Weekend wonder

OK – here’s what’s happening over the weekend. I will be going to the circus in Brighton. Meanwhile, the remaining ten people on the planet who are interested in all this can do some pondering.

Some of you might remember that I quoted this a short while ago, from emails sent by the RCMP to Carol Todd:

‘After our meeting with Norm yesterday we have been informed steps have been taken to keep Amanda off the Internet while in your homes. At this time Norm has stated that he has taken away Amanda’s internet access as well as her phone. We believe that the photo’s and video that have recently appeared is new material Amanda has posted of herself since last year.

This is genuine. It says that Amanda produced her own material. Yet most of you out there say ‘Where’s the proof?’ or ‘Where’s the evidence?’. So – if people want me to show the 100% proof that this is genuine, just ask. I will prove beyond shadow of a doubt that this email exists and that it has, indeed, been hushed up by Carol. If you don’t ask, all I can assume is that you know this is real. I suggest all those in doubt can confirm the existence of this email with Carol. If she denies it? Well, she will end up as pwned as Glen Canning.

You will also note that I provided this quote from Tyler Boo:

‘my comments on youtube like 6 months ago scared you a bit. you promised the authorities not to do be sexual on cam again because you are considered to be underage and providing of child porn..well, you have. so I can send them out and make them come to you again…you will go through the exact same again all over’.

This quote shows that, even after the December 2010 episode, Amanda had continued with her webcam exhibitionism.This is also genuine evidence. As above – if people ask, I will reveal the source and tell you where to find it, and how it conclusively proves that Carol Todd has hidden information. Or you can just check with Carol. If she denies it…..well, you already know she will get pwned. And remember this key phrase for the future: she who denied it, supplied it.

But remember Derek, Karen, DeeJay, John Golden, Glen Canning and all you other morons – if you don’t ask for proof, the assumption is that you know all this is true.

OK – so have a good weekend. There will be no more posts until Monday. On Monday I will be providing the ‘big reveal’ – momentous news that will finish this story forever. That is – seven people will get their panties in a twist, and then nothing will happen.

Cheers everyone!

Addition: it’s the end of the first day, and no-one has questioned the authenticity of the above extracts. Seems that the truth can’t be challenged.

Addition: it is nearing the end of the second day. And hardly any response. Yet of course I know that a few interested parties are watching and waiting. But those who don’t ask, don’t get.

The first quote proves beyond shadow of a doubt that Amanda Todd was supplying her own ‘material’, as the cops so coyly call it. I wouldn’t put it so sweetly. I would say she was masturbating and flashing on webcam like a furious whirlwind.

The second quote proves that people knew, and that people warned her off, yet she continued. It also proves that whoever wrote the message was aware that Amanda had been warned by the ‘authorities’.

Both quotes combined prove – as if we need more proof – that Carol Todd is a fraud and a trickster, aided by others, and hides the real facts away. Yet I uncover those facts.

So come on, people. At least throw a gauntlet down so that I can pick it up. Or are you afraid? Have you checked with Carol and found that these extracts are true? Or has she told you yet again that it’s all lies?

This story hasn’t finished yet. I am getting very annoyed. Maybe next week will force some action. I never lose – especially now it’s a Canning/Todd combo.  I look forward to dealing with both of them face to face.


3 thoughts on “Weekend wonder

  1. OK. You seem sort of uncertain about things. All you will see is the original copies of the quotes, but you will be sure that they are not faked or otherwise concocted by me. I just want to know if these quotes alter your perception of the story or not. Personally, I think it is the strongest evidence so far that Amanda was in this up to her neck – with the cops saying that it was her material, and the ‘blackmailer’ saying that he warned her six months before, but she still continued with child porn. OK – that last bit is a bit weird.
    However, it also proves that Carol kept the lid on this part of the story because, as you know, only a part of all this was ever discussed to make it look like the RCMP were useless, or that Tyler Boo was a publisher of that ridiculous ‘one photo’.
    The Church of Philip is the Church of Truth. Look for demons elsewhere – in Carol and Glen.

  2. I don’t know if you’ve found them yet but screenshots of the fateful night in December, 2010 of the chat on BlogTV and Amanda being flagged were posted here. The names of the participants in the chat were redacted due to the same information having been previously submitted to authorities.

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