The crimes of Glen Canning

A very quick post.

Firstly, I have to thank the people who have supported me over the last few months. They know who they are. Without them, it is unlikely that I would have got this far.

So. On with the crimes of Glen Canning (so far):

1. Using the cloak of Anonymous to issue threats and blackmail. Crime.

2. Going online with fake identities with the express purpose of framing people, and thus perverting the course of Justice. Crime.

3. Going online and impersonating other people. As above. Crime.

4. Misleading the police. Crime.

5. Using Facebook and other social media using false identities. Crime.

6. Using the above crimes to fraudulently gain money from charitable donations. Crime.

7. Publishing the names and addresses of innocent people and accusing them of crimes. Crime.

The list will probably get larger as time goes on.

All of this is true. All of this can be proven. The police have been notified.

The game is nearing the end. There are emails to be sent, proof to be compiled, even visits to the Canadian Embassy. I need this to finish, and it will soon.

Honest people will always win in the end. Dishonest people will always get caught. Truth is eternal.

Stay tuned. There is another story to be finished, and that is about to come to a close.

Just in! Hahahahahahahaha! Alycha Reda, aka Ally Caroline:

Just what is wrong with these fantasists? Here she is talking about me (see earlier post May 10th for full transcript). Absolutely hilarious!

  • Is this the one who tried to pick me up Carol?
  • Ally CarolineYep never mind it is… He tried to ask for friendship and other things and used carol, saying he knew her and it’s ok to talk to be. What am I 5?
    Stranger danger
  • Ally CarolineI saved the messages. He’s sick and makes me nervous. Dear god I hope my blocking him doesn’t have him write horrible lies about me…
    Never a dull moment, eh, readers?


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