The death rattle of a bandwagon

It really has become a struggle to put anything sensible in this blog. The trend of cyberbullying has all but vanished – a victim of overexposure, mainly, but it’s also being rejected because of all the inconsistencies. People like their news to be plain and simple, not full of thought-provoking issues such as cyber self-harm and mental illness. But most of all, the parents who read this stuff steer clear of the idea that they might be in any way to blame so, as more and more people investigate the effect of parenting, so more and more parents turn their backs on the cause.

My poor old blog is dying! Only 750 views yesterday, so it’s on its way out. There was a minor rally as the die-hard mental patients who still support Canning and Todd staged one last ‘He’s a pedophile stalker’ campaign. For a short while it was amusing to hear all the old claptrap – he’s called Chris Rowe, he’s called David Sanders, he will be arrested – but it soon becomes tiresome. I have likened all this to smoking. When trying to give up, there’s always that yearning for just one more, and that’s what it’s like with this blog, and maybe the entire Amanda Todd story. Those involved – in their heart of hearts – know it’s not worth continuing, but just have to have that one last puff.

Anyways. I have just chucked in four bits of news that people might find passes the time.

First, this bit of nonsense:

Just where do these people come from? Everyone knows that fairy tales and nursery rhymes have roots in tales of dire warning. Little Red Riding Hood? And now the true Sleeping Beauty is about ‘She’s discovered by a king who repeatedly rapes her while she’s unconscious.’ Bit like the Rehtaeh Parsons story, but not quite so romantic.

Next, a sort of hotch-potch of an article about how cyberbullying is too hyped:

And then this article from the Guardian:

With the above article, it is interesting to note how some people perceive ‘attention seeking’. From experience, those who verbalise about their suicidal feelings are doing just that – seeking attention. It starts off as a sort of plea for help, but rapidly turns into a soul-sucking leeching of the emotions of everyone around them. One thing that suicide-displayers have in common is that they are inordinately self-absorbed and self-centred. And mostly women, but that kind of goes without saying. It’s all about them. But once they start, they can’t stop. If they begin to lose attention because of their unceasing ‘me me me’ activities, they up the game and then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy – their antics about ‘I feel so alone’ end up making everyone around them exhausted, frustrated, even angry, so eventually they are alone. Why do you think that, when people actually commit suicide, the common response is ‘It came as such a shock’? Just let me tell you this gem of wisdom: the more someone is saying they will do themselves in, the less likely they are to do it. Watch out for the quiet withdrawn soul. Not the idiot who broadcasts it.

And last, but not least, the ‘Slenderman’ lunacy. You can Google all that. God knows what we can learn from all this. But I don’t think that the action is appalling, it’s what comes afterwards. One girl who just happens to be mentally disturbed, wired wrongly, over-imaginative, call it what you will, joins with another girl in a ‘folie a deux’ that, thank God, didn’t result in a death. This is – purely and simply – just an example of what kids can do if their brain patterns are not quite right. However, the desire to send them to prison and charge them as adults is far more of a crime. They need love, care, compassion, medical help. Not pointless punishment.

Just a reminder to all you Todd people out there. Despite Amanda doing what she did for so long and so repeatedly, you all claimed that she had to be ‘innocent’ because she was a child. Yet the children who sent her messages were all evil and should rot in Hell (your words, not mine). Are the ‘Slenderman’ girls innocent, or should they too rot in Hell? Is it any wonder that children are confused?

Have a good weekend!


One thought on “The death rattle of a bandwagon

  1. “What is hell? Hell is oneself.
    Hell is alone, the other figures in it
    Merely projections. There is nothing to escape from
    And nothing to escape to. One is always alone.”
    ― T.S. Eliot

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