Illusions and delusions

Where do we begin? This story has now deteriorated to such an extent that I can only sit back and watch while the supporters destroy their own credibility.

Kitty Hundal. So ignorant that, even with her Sikh forefathers, she doesn’t comprehend the origins of ‘Truth is Eternal’ – sat shri akal. I will at least give her publicity:

It’s a fair enough comment. What gets me is that she won’t allow me to respond, whereas I allow everyone and anyone to come here and say what they want to say. But the worrying thing about the mentally ill – for surely she is mentally ill – is their inability to understand their own contradictions. In another article she writes:

‘When it comes to one’s personal and professional reputation these lies can have a deep and often immeasurable impact, especially vicious ones like the current ‘call everyone you hate a pedo’ rage.

The more seriously mentally ill the cyberharasser/stalker is, the further they will go with their abuse and lies.’

Now who does this remind you of? Wanda Probe aka DeeJay? All the Todd supporters who think and say that I am a pedophile, I am a criminal? ‘Call everyone you hate a pedo’? Indeed.

When people are truly insane, they never see their own faults.

What next? The bonkers Todd cronies fighting amongst themselves – something very common. Truth is truth, and it is easy to speak the truth because one’s brain is not expending energy on maintaining lies.

Carol Todd. Queen of the Loons.

On May 24th she decided to support another nutter (who may not actually be a nutter):

we don’t think it was suicide “Rebecca Ann Sedwick did not commit suicide reopen her case” is the name of the Facebook group’

Yes. I kid you not. Yet another theory – Sedwick was murdered.

Fair enough. But it’s unfortunate, because Carol hasn’t checked what the other loonies are saying. Her chums at Game4Kids are having a fight with the woman that Carol supported:

Keep going Ms. Talley. You are escalating a personal witch hunt & vendetta against the family. It is perfectly clear to all.’

Clear to all? Except Carol Todd, obviously.

Let’s stick with Carol – the super-hypocrite who changes her mind at the drop of a hat. She moaned about the government exploiting her daughter’s name:

Last week: ‘Ms. Todd’s comments effectively derailed the government’s sales strategy for Bill C-13’.

When she first liked the Bill back in 2013?

‘The media was seriously wanting opinions right away and we were all kept busy with this. I was able to spend a day with Allan Hubley…about the new act in detail and we both came up with the same conclusion — this legislation is needed to save kids.

It has been a long time coming, and as parents who have lost our children, it is a necessity. In the past few days, there has been lots of ruckus… Something that keeps coming up is that people think both Amanda and Rehtaeh have been exploited by our government to get other legislation put through that would affect the privacy of all Canadians. Once again, can we get back to making Canadians — namely children — safer online, please?’

So Carol Todd. Yet again just spouting whatever she thinks is currently popular.

Let’s move on to the idiotic petition. All these people are delusional. Do you notice that I am the only one who publishes my blog hits? These people are orgasmic if they get 100 a day – most get a lot less. Despite twitter campaigns, Facebook mentions, blog quotes, all they can manage is 100 signatures, at least a dozen of which came via my own efforts.

And what’s it about? Harassment? Give me a break.

Some time ago I wrote ‘Kody Maxson is innocent’. That was, and is, the only truth being stated at the time. The result? Vicious attacks, death threats, ridiculous accusations. These came from Todd’s cronies, and she knew all about it, the attacks coming from her own blog administrators (Rick Carrier) and her pal, DeeJay, who, until recently, was recommended by Carol – ‘part of the team’ I believe.

The Todd mental patients organised an onslaught of victimisation against not just Kody, but his family. Truly disgusting behaviour. Whilst bullying anyone who dared speak up about Amanda Todd’s real activity, they turned a blind eye to Facebook sites that overtly threatened Kody Maxson with death. Hypocrisy on a grand scale.

But do they apologise? Does Carol Todd ever speak up to protect him? No. Truly vile. Do they not stop to think for one minute? Kody lives in Surrey. British Columbia. Right on the RCMP’s doorstep. Although the police stated he was of no interest, this wasn’t enough for the Todd savages. And now it’s supposedly someone in Holland.

And I can’t leave out poor old Colin Connolly. Harassed and libelled, even having his close relatives involved. Bullied by the anti-bullies.

Carol Todd and her crew are examples of the worst type of Internet scum. I will stick to that, because it’s true. There isn’t a court in the world that wouldn’t come to the same conclusion.

While we’re at it – Glen Canning. Is there not something creepy about him? The tasteful noody pics of young girls, yet he so furiously supports the Feminist cause? Coming on to my blog with foul-mouthed comments, then pretending it wasn’t him? His association with Anonymous, that band of cretins who outed me as being a Trumpton firefighter, a florist, a 16 year old, a marathon runner, living in Penzance, Chichester, Brighton, my ip address being Brighton Library? What a joke. And now he spends his time arguing with other idiots online in a manner which makes even my childishness look like the works of Oscar Wilde.

Words of advice to the idiots: don’t start a petition that becomes an embarrassment; make sure that if one of you is supporting someone, the others aren’t attacking the same cause; don’t issue silly unfounded accusations that make you look foolish; most of all – grow up!

And…..Sandy Garossino and Raffi Cavoukian? Twattledee and Twattledum.

None of the above people will debate here. That is a sign in itself. My ‘deceptions’ cannot be shown, because there are none. The Todd/Canning/Marshall supporters are all feeble-minded and delusional.




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