I have reached the higher state of consciousness.

It’s been a crazy few days. Just when I can’t imagine the stupidity can get any worse, we can rely on the Canning/Todd morons to surpass themselves.

Glen Canning threatens me with copyright infringement. Ooooooh, how frightening! Let me get my handbag in position. Just what happened to that, we ask ourselves? Answer: nothing. I really need a thesaurus to describe the silliness of it all (Glen Canning no doubt believes a thesaurus to be some sort of three-horned dinosaur from the Jurassic era). How can a man who provides pictures that are questionably illegal report copyright infringements on photos of underage girls, using only the nonsensical defence that ‘it was OK because their parents were present when I took the photos’?

Glen Canning unleashes a campaign to release my real name to the media. Just how pathetic can you get? He and the equally ridiculous Sandy Garossino tweet that they know who I am, and that the ‘vile creep’ has been outed. Do they live in some fairy-dairy land? Cue information that I am a Trumpton firefighter; I work for an insurance company; I am a florist; I am in fact sixteen years old. Honestly, you couldn’t make up such childishness if you tried.

So. Some of you have been waiting for some more information about how I got the full Tyler Boo quotes, and how I found the full RCMP email sent to Carol Todd – the one that overtly stated that Amanda was producing  her own ‘material’ as they so politely called it.

My WordPress stats are showing up an anomaly. They are showing that certain people are very interested. So here’s what people might want to know. All this information didn’t come to me via the police, it was shown to me in plain sight. I have the tenacity of a wolverine, the fighting spirit of a honey badger, the eyes of a hawk, the balls of a bloodhound. I mentioned the police to cause a fight, because it is a fight that I am looking for. It didn’t work. Why? Because everyone knows – the cops know, the Todds know, Glen Canning knows – that in this particular fight, I will win. I always win.

The Fifth Estate documentary entitled ‘The Sextortion of Amanda Todd’. Some dilly-dillweed presenter wittering on about how it’s all about blackmail and sextortion, implying that Amanda is obsessed with her image on the screen, when she is actually just looking at the messages appearing on it; interviews with the utterly trustworthy Shylah and Tess; prurient clips from the ‘twerking’ video that fall short of showing the whole miserable display; and some crummy interview with an adult ‘victim’ who makes up stories about how she was stalked online, when in truth she is just a bandwagon-jumping, delusional pseudo-slut, who only finds recognition and self-worth in appearing on TV with a fake sob-story.

The whole documentary is a farce. Watch closely. See how the male investigator says that the online perps are mostly kids. The moronic presenter says something like ’35 years old?’ and the bloke says ‘Much younger’. But it’s too much for the presenter. Kids? We’re not looking for kids, that doesn’t tie in with our bonkers pedophile hunt. So eventually they negotiate a silly figure. 25? Yep, let’s stick with 25. Not 13, 14, 15, 16, 17. That doesn’t fit the vigilante hate-hunger.

Yuck. Possibly the worst part of the documentary is the sycophantic, spew-inducing interview with Carol Todd. Let’s make this all about horrendous sextortion and blackmailing, shall we? Let’s avoid the bits that say Amanda was producing her new material, or the bits that say Tyler Boo had warned Amanda off six months before November 2011. Let’s stage a ‘dramatization’ that makes it look a lot worse. Let’s falsify evidence.

But nothing escapes me. Here’s how a real detective works.

Take the documentary, and play it on a big 50 inch TV screen that shows every detail. Use high-tech to zoom in on every available detail. House numbers in the background. Pictures on walls. Split a 45 minute documentary into 0.2 second frames. But I will make it simple for you.

Go to the documentary on YouTube, or maybe look at the copy you kept for yourselves. Fast forward to about 29 minutes and 55 seconds in. There it is. In Carol’s hands, a transcript of the entire Tyler Boo messages. Plain to see for everyone. Not a story of blackmail – more the story of an effort to ignore dire warnings concerning Amanda’s online behaviour. More the story of  a desperate attempt to avoid any questions about what Amanda really got up to. Now go to 31 minutes and 24 seconds in. The whole email from the RCMP exists for a small moment – probably less than a tenth of a second. The documentary and Carol chose an extract that condemned the RCMP – they chose to ignore the reference to new ‘material’. I don’t miss a trick. Philip sees all. I thought everyone knew that by now.

So. Is that all OK for you? Now – on to the next few steps. Is there any climax to all this foreplay? Are any of you still thinking? Will the documentary get edited, so yet again all the morons can run around saying there’s no proof?

So here’s a clue as to why I get so enervated, as to why I know that it’s all smoke and mirrors, as to why I know every minute detail, and that people like Aydin Coban are just scapegoats. Call it a page-turner, or even a cliffhanger.

I don’t like having my messages to Amanda and the rest of her family misquoted. Shame on you!

Laters, dudes and dudettes.


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