I want answers

Today’s video is odd. Just who is this Philip Rose?

So what is this latest post about? Note: regular readers can turn away. The purpose of this post is mainly to provide a communication with certain people, as I will be asking them for a direct response. These cowards resort to risible nonsense such as defamatory blog posts and comments or a silly petition, yet none of them have the nerve to debate on this blog. Therefore I have to now take the debate to them.

Getting to grips with the Amanda Todd story is a pain in the ass, because there are so many inconsistencies in the whole history. And when there are gaps, there is a huge tendency for people to fill them with their own opinions. However, as regular readers know, I have sought to fill those gaps and at least base all my thoughts around factual evidence.

In February, I closed down the blog because I reckoned that I had said everything that needed to be said, but the emergence of the Aydin Coban case brought it back to life. However, even that wasn’t really enough to reignite my interest. What did get to me was my discovery of the full RCMP email and the full Tyler Boo messages.

On 27th April 2014, the Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum idiots Sandy Garossino and Raffi Cavoukian published this ridiculous article in the Huffington Post:


It was the usual old clickbait crap, regurgitating all the old Amanda Todd cliches, and I won’t bore you with repeating all of the misconceptions. However, this quote annoyed me:

“If Amanda does not stay off the Internet and/or take steps to protect herself online, there is only so much we as the police can do.”

— Coquitlam RCMP email to Carol Todd in 2011

As we all know now, this excerpt is misleading. The fuller version is this:

‘After our meeting with Norm yesterday we have been informed steps have been taken to keep Amanda off the Internet while in your homes. At this time Norm has stated that he has taken away Amanda’s internet access as well as her phone. We believe that the photo’s and video that have recently appeared is new material Amanda has posted of herself since last year.’ ….

‘As my colleague and I said yesterday and last week, if Amanda does not stay off the internet and/or take steps to protect herself online there is only so much we as the police can do.’

None of this has been dealt with by the media. Yet again, this blog is the only place where this full extract appears.

So – Sandy Garossino, Raffi Cavoukian, Carol Todd, British Columbia police – all I ask for is a simple and concise reason as to why you chose not to publish the true details. I doubt that it will arrive, but you should note: liars will never confront their challengers.

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Will you respond to this, or simply continue with the lies? Answers please.




One thought on “I want answers

  1. Hmmm. Only four days after the story appeared and with zero comments, comments are closed. I wonder why. Maybe afraid somebody would point out the errors / falsehoods in their and Carol’s story?

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