Glen Canning – liar, fraud, criminal

OK. This might be a long post today. So I suggest that, before you start, make yourself a cup of tea, get some toast, get comfortable, then we will begin.

Given facts and research, I am suggesting that Glen Canning is a criminal. By the time you finish reading this, I hope we will all be convinced. But it’s all up to you. I have sent this to the relevant people.

Backstory. Glen is quite disturbed. He’s a bit lonely, a bit of a loser. Mid-life crisis and all that. Spends a lot of time on ‘hobbies’ like taking tasteful snaps of young girls. His luscious ex-bird is living the life of Riley. All he is doing is getting old. And like all men, it’s incredibly difficult when you’re an absent father of a daughter who sees loads of different men acting as pseudo-fathers.

So. The errant daughter gets into trouble. Every absent father’s nightmare. A real nightmare. Enough to drive a man insane. Especially when the law doesn’t respond. All you want is revenge. You are doubly cursed, because you also have massive guilt because it was your stupidity that contributed to it. Then the death. The double-whammy. All the stuff in your head goes wild. Revenge! Revenge! Revenge! So much revenge and frustration that, unfortunately, you would go to criminal levels to find the people who you think are responsible. And that’s what Glen did. With the rabid fervour of a man driven wild, he launched a campaign. And the result will be shown at the end of this blog.

I knew of the story. Most people in Canada do. It was all out-of-hand nonsense. I get in touch with Glen on his blog, then it all kicks off – Wanda Probe (DeeJay) appears and it all goes pear-shaped. Anyways.

On April 26th, a commenter calling himself Weyland_Ind appeared. I didn’t think much of it. His email address showed up as codeparadox and his ip address showed Nova Scotia.

Then, the comments became more of a defence of Glen Canning and an attack on me, so I did the usual checks. This is what I first found:

I warned Glen that I had traced him, then, I found this as well:

There could be no doubt that codeparadox/Weyland_Ind and Glen Canning were one and the same. Unless it was just an extraordinary coincidence of course.

Glen Canning panics at this point, and starts making mistakes. He changes his email address to fakeemail, but he makes the comments from the same ip address. That’s worth a few laughs.

I get a comment from Philip Tulip – fakeemail, Canning’s ip address.

I get a comment from P.Doran (pedo ran – geddit?) – fakeemail, Canning’s ip address. (see below for a Patrick Doran connection).

Glen Canning panics again. He changes the email address and his name – mxcoder posting as MXCoder, but leaves the same ip address. Oh for goodness sake, what a fool! The MXCoder name leads here:

So – even without the ip address, we know it’s Glen. Unless it’s a double extraordinary coincidence.

And we get a peculiar interlude.  We get a commenter called Shit Stick (yes, really) who posts this:

‘Emails sent. Thanks for the info Weyland!’

Shit Stick (yuck) is commenting from an email address – you’ve guessed it – mxcoder – from Glen’s ip address. He’s having a chat with Weyland_Ind…well, you’re ahead of me….who is mxcoder at Glen’s ip address.

This is pretty ridiculous, but it doesn’t end there.

We get a commenter called Fuck Me. Doesn’t it just get worse? Yep. mxcoder, Glen’s ip address.

By now, Weyland_Ind, who WAS codeparadox, has become mxcoder. Blimey! Difficult to keep up!

So – what is the next development?

From Mr. Glen Canning himself, from another ip address, we get this:

‘You don’t frighten me Chris. We both know this is my second comment on your site. ‘

Ha ha! I think not. MXCoder – traceable to Glen Canning. codeparadox – traceable to Glen Canning. Shared ip address and email addresses across several commenters? What a joke.

But wait…….

I started thinking. Started to do some digging. Thinkin’ and a-diggin, diggin’ and a-thinkin’.

Glen Canning thinks he’s a cool Anon dude. He tried tricks with me (as above) and has now been exposed.

So…..I look around. I find evidence that he has harassed people elsewhere. The local people who campaigned on behalf of the boys; a girl who had a group on Facebook; someone who has taken very much against him elsewhere.

‘Glen Canning and Leah Parsons have become…..bullies’

‘Glen Canning….fraudulently posed as me, created a false Face Book page…cyber-stalked’

also strongly note a mention of Patrick Doran (one of the aliases used by Glen on the blog – P.Doran):

‘alas people like Patrick Doran and scores of others elsewhere have been the victims of this criminal behavior’

‘Yesterday afternoon I received 6 insane…threats’ from Glen Canning.

And there’s much more where that came from.

So…..I thought some more. And dug some more.

The boy accused of breaking parole and going online with comments. I had dismissed this as idiocy on behalf of the boy. More stupidity. The fact he denied it? Well, he would, wouldn’t he.

First accusation for Glen Canning: YOU went online pretending to be this boy.

The boy accused of sending death threats. Surely a stupid thing to do? Who in their right mind would do that? He denies it.

Second accusation for Glen Canning: YOU fabricated the death threats.

Now. The boys who supposedly distributed child porn.

Third accusation for Glen Canning: YOU passed the photo around, linking the boys.

I will deal with this much more thoroughly, but we will rest there.

For those of you who might still think that Glen Canning is a fine, upstanding citizen, I leave you with tasteful comments he left on this blog:

‘Lord I-can’t-stand-the-stink-of-my-wifes-vagina-so-I’m-going-online-to-correct-grammar….’

‘Yeahhhhhh…. this is Philip fuckin Rose….. jesus titty fucking Christ someone made a comment on my stupid fuckin blog…. I am someone!!!!!! I did it!!! Fuck me people…. I have value….. ‘

The man is insane. The man is a criminal. All this has been sent out to the relevant people.

Good night and good luck!



3 thoughts on “Glen Canning – liar, fraud, criminal

  1. Come on Lisa its called reading between the lines. You should know better by now & being labelled ‘blind sheep’ is name calling in my book. Considering how this story has played out I find that statement very ironic!!

  2. Philip, you said, “They ask for proof, then when they get evidence they say it’s fake, or a lie or whatever retarded garbage they think.”

    I find that indeed amusing after I compared them to the Tea Party morons in my country in your previous day’s blog.

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