I am Dr. Evil

Why must I be surrounded by frickin’ idiots?

Something more for you to ponder.

Austin Collins.

Well, I won’t ask you to ponder if he existed. I won’t even ask you to ponder who he is. I already know that. And Mr. Bigglesworth knows that, too.

We already know (if you have been paying close attention in the last few days) that Norm and Carol were strongly advised to get Amanda offline in October 2011.

But what do we also know?

November 12th, 2011. One month later. Amanda Michelle Todd is a friend of Austin Collins. Indeed, they have 157 mutual friends, which is astonishing given that Austin Collins must be some sort of stranger. Boy – this guy has 157 mutual friends. 157.  This guy is a busy bee. He has 101 mutual friends with another friend of Amanda; 87 with another; 126 with another; 74 with another; 93 with another….and so it goes on.

So what does that tell you? Not that this guy is some sort of unknown quantity, but that he has a massive presence amongst people who know Amanda – and a massive 157 crossover with Amanda. But we’ll ignore that for now.

See anything odd? Isn’t it odd that Amanda, warned less than a month before about being on Facebook, who has been producing ‘new material’ as the cops described it, whose parents have promised the police to keep protected and to prevent access to the Internet, isn’t it peculiar that she is friends with what amounts to a total stranger? A total stranger who just happens to have 157 mutual friends. One month after the cops advised YET AGAIN to get her offline.

But let’s just imagine that Austin Collins is extraordinarily clever, that he has built up a huge network. It can be done, with a little bit of effort. Nobody seems to check who their online friends are these days.

However – he is accused of being Amanda’s blackmailer. This recurring blackmailer, this sole perpetrator of crime. He is accused of having THE photo, the one that started it all.

But it’s not. Ponder on, people. Ponder on.

More news later in the week. Tyler Boo and the concocted comments. Sounds like a beat combo.

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