10 Reasons to condemn Carol Todd


People ask why I don’t like Carol Todd. Unfortunately, their attention spans are usually too short to fully explain, so I have to resort to the tried and tested approach of the listicle. Here is my list of ten reasons why Carol Todd should be condemned:

1. Whilst campaigning against bullying, cyberbullying, harassment and stalking, not once did she speak out against the kind of person who publishes pictures like the one at the top of this page.

2. Early on in her dire drive for fame, she described herself as feeling like a ‘rock-star mom’. That’s a disgusting term to use within the context of such a tragedy.

3. Despite trying to convince us that Amanda Todd was vulnerable and mentally unstable, she told us that she allowed Amanda to drink and take drugs because it was a ‘battle’ she didn’t want to fight.

4. Knowing that one of the main sources of Amanda’s demise was Amanda’s use of chatrooms supplied by Omegle, Stickam, Tinychat, BlogTV and many others, she never mentions this in her preaching to gullible parents.

5. She pockets a ton of cash for ‘expenses’ on her many trips around Canada and from donations to the Amanda Todd Legacy but, because this is organised as a non-profit and not a charity, we will never get to see where the money goes, unless we see the occasional cheque done for publicity. Do we even know how much has been donated? 100,000 bucks? 200,000?

6. In conjunction with 5 above, many of those people who originally donated to the fund in its early days would never have donated if they had known the full story. Carol never told the full story.

7. Rather oddly, she underplays the fact that from 2010 to early 2012 she hardly featured as Amanda’s mom at all. In fact, she was pretty much the absent mother. Amanda rapidly declined after returning to live with her mother. That’s no surprise. We also have to consider why a mother who pretends to have been so concerned tells us that, after Amanda made her plea-for-love-I-have-no-one video, she never even asked about it. Any reasonable mother would have been extremely concerned.

8. As we know from the real RCMP email, Carol Todd was fully aware that Amanda was producing her own material from December 2010 onwards. Yet even after the cops arrived in 2010, and when they warned her again nearly a year later, she still allowed Amanda to produce what is now called child pornography. One has to wonder why, but I suggest ‘Fame at any price’.

9. Carol Todd never came to terms with the possibility of suicide ideation and the encouragement that some vulnerable kids might have received from the notion that Amanda was a role model. We may never know the destructive impact of words like ‘Amanda is in a better place’, ‘she is an inspiration’, ‘she is an angel in Heaven’.

10. One thing that I can never forgive Carol Todd for, beyond her quest for fame, her lies, her fraud and her encouragement of persecution of innocent people, is that she has become so single-minded, so closed to any criticism, so full of herself, that she has failed to understand that the vast majority of Amanda Todd content online is defamatory, with pictures of ‘Todding’, bleach-drinking, censored flash pictures, memes and jokes all aimed at Amanda’s online reputation. Although she thinks she is some sort of world-saving guru, all she has done is to cause the proliferation of those pictures and videos of Amanda more than anyone else could possibly have done. For that, and perhaps even for that alone, she should hang her head in shame.

10a. Carol Todd tweeting the September video today has desperation written all over it.

For those who may argue ‘Oh she has done good’ – she hasn’t. Go online and see the hatred and the malice, the conflict and dismay surrounding Amanda’s story. If anything, the Todd story has caused more playground fights, more enmity, more confusion and pain than any other story before. And all for what? The fictional tale of a manipulative girl and her mother.

3 thoughts on “10 Reasons to condemn Carol Todd

    • I always wonder about Carol. Is she a clever manipulator like her daughter? Is she being manipulated by the Press? Believe me, I try to be balanced and have some sympathy, but I keep coming up against brick walls. One minute she preaches forgiveness, next minute she’s out for revenge; one minute it’s all to do with bullies, next minute some guy in Holland. Rock-star mom and trips to Vegas? The tipping point for me was when I read the full RCMP email when she conveniently left out the ‘new material’ bit, and the Tyler Boo message that showed she was still doing stuff. If only she could be honest, but maybe that’s asking too much.

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