Aydin Coban – more rubbish from the Canadian press


OK – I’ve said it many times, but does it bear repeating? Journalism concerning the Amanda Todd case stands out as being some of the worst in the world for spreading gossip and hearsay, and today’s featured article shows that completely. Will there come a time when the Canadians realise they are being lied to? I doubt it. Too spaced out on weed, crack cocaine and maple syrup. But never mind, they can always aspire to being Mayor in a major city.

So any of you with a short attention span can tune out now. Go and look at some pictures of fluffy cats or something, or sign some petition that demands I am investigated. Or if your panties need to be twisted, read the latest news about the stabbing in Wisconsin. That will fulfil your Moral Outrage quota for the day.

Still with me? Then let’s begin:

The author writes ‘Aydin Coban, the 35-year-old Dutch man charged in relation to the online torment of Vancouver teen Amanda Todd’. This isn’t true, and is misleading. He has not been charged with anything remotely close to Amanda Todd. The British Columbia police made a pathetic attempt to charge him, but it’s not valid. The only valid charges are the ones set by Dutch police. No mention has been made by them of Amanda Todd. In fact, no mention has been made by them of any extortion attempts made to girls.

‘The British police agency involved with the case called it “extremely complex” and alleges Mr. Coban used some of “the most advanced techniques available to target his victims and in an attempt to hide himself.”

The above is a joke. One thing I have learned throughout this story is that what the police call ‘advanced’ means going on Facebook with a false identity. It is astonishing how poor they are at doing this job. But again I ask you to just think: if this guy was so advanced, then how come he got caught so easily? He would have been flipping his ips like a pancake, popping through Tor like a dose of salts. Not sitting in some dumbass park in Holland.

‘Amanda Todd sought affection and treated her onscreen realm like a stage and a confessional’. At least the guy gets closer to the truth here. We’ve come a long way since the innocent little cutey-pie who was tricked into one photo by one guy. She now has her ‘realm’, her ‘confessional’.

‘The Globe and Mail has learned that it was the security team in charge of safeguarding the world’s largest online social network, Facebook, that finally led investigators to Mr. Coban.’ Well, this is a turn up for the books. If you remember, it was originally down to the hard work of Interpol, the RCMP, CEOP, Uncle Tom Cobley and all. Now this idiot suggests it’s Facebook, which is cobblers. When the Facebook cyberpoliz turned up on my doorstep, I can tell you first hand that they were the most useless twats you could imagine. But that’s another story.

“I don’t think the police made this case,” says Mr. van Dijk’. Lulzy, really. Just who exactly did make this case? Huey, Dewey and Louie? Curly, Larry and Mo?

‘Facebook declined to comment on any involvement in the Todd case, offering only a general statement. ‘ I have to laugh. The press is desperate to link Amanda Todd to virtually everything. I’m surprised that she wasn’t actually kidnapped by Boko Haram. Give it time.

The author reverts to the usual bollocks, though at least it’s the BlogTV encounter that is described: ‘During one ill-fated session in her webcam chat room hosted on BlogTV, a user convinced her to expose her breasts. Somewhere among the more than 150 users in the chat room that day was a ‘capper’.’ Well, we know what happened really. Only one Capper out of 150? More like 100.

‘The documents on Mr. van Dijk’s desk point to one Facebook user in particular, Tyler Boo, who threatened to distribute more images of her unless she provided more “shows” onscreen.’ Well, no, the documents don’t point to Tyler Boo, mainly because I know who Tyler Boo is. This is just an example of press artistic license – put in a name we all know, because it gets people all of a dither, and pretend that Aydin Coban is the man. And we know that Tyler Boo has actually warned Amanda about the risks of her ‘new material’ – hardly the actions of an extortionist.

‘By the fall of 2011, partially nude images of Amanda re-emerged online. The RCMP warned her parents she should be kept off Facebook and other sites for her own safety. Their restrictions didn’t stick.’ Hmmm? ‘images’. Plural. Not the one photo we were all led to believe then. And of course, we know the full content of the RCMP email – stop Amanda producing her own material. This guy really needs to check his sources.

‘ a journalist for Vice.com exposed the shadowy world of cappers who pursued images of Amanda and other vulnerable girls.’ This REALLY annoys me. Go back to the original article from Vice and you will see a mention that a commenter drew attention to the Daily Capper. That was me. I asked for acknowledgement from him, but of course it didn’t arrive.

“In some of the chat logs people dug up there was someone with the initials ‘AC’ talking. And there was a Netherlands connection with another girl who faced a similar situation.” I keep laughing. I suggested that AC stood for Aydin Coban, but I was corrected – it’s acid-cat. Nowhere near Aydin Coban. As for the ‘another girl? Peyton Ramsey and r0ra. What a joke. Peyto and ro were under a tree, k i s s i n g.

‘ He had no spouse or children and didn’t attend a mosque, judging by the lack of name recognition at any of the area’s major mosques.’ Oh Lord, this is quite sickening. This is shit talk. Why bring a mosque into the story? Well, we know why, don’t we? Nothing gets people more irate than a mosque. To be honest, this is quite disgusting. But then again, I find Canadians disgusting, and surely they can’t all be mindless morons?

‘According to Mr. van Dijk’s interpretation of the evidence, Facebook noticed that a single IP address – the unique locator number for each device connected to a computer network – was setting up dozens of Facebook accounts and accumulating friends and photos at a rapid pace.’ More crap. This story begins to fall apart and like most efforts to lie, it unravels itself within the next few paragraphs, having done so already. Weren’t we told that Aydin was some sort of online superguy who used advanced methods to hide himself? Then we find he is using a single ip address. And again, I can tell you from first hand experience that Facebook are crap when it comes to detective work.

‘The connection to the Todd case became more evident to police after they seized a computer and router from Mr. Coban’s cabin. “They are alleging [Mr. Coban] is Tyler Boo,” says Mr. van Dijk, referring to one of the aliases known to harass Amanda.’ Oh good grief. This is not true. There is no evidence whatsoever of an Amanda Todd connection. Tyler Boo gets a mention purely due to the crap Fifth Estate documentary. But keep an eye on that router.

‘Investigators have also focused on seven MAC addresses – the unique serial number for network devices, similar to a VIN on a motor vehicle.’ Seven MAC addresses, yet a couple of paragraphs earlier we’re told it was one ip. See how it falls apart so quickly?

Now. Back to that router. In initial press releases, the area in which Aydin lived was reported as supplying WiFi. That would be the reason why one router would have several ips connected with it. In fact, Mr. Van Dijk is using this as part of the defence of Aydin – that there can be no proof it was him doing anything, because the router was shared. It would also cover why a lot of activity may have been coming from one area. Now it has become Aydin’s router, which is a false. And by the way – even if it was Aydin’s router (which it isn’t), I would claim that everyone else in the park was piggy-backing it. So that’s another one struck off the list of possibilities.

‘Amanda wasn’t the only alleged victim.’ There aren’t any alleged victims. Procedures do not allow naming of any victims at this point. The ‘alleged’ comes from ONE press report in Holland that was jumped upon by the idiots in Canada. ‘The Dutch Public Prosecution Service alleges there were more extortion victims in the U.K., U.S. and Canada’ – that bit is true -‘where Mr. Coban has been charged with luring a child under 18 via computer, extortion, harassment, as well as importing, distributing and possessing child pornography’ – tha last bit is crap. The RCMP threw the book at him in an attempt to make it look as if they knew what they were doing.

‘The alleged scheme also involved adult men living outside the Netherlands. The prosecution alleges Mr. Coban persuaded men to perform sexual acts via webcam on the belief they were communicating with an underage boy. The men were then blackmailed with threats that the images would be passed on to the police.’ This is about the only bit that has any truth to it, and it kind of destroys the link to Amanda Todd. In fact, it pretty much destroys the whole story.

The original and official press release deals with extortion of men, but the reporter here skews the story yet again. Aydin didn’t go online as an underage boy (that’s just another shock-horror tactic). He went online as a young girl – ‘jonge meisje’. The ploy was to have an identity that made Aydin look like a young girl online (hence the profiles full of girly stuff), then go online and entice men. He would then encourage them to do whatever, and then shaft them with a blackmail attempt. To me, that’s an example of online entrepreneurial spirit. Allegedly.

‘Some of the police allegations still don’t make sense to Mr. van Dijk. Of the seven MAC addresses that appear in the police documents, he says only one was actually found on a device in Mr. Coban’s cabin.’ Ha ha! Police investigations not making sense? That’s a revelation! The loonies will argue that Aydin might have had loads of laptops, or that he destroyed the evidence. Or, of course, we could state the FACT that Aydin was using WiFi and all the other Mac addresses were sharing the router. But hey! Who needs facts when we could have us a good lynching!

Did anyone get this far? I expect the Todd Squad will read this, but, as usual, they won’t comment. They will run around sprinkling ashes in their hair and shouting ‘Hullabaloo’ and possibly send off another hundred emails to the cops saying something like ‘Philip Rose is Aydin Coban’ or ‘Philip Rose is Jack the Ripper’. Let them. It keeps them off the streets.





15 thoughts on “Aydin Coban – more rubbish from the Canadian press

  1. okay im drunk so. lets not forget amanda and all those other girls are victims no more no less. of stupidity and hormones and bad parenting and lowlifes such as myself taking advantage. im not hiding behind fake ips or anything like that. post my crap idc. its just the reality of things, which is pretty sad. and parents are to blame for the 99.9% part. this is why this blog is important. rock on

  2. Fuck you motherfucker! Take this pedophile to your home!!! Did you forget that he TRIED to stalk a girl from Norway? That’s what allowed him to be caught. This sick pedofile was not satisfied with the death of Amanda, and instead, he was still looking for more victims. HE ATTEMPTED to stalk a girl from Norway on Skype, threatening to spread nude photos of her. The girl reported him to the police, and the police contacted Skype. They UNCOVERED his IP address, as well as where he lived.

    So, she showed her breasts? So what? It’s quite a small and insignificant mistake compared to all bad things we do and have ever done. She didn’t hurt anybody, it was totally an insignificant mistake! This fucking pedofile was preying on several girls and small children around the world!!! Are you defending him? So, take him to your home and live with him!

    I wish a fucking pedofile like him stalked and distributed nude pictures of your daughter or a loved-one and she got veeery depressed and peaceless, and then we’d see if you would defend pedofiles like him!


    • Thanks for that polite comment.
      We will have to wait and see what really happened with Aydin Coban.
      You are still locked in to the ‘innocent mistake’ myth of Amanda, but that’s not a surprise. If you want to make up your own reality, then go ahead.

      • No, I don’t want to ‘make up’ my own reality. So, all the IP addresses and the fact that he was stalking girls around the world, including one from Norway, are false? So, all the evidence is false? So, we just made up a story? The IP address given by Skype after he tried to stalk a Norwedian girl is false? Really, I don’t know how you’re capable of defending a criminal who preys on small children. That’s why I would NEVER accept to be a lawyer – I simply can’t defend criminals, including murderers and child molesters, when all the evidence and even my own conscience says that he’s guilty and committed the crime. Remember: evidence on his computer suggested that he had been stalking girls from the US, UK and Canada. I hope he gets a really tough penalty for his acts. In fact, I hope he is punished by capital punishment. He deserves DEATH PENALTY, and through the worst possible way.

        They should remove his eggs and give it to you as a gift, since you seem to love him so much that you can’t stop defending him. After that, he should simply be given to dogs or wild animals as food. He would have a really good and fair end, just like the end that he put to a child and to the reputations of several young children.

        We’ll see. Prison is still not enough for him. He deserves DEATH, in the worst possible way. But if he is sentenced to prison (and I hope he gets life emprisonment or a very, veery long time in prison), I hope he spends most of his life or his whole life there, and I also hope that he gets beaten endlessly by other criminals there, because, as far as I know, most prisoners do not tolerate child molesters or rapists.

      • The problem is that you are too locked in to your own interpretation of things to apply logical thoughts. Even if it’s shown that he had nothing to do with Amanda, you will not believe it.

      • No, I will believe, but only if all the evidence obtained turns out to be completely wrong and leads us to conclude that he never stalked Amanda.

        But at some point, you’re still right. I could still refuse to believe even if he were absorbed, because throughout my life, I’ve seen criminals being absorbed and freed of jail, despite all the evidence pointing to their guilty. Just like you could still refuse to believe that he stalked and led to Amanda’s death, even if he’s convicted and condemned.

      • If all the evidence is there, I will believe it.
        Meanwhile, you should think about the validity of what has been said so far.
        We know that the original ‘one photo’ story was false. Even you know that. The whole world knows that. Yet people still cling on to ‘one mistake’.
        You know that it wasn’t even one photo – it was video.
        You know that it wasn’t in a private one-to-one encounter in which she was flattered by one person – it was in various chat rooms with 100s of people.
        Yet you still continue to have faith in what you read.
        I have no doubt that Coban was involved in online bad behaviours. However, there is no reason to think that it was him who stalked Amanda.
        Stop to consider a couple of things:
        1. All the evidence found by the Dutch police is from well after Amanda.
        2. The Dutch police and courts have never mentioned Amanda in the case.
        3. It is suggested that Coban had dozens of identities contacting Amanda. That’s highly unlikely.
        My guess is that Coban will be prosecuted. The list of his contacts may well include a Canadian girl. This will be enough for everyone to say it was Amanda and then everyone will be happy (the Canadian police can close the case, and all the Amanda fans can get closure).
        So that will be the end of the story.

      • So, she made videos, not photos, and she went to chat rooms with a lot more people actually? So what? Do these mistakes justify everything that happened to her? Do these mistakes justify her harassment at school, namecalling, physical assault, etc? You’ve forgotten that these mistakes are totally insignificant. Right now, there are people raping, murdering, stealing and doing a lot of other horrific things, but still they do not go through all the things she went through. Not even the most horrible criminals are so persecuted, bullied and harassed like she was. She didn’t kill anybody (only herself, but self-harm does not affect anyone else and is not punishable by law), she didn’t steal anybody, she didn’t rape anybody, she didn’t hurt anyone, so why did she deserve those things? This is a very, very insignificant mistake compared to all the bad things we do and have done. It’s a pity you refuse to your conscience and reasoning.

        Even if she had gone to ten thousand different chat rooms with one hundred million people watching her, this still would not allow anyone to harass, bully and do so many horrible things to her.

        I have faith in what I read? No, I don’t. He tried to stalk two girls after Amanda’s death: one in Holland and another one in Norway, threatening to make the life of one of these girls a living hell and to put her videos on sites along with her full name and address. I think it is you who’s having faith here. You have faith that, despite all the evidence pointing to his guilty, a pedophile who preyed on small children online is innocent!

        Again, it seems you are so hopeless that you’re having to lie! The Dutch police and courts never mentioned Amanda in the case? Why did you have to lie?

        – “Dutch prosecutors said they filed indecent assault and child pornography charges against the man. Lawyer Christian van Dijk earlier confirmed to The Associated Press that one of the charges against his client involved a 15-year-old girl from British Columbia.”


        So, they really never mentioned Amanda? Who do you think you’re talking to? To a child?

        Also, you say that all the evidence found is well after Amanda. So what? The fact is, he tried to stalk other girls after she had died. Still, the fact that he was caught online after he had already stalked Amanda does not free him from the guilty in Amanda’s case. That’s a very bad argument. Even if he’s caught only long after Amanda had been stalked and killed herself, the police can still investigate and discover his participation in previous illegal activities online. So, get another argument!

        Yes, he used dozens of identities to stalk girls, including Amanda. You say that’s unlikely, but yet you don’t explain why it is unlikely. When a person gets blocked on Facebook, the only way to contact the profile that blocked that person is by creating or using another profile, in many cases, a fake one. The reason why we say that he used different profiles to stalk girls, including Amanda, is that Facebook discovered a single IP address which was responsible for a series of profiles on the site.

      • Hey, kiddo, don’t even think you can challenge me here. ‘a 15-year-old girl from British Columbia.” doesn’t have to be Amanda, you know.
        Here is what happened:
        Aydin Coban was arrested. The list of people he contacted included several people (more details appear later on in my blog). One of them is Canadian.
        OK. With me so far?
        So…the police and courts in Holland say nothing about Amanda, but the Press, always ready to create clickbait from nothing, just assume that the Canadian must be Amanda Todd. The authorities in Holland have never mentioned any connection with Amanda Todd
        So…because people are so dumb, they automatically believe he was involved with Amanda Todd. So much so that the RCMP believe it, too. Without stopping to think, they charge Coban with the crime, which is clever because they know he will never be extradited and it makes them look as if they knew what they were doing. If you look closely, the entire investigation of Coban never involved the RCMP.
        OK. Now exercise those brain cells of yours.
        If I were lying, find the official link in Holland between Amanda and Aydin – one that specifically mentions Amanda Todd. You won’t be able to.
        If Coban was linked to Amanda, how come the police evidence is based entirely on information from a keylogger applied years after Amanda was dead?
        Why wouldn’t the Dutch police announce that Coban was involved with Amanda?
        Also ask yourself the peculiar question – why did the Dutch officials allow the publication of the letter from Aydin saying he had nothing to do with Amanda? If the case is still pending,and involved Amanda, this would not have been allowed.
        It’s also odd that the reports are that Coban went online disguised as a young girl. That doesn’t fit the story, either.
        OK. Now, don’t you find it odd that all of a sudden Facebook comes up with a ton of evidence linking Amanda to Coban yet the RCMP, who were involved with the Amanda case from 2010 and even more so from 2012, never managed to find this?
        You’re going to have to try a lot harder to make your story watertight.
        Reference: https://philipjrose.wordpress.com/2015/05/13/all-the-news-that-is-news-across-the-nation/

  3. No matter even IF she made those pics etc… he was hiding behind an identity and therefor preying… exactly on her and others like her, he is 38 and should know better. Its as oh you were wearing a shirt skirt so its your fault you got raped. Not to mention she was a minor, he had no business to do so. Even kn the case of luring older gay people into and blackmailing them. IS still blackmail and a threat, and illegal. Furthermore posting underage nude pictures no matter if they were send to you, IS by defenition illegal in the netherlands. So Lets day my minor daughter will send her boyfriend a flashing pic in consent. IT is Illegal to repost them in the Netherlands. It maybe she was looking for attention in the wrong way…it still doesnt excuse a 38 year old to prey and abuse it. Period. Its not a business proposition. Its blackmail same as if your computer was hacked and you must pay the hacker to undo it… is illegal. An adult should never engage a Young girl into anything even IF she wanted to and certainly not in disguise. About the MACS, items like a printer, Phone, webcam, AppleTV, TV, etc add on, it doesnt have to be just laptops….plus a Mac address IS Unique and traceable in combination with an IP. I think he thought he was save being on a hotspot. And yes if you follow the LAW its allowed eavesdrop and put spyware on computers. And the netherlands isnt a corrupt country, if he was given 10 years and for Dutch LAW that IS a long sentence…. there was enough proof to find him quilty. They will extradite him AFTER his term, to Canada, and then its up to them to…

    Im really confused by you, i understand you say he isnt quilty of everything …and or there is another side, but are you Truly saying there is nothing wring with what this guy did?

  4. I would too like to,comment the dutch couldnt Prosecute him for Amanda or the Canadian …as they cant, they can prosecute him for dutch citizens and or illegal activities he engaged in. Therefor its up to the Canadian courts if so, to proof he is quilty of… once Extradited. They simply even if they wanted it, in an Canadian victim case… but they can use the fact as proof of illegal activity he engaged in. Such as reposting nude pics of minor girls (its against dutch LAW).

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