The RCMP emails to the Todds

The video for today comes from British Columbia’s ‘Careers Advice for Canadian Girls’ series.

People will be familiar with the oft-quoted anti-RCMP words:

“If Amanda does not stay off the Internet and/or take steps to protect herself online, there is only so much we as the police can do.”

These words have been used to say that the RCMP didn’t care, that they were not fully concerned with the case.

I have recently obtained the full set of emails sent by the RCMP to the Todds from December 2010 onwards, and they show an entirely different state of affairs – one in which the police begged and pleaded with the Todds in order to try and protect Amanda from the consequences of her actions. Short of actually confiscating all of Amanda’s phones and computers, short of actually forcibly preventing Amanda from using social media, short of incarcerating Amanda in hospital (an action taken later on in 2012), there was not much they could do, especially when Carol and Norm took no effective preventative measures at all.

Here is the full email (I posted an extract a couple of days ago) from which the above words were taken. It was sent in October 2011, just before the IWF and Cybertip received warnings from members of the public about Amanda’s behaviour. It clearly shows that Amanda was way out of control, but you can make up your own minds. I have added my own thoughts below the email, and highlighted some things.

To: Todd, Carol; Todd, Norm

Subject: RE: Amanda Todd  October 12th 2011

To you both,

After our meeting with Norm yesterday we have been informed steps have been taken to keep Amanda off the Internet while in your homes. At this time Norm has stated that he has taken away Amanda’s internet access as well as her phone. We believe that the photo’s and video that have recently appeared is new material Amanda has posted of herself since last year. We identified twelve Facebook profiles Amanda currently has running. The main account still has 1100 subscribers on it.

Constable Schadeck with our section will be continuing with this investigation. As my colleague and I said yesterday and last week, if Amanda does not stay off the internet and/or take steps to protect herself online there is only so much we as the police can do.  Part of this is also attributable to her ability to have access to camera facilities. We suggest that Amanda ceases all further online communication and that she closes down all of her email accounts and her accounts on YouTube and elsewhere.

If Amanda cannot be prevented from further use of the internet we will have to meet again to discuss further action such as temporary protective supervision.

asdfghj, Inspector, RCMP.

Notes: The story goes that the police first arrived in December 2010, and that it was all down to one photo – we’ve heard this many times. Yet this email clearly shows that Amanda’s activities continued. These are not the actions of a young girl scared of predators and blackmailers. Indeed, there is no mention of this in this email – merely the police insistence, quite measured and polite, that Norm and Carol must take action to stop Amanda.

We know that Amanda’s access was taken away. She mentions this in a twitter communication (errrmmmm? lol) around the same time, in which she states that she needs to start gathering followers all over again. Yet it is astonishing that, after the crisis of December 2010, Amanda has managed to maintain 12 Facebook profiles, one of which has 1100 subscribers. I have heard rumours about the ‘new material’ that was used on these profiles (pages, actually) but I have, due to them being rumours only, refrained from publishing what is believed to be one of Amanda’s profile pictures. Also, due to the nature of the pictures she used, it is likely that I would be prosecuted under the new child pornography laws. It has also been rumoured that, as well as posting pictures of a sexual nature, there were also videos of her drinking and smoking weed with her friends. However, we do know that at least one of the videos she posted was a version of the infamous ‘twerking’ one.

It is interesting to note that this email stresses the importance of stopping Amanda, and puts the onus of  responsibility, quite rightly, on Carol, Norm and Amanda. Simply put, it implies that the only way to avoid trouble is to stop Amanda doing what she is doing. There is no talk of extortion, stalking, predators – just a controlled plea to get Amanda to stop.

It’s odd, isn’t it? The police desperately pleading for Amanda’s camera activity to be controlled, then we have the story from Carol about how Amanda – in September 2012, almost a year later with her YouTube channel ‘TheSomebodytoknow’ – does a video, of which Carol had no knowledge and about which she so proudly announces ‘she didn’t ask’, and we see Amanda back online on October 3rd, 2012 – obviously filmed in her room and with total unfettered access. Didn’t anybody learn?

We have to realise – if we haven’t already – that we have been lied to by the Press, lied to by the Todds, and we are beginning to be lied to by the RCMP who are between a rock and a hard place – tell the truth and be condemned, not tell the truth and sink deeper and deeper into controversy.

Tomorrow I will explain how messages sent to Carol and Amanda have not only been kept secret, but those that have been publicised have been not only edited, they have been added to in order to provide more shock and horror. This is a terrible, terrible fraud, and it has now crossed borders into Holland. I will be contacting the MLAs yet again and going further in order to get this story investigated.

It’s not over. I wish it was.

13 thoughts on “The RCMP emails to the Todds

  1. Thank you for sticking with this story until the blind actually HAD to see. As a long time supporter I’m disgusted and sickened that Carol Todd has been fooling people into giving her money for so long, what she is doing is fraud! Every dime she has taken from people she has done so knowing full well has been fraudulent. I’m so beyond disgusted right now I cant even say how disgusted I am, my skin is actually crawling after reading the proof. What kind of ‘mom‘ makes money from neglecting her daughter to death? THEN looking for sympathy and money. Where is the money going? R.I.P Amanda, you are now your mom’s cash cow. So sad!

    • It’s not often that I get thanked – so thank you. You are right about fraud – I have said this before. But don’t let it get to you. Anger and sadness can wear people out – I should know! Have a good day, and know that the world is – thankfully – full of good people and good parents. It’s just that they don’t necessarily get all the publicity.

    • You have got to be kidding? Proof? There is nothing here that counts as proof. Some guy online using a fake name on WordPress says he has proof and your skin is crawling? Give your damn head a shake.

      Of all the people in the world to share that email with an RCMP officer picked this guy? Bullshit!

      • hahahahahahahahahahaha! Oh good grief! Use another freaking ip address next time! Ha ha – Weyland_Ind – what a laugh! I already told you – I know freaking everything and everybody! Better luck next time! Why don’t you give them a call? I have her number. Dude – people know I have everything at my disposal. Seen today’s post? I don’t miss a trick. People send me info because I am the only person telling the truth. Read the rest of the blog, instead of just reading one post because you are too lazy. That email is genuine, and it shows that Amanda was allowed to drown in her own tragedy. Have a nice day! Stay calm! Laters!

      • OK. I’m using another IP. Next time try to address my point. Anyone who says they know everything and everybody has something to hide. What are you hiding?

      • I don’t quite understand. I have worked damned hard on this blog – meticulously checking, re-checking, keeping away from hearsay and rumours. It has respect in some quarters, therefore people send me information – knowing that I will be the only person who deals with it properly.
        I am also extraordinarily observant – I catch the things that other people overlook. I translate Dutch, even Gujarati, and I have an extensive network. I hide nothing. I know what you are getting at – I must be a criminal, I must be a stalker and so on. That is painfully tedious. I just happen to be a very obsessive, meticulous researcher, interested in what is, essentially, a myth. If I hide my real name, it’s for many reasons. To protect myself from the Todd hooligans, mostly, but also to protect anyone close. And really, I’m quite a shy person – otherwise I would publicise who I am.

  2. It seems a little odd to me, that they would share this information with you. Your source is bending over. Why? Would her job not be on the line doing so? Why would she release this info to you? Unless you now have another source, I assume this came from the same person you outed just recently. It would seem to me a rather stupid decision to make. Okay, so now what? how many emails do you have? or is this the best of the best. I read it and yet still I feel for all mistakes made in this case. Amanda took a path that lead to her demise. But I still see others helping her fall. It isn’t hard to push someone to a breaking point. How involved were they? and who are they? Predators, Pervs or just the twit teens online causing destruction. The internet is a harsh world. One that I had no idea existed until Amanda died. I guess I will put myself into a category of an uneducated parent to the online dangers. At least I used to be uneducated. Now that I know the dark side and what lies beneath the surface of this cyber world we have all come to love to hate, honestly it rocks my world. Okay so again, I ask you…now what??? What do you plan to do? Yes, I know, I can read. Contact MLA’s. But that hasn’t really worked before. The only way I see this being over is if one party takes the other to court. One- to shut you up. or Two- to give you your shot at proving everything you have stated here. With real paper and not just words on a blog. Evidence is key. Unfortunately, only you have seen it at this point. I’m not saying I don’t believe it. I’m just more of a see to believe kinda gal. Will you send copies to the MLA to help your case/cause? Or do you just want them to take your word?

    • This has by no means finished. Information soon will show that evidence has been chenged. I have original documents and believe me, they bear no close scrutiny. You are being lied to by your own cops now. It must end.

      • Death, lies and taxes. has a special ring to it. Well, kudos having the originals. Unfortunately until I see them myself….well it makes it difficult. As far as the lies, well I do know everyone is capable of such a trait. Until it all unravels and I see for myself or the cops face the higher powers that be….I am at a stand still. Is this a private convo we should have? Because you seem to not be willing to answer me about what you plan to do about it all? You said you’d do whatever it takes? I guess I wonder what that means exactly. As a reader, I can’t say you owe the audience an explanation but as myself, welllll I guess I just want to know more. How far is far? It appears it would be a rather big battle. I’m not sure how people roll in the UK but here, you just don’t go around accusing the police of lying without some sort of reprimanding. Of course paper trails can be deadly. Also, no offence to you or anyone else…but what kind of Cop hands over such information….To Philip Rose? I mean it sounds bloody stupid to me on her part. Cops stick together. It’s what they do. Do I agree with it? Not really. Though she seems to not fall under that category. I realize I am commenting more than normal. I apologize for taking up everyone’s time. But I’m feeling pretty baffled. It makes me sad. The whole damn thing. Whatever the truth is…..she died for eff sakes. Yet, I don’t want to be lied to. I can handle the truth. Even as I say all that, I still think of a young girl who died. Who had no other way out. I’ll be in touch.

      • Ha ha. For the sake of annoyance – show me details of the funeral and the inquest. Once I see them I will consider stopping. You are a nosey parker. There will be more releases of information soon. I am currently in Holland. LOL. Stay tuned though. The RCMP are sniffing around – reading my blog and shit. But get this – I am untouchable. LOL. The truth protects me, see? The way we roll in the UK? We find the truth. And cut the fucking crap about ‘no other way out’.

      • If you really had information like that you’d post it in a heart beat. Not going on and on about having it. You’re full of it and it’s starting to show. Post your info or shut up already.

      • I am using a new narrative approach. If I give out a conclusive post, people don’t come back. If I keep making statements, people don’t feel so involved. If I write too much, people switch off. So – I am letting people see the way it all resolves itself. Piece by piece, people will think and ponder, and eventually come to their own opinions. It’s sort of writing a page turner rather than a lecture. Even you keep coming back for more. And come on – even reading Carol’s emails must get to you. LOL.

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