We never grow up

At an early age, we learn that small words have a great effect.

I was about six years old when I learned the power of the word ‘bum’, and its value in getting attention.


‘If you say bum once more you will get in trouble’.

‘Bum’…..followed by giggles and a swift exit into the garden to avoid retribution.

A few years later, taking the Lord’s name in vain was taboo.

‘Get out of bed, you lazy sod’……….’Christ Almighty’.

‘It’s nearly lunch time. Get out of bed’……..’Christ Almighty’.

‘If you say Christ Almighty once more!’……..’Christ Almighty’.

The sound of angry footsteps on the stairs, a demon enters the bedroom. I cover myself under the blankets and say (for some bizarre reason) ‘You can’t get me, I’m in Thunderbird 4’.

I was eighteen.

But I moved on, got a job, lived with the enemy. Did things change? Nope.

‘Are you going to mow the lawn today?’………’Stop nagging’

Fast forward about 12 nanoseconds. ‘Pig’…..’Nag’……’I don’t know why I ever married you’…’I dont know why I ever married YOU!’….’Pig’….’Nag’. Except the exit wasn’t to the garden to avoid retribution, it was straight off to the pub.

Those were the days. When silly word exchanges were kept in the family, usually behind closed doors, with only a few desperate cases extending their behaviour to the shopping mall or the restaurant.

You would think that we would all grow out if it, wouldn’t you? Nope.

Thank God for technology. Now, grown adults can go online and call each other names at the touch of a button. You can have a row with wifey on your mobile and be 100 miles apart. We can even annoy people in countries on different continents. Heck, we don’t ever need to leave the comfort of the couch to send forth to the world as much vitriol as we can spare. And, being adults, we can use an entirely different vocabulary – ‘dickhead’, ‘asswad’ and, Heaven forbid, even ‘Lord Cockmouth’.

Let’s face it – people might grow old, but they never grow up.

Have a good Friday, folks.


22 thoughts on “We never grow up

  1. Just to state the obvious, you did in fact publish a post with the title ‘Dirty Fucker’. I’d say it was the start of nothing good to come. I don’t normally comment here and yet I have a few times just recently. My mistake really, and I assure you I will not be doing so again. (after this one of course) Just reading the comments from yesterday made me sick to my stomach, the whole bloody thing makes me sick to my stomach. You call names, they call names. You accuse, they accuse. You threaten, they threaten. Today I am ashamed to be part of the human race! Looking for ‘truth’ well no offence is total horse shit! (just following the foul mouth syndrome) Posting names,pictures, addresses…uck honestly explaining is pointless!!! I wish you all good luck in your shaming, vengeance and truth searching. May God be with us all!!!

  2. PR,

    I have been following your vitriol for a manner of months with rather limited interest, however I thought to suspend the occasional lurking to inquire as to your position on those who hide behind a Harry-Potteresque invisible cloak of anonymity to exercise their right to freedom of speech, no matter how vile it is perceived to be. Your thoughts?

    Just so you know, my own opinion on the question at hand equates the same to passing around unsigned notes in a kindergarten class dissing the kid everybody hates for no ascertainable reason, but that’s just me.

    • If you read the blog in its entirety, you will see the reasons why I need the cloak of invisibility. However, I will explain succinctly: it is for my protection, to protect myself from vigilante lunatics. Nothing more.
      I don’t quite understand why you use the term ‘vile’. Again, if you have read the blog, you will know the complex motives behind it. The sub-heading describes it neatly. The tragedy of Amanda Todd has not been investigated properly, and it deserves much more than what amounts to simple hysteria.
      Was her weed-smoking a problem? Or the drinking? What really caused her to take the path she did? Why on earth didn’t the parents stop her? Would it be wiser to police the chatrooms, and to penalise the service providers? Anyway – all that has been covered almost ad infinitum in the blog.
      This isn’t the school classroom, though, in certain instances, it has sunk far lower than that. This is an attempt to unravel the truth and, in so doing, to get a much better picture of just what teens are doing online, and the dangers to which they, aided by the ignorance of their parents and elders, expose themselves.
      The search for pedophiles, stalkers, blackmailers, what have you, though important, is a side issue in all this. It detracts too much attention from core principles – such as proper parenting, mental health, the effect of today’s society on the young and vulnerable – the list is almost endless.
      For example: the case of Hannah Smith. The Press immediately blamed cyberbullying, yet when the inquest was held, and it was found that she had digitally self-harmed, the Press turned their backs on the problem.
      The case of Tallulah Wilson: similar. As soon as they found out what she had been doing online (self-harming, taking pictures of it for display) they turned their backs.
      Rebecca Sedwick: all blamed on cyberbullying, yet far more to the story.
      Poor old Daniel Perry. Extorted by an organised gang, dead an hour later, hardly mentioned.
      So….Amanda Todd: voluntarily exposing herself online even after the cops came, addicted to the Internet, allowed to take drugs and drink at such an early age, allowed to be promiscuous at an age that was,for her, obviously too young, probably diagnosable as being mentally ill, with parents who were obviously criminally negligent, yet it all comes down to what is, at the end of the day, a fictional predator.
      We need to look at the full story, and we need to understand the complexities. Unfortunately, my attempts to uncover the full story is made dangerous by the reaction of a few violent and aggressive people. Hence the cloak.
      Thanks for commenting.

      • You don’t frighten me Chris. We both know this is my second comment on your site.

        A log of people have issues with you. I’ve obviously struck a nerve.

        As far as the police go you shut that door long ago. They’ll arrest you, and you know it.

        You’re a troll sir. You do not get nor do you deserve respect.

      • A log of people? Is that similar to a lot? Or are they all wooden?
        You haven’t struck a nerve, you silly man. This isn’t your second comment – more like your fiftieth. Oh good Lord, I fancied a day off from all your tripe today. Nobody is going to arrest me – read the blog for Pete’s sake! I wrote to the Canadian Embassy in London, offering to give myself up to them so they wouldn’t have to bother with extradition. You know what? No response. I wrote to the RCMP more than once – loads of their officers. No response. So just stop being so childish.
        If you want, I can publish a post tomorrow that will show how all the previous comments were traced back to you. Look – you’re not dealing with some half-assed fitbin when you deal with me – you’re dealing with Philip, ffs. LOL. Have a good weekend.

      • I did not bother to read the whole diatribe, PR. Vigilante lunatics you say? So you claim that your safety will be in jeopardy for speaking the so-called truth?

        Yet, those you attack seem to be more in need of protection from lunatics than most others, yourself included.

        You know what I think? You are an old man with so much hatred for the world and too much retirement time on your hands, so all you can do is slander those who are trying to do something either you or your parents were unable to do.

        I say you are attacking other parents who have lost their children as a means of either retribution at your own lost childhood or for what you failed to do.

        PR, I claim – as is my right to freedom of speech – that you are a very lonely and mentally ill old man looking for the satisfaction of ruining others to make up for your own failings as a parent and maybe that of your parents toward you as well.

        Prove me wrong.

    • Oh Glen. At least you are replying using your real name – not as MxCoder et al. It would seem that Leah and you launched a similar campaign of bullying and harassment against another blogger, but I must admit that perhaps he provoked it.
      I’m perplexed. As I am banned from your site, I have no idea what ‘my’ responses might have been. Please note: if I find any hint – even the slightest hint – that you have fraudulently placed ‘responses’ on your website, I will be down on you like a ton of bricks. The small threat you issued yesterday, combined with the dreadfully abusive words you used, will be sent to the police, together with all the contact details, and will be copied in to various lawyers involved with your family.
      You might be able to bully and bluff your way elsewhere, but not here, dude.

  3. btw – an opinion regarding Jay Marshall’s unorthodox (e.g. uneducated and almost insane) approach:


    ”Jay Marshall, Spokesperson, Global Alliance against Minor Exploitation” – Jay Marshall should stop being an apologist for the rape and domestic violence humor posted according to him and some of his allies to catch pedophiles. How exactly do rape jokes help catch pedophiles, Jay?”

    Jay is simply another Facebook cowboy riding on the horse of nonsense.

    • Oh, you can Google now can you PR.

      Now let us see, I obviously got it right about the lonely old man claim hence you actually wanting to go look me up. Of course, you find the one link where I am being bashed by someone who does not even know me to post.

      Just as you always use only that which will support your own lunatic troll ramblings against Carol Todd, Glen Canning, and as per your above post, other parents now as well.

      So Mr. Old Man of Infinite Wisdom Philip Rose, what makes you the king of exposure of all things wronged? A higher calling? Too much free time? Becoming senile in your old age?

      I still claim you are just a lonely old man and you have been wronged in the past by unforgiving and unloving parents and then took it out on your own children.

      This is my free-speech-protected opinion of you.

  4. What a joke!!!! You claim to “protect myself from vigilante lunatics” yet threaten too write lawyers and the police. Do you not think they’ll know who you are? Do you not know anything presented in a court of law would automatically have to have your real name on it?

    Whoever you are you have no decency, no guts, no ethics, and no business presenting your idiotic theories on Amanda Todd.

      • Harsh? No harsh would be writing an article titled “Glen Canning – dirty fucker” and falsely accusing the guy of producing child porn. That’s harsh, not to mention ignorant, dishonest, and sick.

        You revealed your true self and intentions with that post.

        His photos show no such thing and if you see that in them please get help.

      • I only write the truth, as everyone knows. I was deeply shocked – disgusted, even – by Glen Canning’s prurient interest in young girls. What a hypocrite!

  5. Are you trained in forensics? Police work? Evidence gathering? What? Please share you background Phil – Chris – coward.

  6. It seems Mr. “Higher-than-though” PR does not have much to say in response all of a sudden. It is always quite just dandy to slander and harass others, yet he does not seem to deal well with those who see through his hatred.

    Maybe it is really time that the world stops caring about this wannabe old man who spends his days looking to fight with anyone behind his little fake name and stupid blog.

    All I still see is loneliness, heartache and depression from a nobody trying to transfer his angst of his own failed past as a son and father on to others.

    We should pity him and his sad existence.

    • Right. Now stop to think. The ip address, whatever, gets tracked to me. So what? So flipping what? I ask you, it’s totally pointless. Say you find out I am Freddy Fudpucker from North Road, Brighton? So what? I won’t get arrested, if that’s what you think in that addled pea-brain of yours. What would I be arrested for? Telling the truth? I have committed no arrestable offence, you silly boy. Please – just apply an iota of intelligent thought processes to your infantile scribblings. Or are you implying that someone will send the boys round? What a joke. You lot couldn’t find your own arse to wipe without instructions. So go ahead with your silly ip address nonsense. I’m laughing.

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