘Watch what I do and then do the opposite’.

      • Possibly so. I get your passion. I really do. I think we are just different. I know you have a heart. I have seen it many times. Anger wins usually though…in the end. I’m not sure how a heart can survive it all.

      • Okay, I’ll bite just one more time. “The emails”. I’m curious about them of course!! Would I love to see them. Yes. Would you share them with me? No. Most likely not. Sharing with me would mean I would know who the source was. Personally I could care less about the source. But the original emails, I am interested in. This is something, I’ll be bringing up again. I’m sure. But I’ll wait for a beep on that.

      • Have you not been paying attention? The cops sent me a ton of info to release. Or was that my fairy godmother? Or the pixies? Anyways – someone sent me the info. And stop being a nosey parker.

  3. ” haha – the ultimate price – fame, celebrity, income from charity – hahahahaha!”
    Yes, you can see it that way….as we all see things a little differently. But I can say that as a mother I am sure if time can be put back….none of those things would matter because the loss of a child is in fact an ultimate price.

    “And stop being a nosey parker.”
    As if I’d ever stop that! So know I will ask again.

  4. P.S. I don’t care WHO sent the info. I just want to see it! 🙂 You know where to find me. I’ll even take a copy and paste without the release of any names or email info. 🙂 Soooo put down your chips and get on it!

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