The truth about cyberbullying

R.I.P. Richey Edwards

There are some quite vociferous campaigners against cyberbullying. They are tilting at windmills.

There is a shameful and quite disgusting motivation for many of them. For Carol Todd, it’s a grand desire to finally feel like that ‘rock star mom’, as she so disgracefully described herself after Amanda’s death. The fact it lines her pockets is just a side issue. For Canning, he has been corrupted by the dual vices of revenge and fame. For Elise Estrada and those like her, it’s a convenient way to gain publicity. For authors, their sales multiply if they are on the bandwagon. For Raffi Cavoukian, he can promote his new album. And so commonly for the parents, it’s a convenient way to purge themselves of the guilt for being so useless.

Here are a few facts for you:

Rehtaeh Parsons

Allowed to run around like a stray dog looking for a home. Long term absence from school. Drugs. Drink.

‘But, in fact, as the Post reported this spring, the sexual assault case was a dog’s breakfast of shifting accounts from Rehtaeh herself and credible statements from a witness — almost unheard-of in sexual assault complaints — who was at the house that night and said that the sex that took place was consensual.

And there never were four boys involved, that allegation coming only from Rehtaeh’s mother.’

Todd Loik

Unfortunate depressed child.

“Also, we did numerous interviews of people — you know friends, family — through the schools to try and ascertain if there were other problems that were existing not online … But we did not uncover any evidence that that was the case.”

Amanda Todd

Online stripper. Delinquent. Useless parents. Mentally ill? This blog provides enough evidence.

Rebecca Sedwick

Victim of poverty and family dysfunction. Depressed.

‘And now, reviews of the police files for the case paint a far more complex picture of what Rebecca was dealing with – including family problems with her mother, stepfather, and father; a history of self-cutting, and a breakup with an Internet boyfriend just before her suicide. The reviews of the police files also reveal little evidence of the online bullying that Judd said was so pervasive.’

Hannah Smith

Mentally ill. One of many showing the new emergence of cyber self-harm.

“The evidence I have was that on the balance of probabilities they would all have been at Hannah’s own hand. Why she did it, I don’t know.”

Cora Delille

Depressed. Family problems.

“It’s a very complex issue,” Pickerington police Commander Matt Delp said. “There are multiple variables at play. This is just one little bit of the big picture.’

Jamie Hubley

Depressed. Lonely. Confused. A lost soul.

‘How do we help when the issue isn’t bullying but more nebulous causes like depression, anxiety and alienation?’

Olivia Penpraze

Another lost soul. Depression.

‘That’s when he stumbled across his daughter’s online suicide diary. For two years, the petite teen had been chronicling her depression on blogging site Tumblr. ‘

Jenna Bowers

Depression exacerbated by bullying in REAL LIFE.

“She struggled with her depression,” Murchison says. “We were working at it, doing things that we needed to do at home to help. She was in counselling and seeing the doctor.”

And the list goes on. You can see. Cyberbullying blamed, then proven NOT to be of any concern. There is not ONE viable case of cyberbullying being a direct cause of suicide. In ALL cases, there are complexities – Parsons’ boyfriend dumped her ten minutes before the suicide, Todd’s the day before; Hubley’s sexuality was an issue; Hannah Smith’s cyber self-harm; but in the majority of cases it’s all to do with parenting.

How can you NOT know your child is doing dreadful stuff online? For nearly two years Carol Todd just sat back and watched Amanda drown. Instead of telling her to STOP she simply documented the whole ordeal. She let her daughter ‘self-medicate’ with alcohol and drugs. She knew – from the RCMP emails – that Amanda was producing new material, yet never stepped in to prevent it all.

The Sedwick family. A long history of issues.

Rehtaeh Parsons? Like I said, allowed to drift like an unwanted stray dog until she dies – then suddenly the family claim it’s all everybody else’s fault.

I am angry right now. Angry at the hypocrisy and the stupidity of it all. The Todds and Cannings and all the other lunatics have completely obscured the profound problems that are growing – not cyberbullying, not imaginary online monsters, not social media, but PARENTING and MENTAL ILLNESS.

Child writing suicide notes online for two years and the parents don’t know?

Child stripping and masturbating online and the parents want the cops to deal with it?

Child putting pictures of their self-harm online and no-one notices?

Child pleading for love on YouTube and the family don’t get the message?


I have tried and tried and tried over the last few months to battle all this ignorance. People have no idea what I have been doing in the background – warning teachers about suicide ideation, explaining to misinformed academics the emergence of digital self-harm and the role reversal of online attacks, correcting every single misconception that I can find, desperately warning parents to be vigilant.

And all for what? So that cretins can use childish tactics with which, much to my own shame, I have allowed myself to get involved. Mentally disturbed idiots starting a petition to have me investigated. People who genuinely think that I am some sort of criminal. OK – I gave them a bit of encouragement, but we are back to the lunacy of ‘he knows so much therefore he must be guilty of something’.

But I stick with it, based on the universal fact that truth and honesty prevail. Someone said I am fearless, but I’m not, for I have nothing to be afraid of. Except incorrect sentence construction.

I hope to put the games behind me. To be honest, I wanted it to escalate, and I was severely disappointed in the petition results. The cops and other authorities won’t listen to a lone voice like mine, no matter how hard I try to rattle their cages.

So what will happen next? Very little I guess. Have a good Sunday!


3 thoughts on “The truth about cyberbullying

  1. It’s a shame. None of the people who are so outspoken against me come here to discuss my ‘deceptions’ as they call them, and none of them allow me to debate on their own blogs. Don’t come here calling me names and asking for reasons – it’s all been said in the blog. Simply challenge any of my assertions, my so-called libel and slander. I’m waiting.

    • Give them a bit. You’ve listed several cases so it may take them a while to come up with some sort of silly retorts.

      • They won’t. These people like to live in their own worlds, where their opinions are correct and facts don’t matter. It’s frustrating – I post ridiculous remarks, and they all pile in like hysterical hounds; I post sensible observations and they stay away. Kitty Hundal writes a blog post all about me, I reply, she doesn’t allow it to be shown. She thinks the moon is made of cheese, therefore it is. ‘Just one small step for Edam, a giant leap for pork rind’. That’s what he really said.

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