It’s Saturday!

Sometimes I do get ashamed of myself. But not for long. This video is Glen Canning’s theme tune.

It’s been a funny old week. Just as I was poised for the big reveal I got sidetracked by even more nonsense.

So I apologise. The big reveal has been postponed for a while.

I was going to do a post called ‘Philip’s Secrets’ or something like that, in which I revealed just how I get my information and how I painstakingly sift through a ton of incoming mail. But then I thought ‘What the Hell?’. Why reveal how I find all this stuff? Come on folks, you have to admit the access to Carol Todd’s RCMP emails was pretty cool, but then to also have the original messages sent by Tyler Boo, and the identity of Austin Collins – well, even I was patting myself on the back.

By the way – prizes will be given to anyone who works out how I found all of the secrets. People know that I was given the emails, but the rest? Any guesses? And surely by now all you Todd Squad people out there will have received confirmation that they are genuine.

However, the idiot Glen Canning has emerged. Cor strike a light! Is he dim or what? Basically, he fancies himself as an Anonymous twerp. Up until now, he has dealt with those silly little people who think that ip addresses are important, or that a crappy dox reveals a ton of genuine information. But now he’s met me, and as everyone knows – I own the Interweb. That Penzance malarkey just had to be the worst bit of trolling I have ever seen, and his belief in the old DeeJay stuff is hilarious. Good Lord, I thought that all that ‘perso is p.rose’ baloney had died out ages ago.

So where are we at? It would take an age to explain, but Canning is quite a game player – I’ll give him that much. However, what I have discovered is like TOP SECRET for the time being – if I told you what I have discovered, he would have time to cover his tracks.

What I can tell you is that a HUGE set of pictures and documents has been sent to the defence lawyers in the latest judicial fiasco in Nova Scotia, that these documents have also been sent to the prosecution, and loads more information will be sent to the police. Copies of the documents, accompanied by accusations of fraud and intent to create a miscarrige of justice will also be sent to all those Ottawa MPs, ready for Tuesday. I can’t even really give a hint here today, but I can tell you that the shit will hit the fan big time. All fanatics make mistakes, and Glen Canning’s was that he thought he was too clever by half. Which was fair enough until he encountered the cleverest person around (that’s me, just in case you didn’t know).

Oh and by the way – I’m still waiting for the copyright people to tell me off, and I’ve been waiting to get arrested for about 18 months now.

Have a nice weekend everyone. I’m very busy right now – there is a tight deadline on getting these documents discussed by Monday. So – laters, dudes and dudettes!

13 thoughts on “It’s Saturday!

  1. This won’t be ignored, I can tell you that. Come on, matey. Chatlogs, emails, personal information – here on this blog and nowhere else? You’ve seen them all, and they are all genuine – Carol Todd can confirm that much. Stop saying ‘liar’. Find ANY item on this blog that cannot be confirmed as true, and I’ll give you a biscuit. Challenge me. Go ahead. This is your big chance. I’ll await your response. hahahahahaha! Night night.

  2. And here we see yet again Mr. PR playing Sherlock Holmes in his retirement since he does not have any other hobbies to keep himself busy with. It does seem he has this rather obsessed complex with “owning the interweb” (sic). So, may I please ask the high and mighty PR how many times he has actually received any attention back from all the documents and evidence, plus the hundreds of emails sent over the past 18 months to police and others?

    Suffice to say, I think mostly you are either ignored or eventually blocked for spam.

    You know most people your own age (and half of it) have already outgrown this secret agent kindergarten pretend games. Oh wait, as you mentioned in your previous blog post – you have not.

      • Kindergarten obsession maybe. Not sure how any of what you just said has any bearing on anything at all. Now how about calling the BBC or Guardian? I would love to see you set up an interview and going public with all this “evidence” of whatever you have.

        But no you will not, of course. You know not a single reputable media outlet would give you any time of day. So, here you continue with your useless propaganda since the only outlet you have is by hiding behind the fake enigma of the mysterious Philip Rose.

        I still wonder what happened in your childhood or parenthood that made you such a bitter old man.

      • Look, for your own sake, take that day off from being a dimwit that I recommended. People are trying to tell you: your attention is not annoying, it’s FEEDING. If you didn’t respond, I would get bored and nobody would pay any attention to this blog. Blimey! It’s a simple concept to grasp. My childhood? At least I wasn’t dropped on my head like you must have been.

  3. Goodness me I’ve missed a lot huh? Hahaha! What the hell is going on? Comment after comment – insult after insult – and people still pretending you’re not bugging the hell out of them? See if someone is genuinely getting to me but I don’t want them to know I IGNORE them!! Hahaha! To comment & insult then pretend otherwise is just plain daft!!

    Lisa’s suggestion on last post was spot on. Either DO something to stop Philip or go away! In case you guys haven’t noticed your insults aren’t working? Its weird that I have to point that out but whatever! Haha! Oh well long day & night & its 3.30am so I’m off to pretend I can actually sleep! Hahahaha!

  4. It is interesting to note the total hypocrisy displayed by Mr. Sherlock here. He claims he needs to hide behind a fake name in order to protect himself from lunatic vigilantes. However, it does rather seem that the only lunatic vigilante that needs to be protected against, is himself.

    Such bravado PR! Kudos to you for being able to accomplish so much nothing while not even daring to come forward using your real name while attacking real people with all your slander and harassment.

    If you had any real proof of misconduct or immoral activity, you would get off your fake soapbox and go public in a more adult way. You know, like by calling the BBC and setting up an interview in your own name. But no, of course that will never happen. It is so much easier to just pass anonymous notes in kindergarten, right?

    Oh, and if you do not like my comments, please remember I am exercising my own rights to condemn you and your actions, so please do not be too upset.

    • hahahahaha. Your comments amuse me. You obviously haven’t been in this game long enough to realise the cardinal rules: DON’T FEED!!!! If I was annoyed by your comments, I would delete them, you dumbass.
      So here’s the scene: ‘Hello, BBC?’…’Yes’…’I would like Paxo to interview me asap’…’OK, we’ll fit you in between Boko Haram and Farage’……’k, bye’.
      Hahahahahaha! The BBC spent 40 years employing nearly all the suspects in Operation Yew Tree.
      Thanks for some late night lolz. Well, early morning actually.

      • Seems I have seriously struck a nerve here. The best Mr. Holier-than-though Philip Rose can now successfully come up with is calling me a “dumbass”, “dimwit” and “being dropped on my head when I was a child”.

        It doesn’t quite feel so uplifting when your soapbox is being kicked out from under you you, now does it?

        Oh, and I am a big believer in feeding your type of troll till he explodes, contrary to what you just proclaimed. And yes, you just basically proved that you are merely just a troll.

        As you say, lulzy

      • Oh dear oh dear. What part of the difficult words DON’T FEED didn’t you understand? You paying attention to all this puts me ON the soapbox. Don’t you get it? If I was having no effect on people, I would be ignored. I’m yanking your chain. And you will feel compelled to respond. Why? Because you are an idiot. You’ve said all you need to say, stated all you need to state.
        Haha! It’s ME getting on YOUR nerves that makes you come here over and over. Good grief. It’s quite simple to grasp. I find your attention INSPIRING – I already have a post in mind for tomorrow that will annoy you even more. And you will respond. Because I control you.

  5. The old man troll is getting angry, so I wonder who is controlling who now. We shall eagerly await tomorrow’s new rant and feed him some more of his own words. It is always interesting to see how much feeding is required till spontaneous combustion occurs.

    • OK. Anyone with half a brain would have NOT replied to a statement that basically read: ‘Anyone who replies to this is a total dillweed’. Holey moley. OK. I’ll give you this one. We’ll overlook it. But – if you reply again, you will be like totally acknowledging that you are retarded. Laters! x

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