Glen Canning – dirty fucker!

To any people poking their noses in: I hereby accuse Glen Canning of various crimes in Canada – like producing child pornography and publishing photos of underage girls and other women without their permission. Therefore, the contents in this post are being used to expose the work of this disgusting person. Any moves on his part to have the photos taken down is, therefore, legally invalid.

hahahahahahahahaha – a healthy dose of hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Respect my authoritah!

Canadian Centre for Child Protection Report Number 114185. Subject: Glen Canning. Filed and delivered.

Who’s next to tell? The police? Yup.

Glen Canning, eh? What a guy. So furious about pictures of young girls, such a fucking Feminist hero. But basically, he’s just a dirty old man.

Glen Canning – aka P. Doran, Weyland_ind – came here, commented on my blog, dared to question the all-seeing eye of Philip Rose. Having posted soft-porn all over the Internet in his job as ‘photographer’. And now he suffers. Don’t they ever learn?

Real Name: Glen C. Age: 50 Gender: Male Location: Halifax/Dartmouth

Ha ha!

I am willing to work with both new and experienced models and can offer a complete range of digital services.

Well, what digital services were they, then? LOL. Fingering?

Just in case everyone goes to the link and it says something like ‘Hastily removed by Glen Canning’, I have copied it all of course.

Should I send these pics to the cops? Or to the court in Halifax? After all, the second one looks suspiciously underage.


Quite artistic and tasteful. She’s probably looking out the window, hoping the cops arrive soon.


She looks a bit young. Do you think she’s been touched up? Or is that afterwards? Could this be child porn? Heaven forbid! Call the cops! How old do you think she is? I am truly outraged!


Now she seems even younger. And at least she has some clothes on. Is it Leah? By the way – I shall be searching Canadian police records to see if they match ‘Missing Person’ photos.



Jane Doe. Last known whereabouts: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Good old Glen! Champion of respect for women! Defender of young girls!

By the way – as usual, my tracking has only just started. Stay tuned. It’s a busy time. Shades of Tara Murphy. Am I the only person on the planet who has neither taken a noody pic, nor posed for one? (Unless you count the bathroom picture, but that was true art!)

Laters, dudes! I am killing myself laughing.


108 thoughts on “Glen Canning – dirty fucker!

  1. Ha ha, you’re busted, dude! Wait until the cops hear about this – and the defence lawyers! Or can you justify any of this? It’s child porn under the new laws you’re so desperate to support.

    • …..of underage girls. Reported to cybertip, Halifax police, defence lawyers in the Parsons case – just about everyone, really. Did you check their ages? They look mighty young. Oh dear oh dear!

  2. If they were under age they wouldn’t be on those sites. So you can use Google and found out a guy who says he’s a photographer is actually a… photographer. Great work! Brilliant. I’m sure by now the Canadian Centre has either written you off or searched your name and passed on your IP to the RCMP.

    Pathetic move at best.

    • Glen – stop being such a douche and use your actual name. We know it’s you, for Pete’s sake. So – tell us how old these girls were. I hope for your sake they were over 18. But I asked you before – did you get permission to use their images for display? The law is pretty strict now, you know. All I can hope for is an investigation – simply to clear your name. But you really don’t pay close attention to this blog, do you? I have written to the police on many occasions, I have supplied them with all the information they need; I have written to every MLA in British Columbia doing the same; and yesterday I contacted the Ottawa government. So just get a grip. Tell us who the girls were and that it was all above board and we can call it quits.

    • Oh Lord, my sides are splitting. Come up with something new – even this has been dealt with on my blog. Oh my! DeeJay Bewy, aka Wanda Probe, aka Samantha Stevens. This is like a comedy show. Ha ha – it’s old news, dumbass.

    • ‘He is king of the trolls and has admitted to sexually abusing over 9000 boys and girls online. He admitted he is perso365 and he stalked Amanda.’ Just to help Glen with his dimwitted allegations.

  3. Yadda yadda yadda dickhead. You amount to nothing and in a few months you will still have made no difference at all. It must suck to be you. Pathetic little weasel preying on little girls.

  4. Wow! You contacted the Ottawa government. OMG I bet they dropped everything and read all your brilliant posts!!!!! I bet they even told Glen and Carol not to come. An anonymous online guy using blogspot has the truth here folks. This changes everything!!

    Tell me your not that fucking stupid??? What do you seriously think is going to happen?

    Facepalm for the idiot troll lol

  5. Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Notice
    Your request has been successfully submitted. Your confirmation number is: #17009. We will contact you after we review your claim.

    Fuck you asshole!

  6. Yeahhhhhh…. this is Philip fuckin Rose….. jesus titty fucking Christ someone made a comment on my stupid fuckin blog…. I am someone!!!!!! I did it!!! Fuck me people…. I have value…..


    Philip…. or whoever you are….. FUCK YOU

    • I will have you know that Glen Canning’s photos are artistic – not kiddy porn. The addition of Rohypnol was purely to get them to relax. There will very likely be more where that came from – on sites like ‘Barely Legal’ -that well known art forum.

      • Yes yes I like ‘artistic’ photos of ‘barely legals’ I have some spare rohypnol if he runs out

  7. I’ll bet you do. Got a good post coming up. And FYI thanks for posting the names of people you wrote to about Carol. Letting them know now you’re a pedi and a sick troll. Just to make you useless as usual.

    • Glen you twat! What the Hell is a pedi? Look – some hints: don’t comment using the exact same ip address each time and don’t use the same flaming email address as the rest. And don’t fall for the perso story – it’s completely ridiculous, and makes you look like a fool.

  8. Oh my lord what is going on here? Blog is still very much alive & kicking I see!

    Photos of young girls? Someone has been very very naughty!

      • Well thank you. Ducking & diving from the law at this age is a strain.

        I am somewhat perturbed at these developments but you have dealt with it accordingly

    • I have seen that, you dimwit. It will feature here on my blog. But learn the lesson – mention my name three times and I appear behind you. Like Beetlejuice.

  9. Not sure what is the most worrying. A seemingly intelligent man believing anything said by DJ, or that same man getting involved with Philip. I know it cant end well either way. Pssst Glen….. DJ never gets any ‘facts’ right, like never ever lol. Ask anyone who has dealt with her.

    • Well Fanny, I will have to take a moment out of my hectic day to say I agree with you. Basing anything on the words of Deejay just sounds plain old silly to me. I do not agree with these pictures being thrown about. I also do not agree that Deejay has the answers, in fact I think anyone listening to what she thinks she knows can’t be anywhere on the path they should be on. Philip himself has given more truth about his own identity then she has provided. Good day!

      • Well said my lady! Deejay Bewy, Wanda Probe, Samantha Stevens, Olivia Green….fuck I’m out of breath….basically anyone listening to anything that messed up ‘wytch’ (yes she actually believes she is a wytch Ha!) says is clearly in need of deep deep therapy. There is also the fact she is a malicious spiteful bully but that seems acceptable to people who side with this wretched woman!

        Do yourself a favour Glenn & distance yourself far from this mentally disturbed ‘wytch.’

        Your Lordship has spoken – all depart!!

  10. This is insane really. It sounds like we have all entered a school yard. What the hell is going on? Firstly, if you are believing that Philip is David Sanders (irl) then I slowly will allow myself to go mad! Secondly, I was there the day Philip ‘confessed’ all he did to Deejay. Anyone believing his so called confession is gullible in my book. Thirdly, if he was the one haunting Amanda, I would truly hope the RCMP would have knocked on his door by now. Furthermore, I do not believe Glen has done anything wrong taking these pictures. I am sure he has followed a professional approach and that they are of age. Having them on this blog is completely not needed. Stating to know the ‘truth’ can lead to trouble. Sometimes people welcome trouble. In fact they dream for it. I have said it before…and I will say it again…..this is a shit or get off the pot situation. Those that want Philip to stop – make him. Philip wants the ‘truth’ well damn it…make them. All can be done, with the proper paperwork, law enforcement and time.

  11. OK… so you are a pedophile? You did troll Amanda Todd? And you do go after Carol for kicks not for justice. Lets hear it shithead….

    • Yes. It’s all true. I confess. God forgive me. There – now post that on your blog. Really, this is total insanity. Get a grip. And don’t pee your pants thinking this is some sort of scoop – you should be ashamed of being so stupid.

  12. Yes, but if you’ve followed Philip as long as some of us. You’d know he has said all that himself. Now why do you think he’d do that? A bloody invite if you ask me. He wants it, can’t you see that??

  13. That must make me Fanny Adams from California then πŸ™‚ neither of which are true. Are you deejay? Lol.

  14. What the fuck? Penzance? How many more times? B R I G H T O N – like I said on the blog – like the pictures show. Penzance is literally the furthest you can get away from Brighton

  15. Glen, (at least I think you are Glen) hard to tell in the most confusing blog post I have ever encountered. Here is my worry about posting information about what you think you know. Maybe this is him? BUT maybe not. If it isn’t and your posting that information here, on this blog (which if it has received the numbers that it so clearly states) I worry for the innocent man on Morrab Road. I understand your frustrations, heck I have had so many of those moments myself. If it is being put there as a test to await a reaction, I would say you will not receive one. At least not based on this location.

    • Well said Lisa. The problem with these people is that they do not think about innocent people getting hurt. By posting names and addresses of unconnected people, they seem to not care that they might get harmed. Very typical Todd Squad behaviour. Dangerous.

    • This is neither Glen or Deejay commenting but you’re right Lisa posting that address was reckless! Seriously dude THINK before you try so hard (and fail) to get a rise out of Philip. Your desperation is showing!

    • Oh Lord, Glen. I wanted comments. Decent conversation. Well, I get the comments, but decent conversation went out of the window. You are a grown man, for Pete’s sake, not even using your own name, yet criticising others for hiding. I will say this again: dealing with this story destroys the soul, I can tell you. I have never encountered such levels of hatred and malice shown by people who are supposedly out for stopping that sort of thing. Death threats to Kody Maxson, death threats to me, threats even to people who commented here. And all for what? To support the dreadful lies of a young girl and her mother. I despair, I really do, that even at this point you people still rant and rave in utter revengeful madness whilst pocketing huge sums of money from gullible donors. Seriously – take a long hard look at yourself. Publishing the address of an innocent person in Penzance. Holy cow. Laters!

  16. Chris… really? Don’t try to be a hero asshole. We all know what you are. This post in and of itself shows you for who you really are. You’re making a big bullshit story out of nothing just so you can play a big man. Fuck you. This whole post is proof of who you are and what you get off doing. Look everyone, Glen is a pig becasue he has a photo online of someone with their permission in front of a lighthouse. That’s it??? That’s what you came up with? I am disappoint Christopher Rowe.

    Lord fucktard…. I’m publishing it> It’s online for all to see dickhead. Fuck are you ever stupid.

    • You really need to learn how to compose yourself with dignity half wit. Its online therefore fair game to publish it here?
      Also please learn to write in proper English.

      • Oh I get it now. I didn’t know what he was going to publish. This is becoming outrageous. But since when have the Todd Squad never been dangerous? Innocent people. Anyone can be victimised in the Grand Anti-Bullying Brigade.

    • Mmmmm…’s already all published online, isn’t it? I am confused as to who you actually are now. You share an ip address used by about five ids on this thread. Yet even I would give Glen more benefit of the doubt – your language is violent and aggressive. Laters dude.

  17. Lord Stupid …. fuck off.

    Chris … violent and aggresive??? lol Have you ever read some of the shit you’ve posted in the post asshat?

    • Calm down. In a few year’s time you’ll look back on this and think ‘Was I really that dumb?’. Just control yourself. You think you are some sort of keyboard warrior, but you are a knob jockey. Anyone can Google random names and say ‘It’s him’. It’s just that anyone with an ounce of sanity won’t do that. All the info you have posted is wrong, but in your distorted brain you will say that my denial is proof of your veracity. Later, I will go through this thread to protect the people you have picked at random. Please – just grow up. And take your silly Vendetta mask off.

  18. Lord I-can’t-stand-the-stink-of-my-wifes-vagina-so-I’m-going-online-to-correct-grammar….

    Hey.. shithead… fuck you.

  19. Readers? All five of them?


    Offended? By a troll who torments a dead teenager’s mother?

    Fuck really Chris?

  20. Foul mouth angry little bugger whoever it is. Must have a small dick & unable to ‘perform’ – unless with ‘impressionable’ young models of course πŸ˜‰

    • Goodness you got me there! Almost as witty as Lord Fucktard (what does that mean exactly??) or Lord Stupid or Lord sucks-a-dick! Haha! Now we have Lord Cockmouth πŸ™‚ I’m sensing a suppressed homosexual theme here? πŸ™‚

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