Glen Canning – pwned

Stand by for action!

I warned Glen Canning – ‘Don’t fuck with me!’. But his arrogance and mania got the best of him. Now he’s done for.

I’ll be brief.

Glen Canning gets annoyed. His daughter has got herself into a scrape, but no case can be brought. Infuriating. Then the terrible event occurs. It drives him mad.

He knows that he can’t go online as Glen Canning and name names. That would be illegal, for a start, but it would also make it look like he was out for vengeance.

So what does he do? He masquerades as Anonymous. Making it look like some great action by that well-known bunch of online heroes, he spreads the names around, together with photos of the event that only he has. He uses threats – ‘Anonymous will reveal the names’, ‘Anonymous will show the facts’ – forcing the authorities into a corner. The public go bonkers – not realising that one of the accused was not even at the party, not realising that the photos are of such poor quality that no-one can be identified.

Good move. Clever guy. I’ll give him that. Encountering me was his big mistake.

But wait. Releasing the names doesn’t really work. The rape case is still thrown out because the evidence is so poor. Holey moley, what is a man to do?

By now, he’s become too arrogant, and he’s driven insane by revenge. He’s now sort of the big hero. Poor man. Poor father. How terrible. The love from the public makes him step too far, become overconfident.

So what does he do next? Thwarted by the Justice system, he goes for the boys. Oh the delights of revenge!

He knows their identities, so it’s easy to fake everything.

Firstly, he constructs a scenario that makes it look like one of the boys has gone online. The police – being extraordinarily dumb – fall for it.

But he needs to go further. Revenge is addictive. He goes online and issues death threats to himself from one of the boys. I almost admire him.

But he’s still not content. The rape case is dead, but there’s another avenue – child pornography and distribution (which seems to be a bit weird given the age of some of his models).

So. Using his Anonymous methods, he incriminates the kids. After all, they are easy victims. If they say they didn’t do it, or can’t remember sending things out, who is going to believe them? Glen has built up all the evidence. And we all believe Glen, don’t we?

It would all have been so simple. The kids would have got punished, Glen would be a big hero, all would be hunky-dory.

Then he fucked with me. Oh Lord! Oh dear! The big mistake.

As shown yesterday, he tries the same silly tactics of posting as someone else, possibly thinking that I was going to say something he could report to the cops. But he doesn’t realise who he is dealing with. He places a few rude comments. Even a threat. He has a conversation with himself. He posts information about innocent people in Penzance (an illegal activity, I might add). Then he pretends that he has only made two comments. Too late.

Spurred on by this, I do the job I do best. I research. Meticulously. Hence all this.

I laugh. I really laugh. Quick! Call the cyberpoliz! Tell the police! But it’s not going to happen. How can a criminal like Glen report me? ‘Oh – somebody has revealed me to be a criminal, and it’s true’.

What are you going to do now, Glennie boy? You’ve been pwned by the great Philip Rose.

And in case any of you twerps out there want to call the police – go ahead. I’ve already sent them all this.


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