The Haunted Book

A mysterious video for today. This illustrates how easy it is for me to make connections.  A few enquiries – Bryan Fast, Lord Tweedsmuir Elementary. A few eagle-eyed readers will make more observations, but as you know I’m not into providing all the obvious ones.

Good news here. Interesting developments in this wonderful cyberworld of ours.

A week or so ago, Carol Todd referred to me as ‘the idiot’. Good grief! Just as I had abandoned the blog, gone quiet, left it alone, she goes and does that. Almost like she wanted me to respond. So I have. Quite well, I think. Silly woman.

I have a ton of new info, a Mountie mountain, but it takes time to produce a decent post. So I’ll just give you three things to ponder.

I draw your attention to this quote: ‘“U already forgot who I am? The guy who last year made you change school. Got your door kicked in by the cops’

Now just stop to think.  I can tell you one thing. In other transcripts that I have in my possession, there is no record of this having been said. No record at all. So think on. This is supposedly from a blackmailer. But it would have to be from a supremely well-informed one, wouldn’t it? We can allow for him knowing about the school change, but how would he know about the door being kicked in?

Sure, you can have some guesses. Amanda told everyone. Very likely. Except that is odd. Door kicked in? Why would the cops kick in doors? Nah. I can tell you: it’s faked. It’s written after the September video. It’s concocted. Don’t believe me? I have the full story right in front of me. I will leave you to just think about it for now.

Second ponder. Here is the full official release from the Coquitlam RCMP.

Again, I draw your attention to this: ‘In December 2010 the Coquitlam RCMP launched an investigation into allegations of harassment and extortion involving Amanda Todd, then a 13 year old resident of Port Coquitlam’.

OK. Apart from the glaringly obvious – Amanda was 14 in December 2010 – what more can we read into this? Here is my suggestion. The cops didn’t get the age wrong, they got the date wrong. They did indeed investigate the actions of a 13 year old – Amanda BEFORE December 2010. That investigation culminated in the 4 a.m. raid.

Third ponder. The full official Aydin Coban announcement.

‘Via the internet, the suspect is thought to have victimized dozens of girls in several countries, in any case in the Netherlands, the UK, and the U.S.’

No mention of Canada. No mention of Amanda.

‘The National Public Prosecutor’s Office and the police are cooperating closely with the authorities in other countries, including the UK National Crime Agency.’

No mention of Canada. No mention of Amanda.

Think. Then think again. Courts do not release the names of victims in these cases. Everything is done to protect the victims. There is absolutely NO connection with Amanda Todd – this was a rumour started by the Press, and foolishly believed to be true by the RCMP. Even in Canada, you can see how much courts bend over backwards NOT to mention names – the Parsons case has a blanket ban on the mention of her name from now on.

So – three things to ponder. I will get round to publishing the messages sent to Amanda (I think I might be repeating stuff I said a couple of days ago – and show that the messages have been altered.

Actually – that’s another thing for you to ponder. Where did, or how did, I get my hands on the ORIGINAL messages sent to Amanda? (It took hard work, I can tell you). Or even – how did I get my hands on the messages sent from Amanda to Amanda by Amanda?

Holey moley, guacamole. How can anyone sleep at night?

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