Glen Canning’s lies

Glen Canning is a number of things. Pseudo-feminist; hysterical believer of online rumour; revenge-driven psycho; liker of young noodz; but, most of all, a liar and a con artist.

Here’s a trail of his bizarre behaviour on my blog. He denies it all, of course, but any person can see it’s him.

On 26th April 2014 I get a comment: ‘She was a child and she was preyed on by perverted pigs. No one is going to put her on trial.’

This was from someone called Weyland_Ind, email , ip address

On the same day he commented: ‘Other people accused you of being a pedophile, not Glen Canning. ‘

I warned him that he was traceable: ‘For instance, some dipshit calling himself codeparadox from Nova Scotia would be easily traceable. ‘

I Googled codeparadox/Nova Scotia/Canning and it was pretty obvious these comments were from Glennie boy.

At one point, Glen loses his cool and comments: ‘No end to how fucked in the head this pedo is. Get a fuckin life dickhole!!!’

Having warned him that he is traceable, Glen changes his name.

This time he goes for the name P Doran, email , but the silly billy forgets to change the ip address of

Glen then loses the plot even more. He changes his name again – to Fuck Me – but he doubly damns himself. Email, ip address Same ip address, and a quick Google of mxcoder/Nova Scotia/Canning produces the undeniable link back to our Glen.

He makes a lovely comment: ‘Yeahhhhhh…. this is Philip fuckin Rose….. jesus titty fucking Christ someone made a comment on my stupid fuckin blog’. Good old Glen, reverting to type quite rapidly.

For some gormless reason, he then switches to Philip Tulip but for Pete’s sake, he uses the same email/ip as he used for P Doran.

But let’s look at his disgusting comments using the alias MXCoder:

‘It’s not me you need to worry about.’ Is that a threat?

‘Lord I-can’t-stand-the-stink-of-my-wifes-vagina-so-I’m-going-online-to-correct-grammar….’

‘Lord Licking-cum-off-a-bums-shoe-at-a-bus-stop…. ‘

Aren’t the last two comments a bit…..weird? disturbing?

Note that it is Canning who published the name and address of someone supposed to be me. He seems to like accusing innocent people.

Note that Glen does change his ip address to, but he’s so half-arsed that he still comments using email addresses he has used before.

Rather ridiculously, Canning replies to Weyland_Ind as Shit Stick: ‘Emails sent. Thanks for the info Weyland!’ but because he is demented, both comments show up as coming from the same person. This is the behaviour of a madman.

Finally, from the genuine Glen Canning we get this comment:

‘You don’t frighten me Chris. We both know this is my second comment on your site. A log of people have issues with you. I’ve obviously struck a nerve. As far as the police go you shut that door long ago. They’ll arrest you, and you know it.’

So – all the tracks lead back to Canning. The combinations of mxcoder/codeparadox/ip addresses all point to him, but I expect he will deny it. But he can’t. He can try, but he will only make himself look foolish.

Evidence of Mr Canning’s behaviour has been sent to the relevant authorities, supporting my accusations that he falsified the death threats, and concocted a lot more evidence. Need I say more?




One thought on “Glen Canning’s lies

  1. Like all of these free blog site the emails, usernames, and messages can be edited by the blog owner. So why should anyone trust you?

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