The Scapegoat – Aydin Coban – Tyler Boo – wtf?


First things first. We now know that Amanda chatted with Tyler Boo. I am currently researching the name at the top – the guy who says ‘fag stalker’. This is the first time we’ve seen Facebook Security involved, and we see the full name – Amanda Michelle Todd. I’m guessing that either this was posted to her profile (an oddity, because it would mean Tyler Boo was probably a friend) or on a page. At the end of this, Tyler says ‘put the wall post back up’ – has he posted something to her wall that she doesn’t like?


We have a kind of ‘wtf?’ moment. We have a specific date – 22nd October 2011. We can guess that this is the first encounter with Tyler Boo, and my guess is that this is the first, and only, time Amanda gets anything like a blackmail attempt, which messes about with dates. The blackmail was meant to have started in 2010. So this is way, way too late.

Amanda doesn’t seem fussed – ‘your to funny’ – and maybe even issues a kind of challenge – ‘do you really wanna star(t) this ??’. Then he answers: ‘ur starting it’. Interesting.


What points further away from Aydin Coban? Firstly, the language usage is pretty North American – ‘solid comebacks’, ‘fag stalker’, a quick retort, the later use of ‘nig’ – but even if we take that out, would he really be so quick to write ‘USA USA’. This would have to be a really, really slick pretence by a Turkish/Dutch semi-transient, and I’m not prepared to think he is that good. It is notoriously difficult for any person to go online and maintain the mask of someone 10 to 20 years younger these days, and that’s in their own culture. Add Turkish/Dutch into the mix and…well, I’m just not so sure. Anyways – I’ll come back to that at a later date maybe.

The odd thing is that we were led to believe that Tyler Boo had been around for some time. If you remember rightly, we were led to believe that Amanda had encountered him maybe as far back as December 2010, yet here she greets him as if it’s for the first time.

What I really want to know is who got their hands on this Facebook Security stuff, and how. There is something definitely not right here. If it is police evidence, then why isn’t it confidential? It releases a name – Dillin Willes? (I will look into that) – and releasing names like that is surely a big no-no. Especially with people like me around. At this point, I can only guess one thing – that Facebook Security weren’t watching Tyler Boo, they were watching Amanda, maybe even under instructions from the cyberpoliz, which is where the story would have got complicated. The police would have been split in two – one lot desperately trying to stop Amanda performing, the others trying to watch out for predators. A peculiar two-fold predicament – Amanda as perpetrator AND bait.

So here’s my temporary guess. Facebook and the police were watching Amanda. Along comes Tyler Boo and threatens ‘get off or I will show the photos’. They interpret this as grooming type of blackmail, not as ‘ffs get off for your own good’ blackmail – two entirely different things.

BUT – and it’s a big BUT – why the Hell are these documents out in the open? We’ve already seen the RCMP email, the Tyler Boo stuff, now this.

I have one more picture, but I will keep that for later. It’s part of a completely bonkers ‘dramatization’ of an Amanda encounter. I say bonkers, because it’s all written out in Dutch – as it would be in real life (!!??). Holey moley – this story gets more confusing as time goes on. I need to look a bit more closely at some more stuff. Things are weird.


Back to my main aim for today.

As people should know by now, this is the blog that brings you the news before it even happens!

Well, perhaps not quite, but it brings you the facts before anybody else does. Surely, even my most sceptical reader has to at least give some appreciation for the full RCMP email, the Tyler Boo messages, the new Tyler Boo messages, and yesterday’s letter from Amanda – all delivered to your doorstep free of charge in the last week.

Later on – Friday or Saturday – I will be returning to the Amanda letter, but for now I will bring you up to date with Aydin Coban.

He’s not your man, that Aydin Coban!

It doesn’t take too much research to know he’s nowhere near the Amanda Todd story. He’s in court today (right now this minute as it happens) and you know what? – no mention of Amanda!

However, before everyone rushes to find some excuse or to make up some fictional gobbledygook about why Amanda didn’t get mentioned, let me explain the facts yet again.

To cut a long story short, Amanda was dead long before the police began the investigation. That sort of puts the kibosh on it.

But still I here the voices of unreason saying ‘That can’t be true’ or ‘Philip’s gone mad again – the police tell us that the investigation goes back years’.

Wrong! Write out a hundred lines: ‘Philip is always correct’.

Here’s the truth. In 2013 (that’s after Amanda died, just in case anyone’s forgotten) Facebook and the Dutch police noticed that Aydin might have been up to no good. In December 2013 (Amanda had been dead for 14 months, just in case anyone’s forgotten) the Dutch police gained entry into Aydin’s rented property and placed a keylogger directly on to his computer. Cool.

All of the evidence against Aydin Coban came from that keylogger installation. From December 2013. After Amanda had been dead for over a year. Even in the crazy minds of the maddest Todd fanatic, it would truly be a miracle if Aydin had managed to blackmail Amanda in that time.

At no point has the Dutch Justice Ministry mentioned Amanda Todd. At no point have the Dutch police mentioned Amanda Todd. At no point did Facebook, CEOP, IWF, Interpol or Tintin mention Amanda Todd. One newspaper mentioned Amanda Todd and that was enough for the RCMP – not so much the Sherlock Holmes’s of policing, more like the Deputy Dawgs. From that one mention of Amanda Todd, every Tom, Dick and Harry now believes this is all about Amanda Todd. Why? Because it brings in the punters.

There’s no way Aydin and Amanda can be linked. Unless……(cue the ‘Twilight Zone’ theme).

Let’s face it, Canadian folks. You’ve been lied to again. By the police this time. How long are you going to put up with all that? Why the Hell don’t you Canadians complain? You know that there’s a lot of stuff on show – the pictures at the top of this blog prove it – yet you’ve been kept in the dark. At least you know who to come to for the truth.

11 thoughts on “The Scapegoat – Aydin Coban – Tyler Boo – wtf?

  1. Boy, does this get confusing. Facebook Security seem to have the entire history of Tyler Boo/Amanda conversations, everyone seems to be linking Aydin Coban, but the evidence is taken from a keylogger that the police put on his laptop in December 2013. This is extraordinary. I have more information, but I’m just trying to get my head round it. Like I said – something’s not right. More and more information is being published on a ‘oh, and we’ve just found this months later’ basis, and more of that information is not being kept quiet as part of a police investigation, but being broadcast for all to see. If I have seen the Facebook stuff, how come it’s not cropped up before in Canada? Why have they allowed this to be shown? It’s high time for more openness from the authorities, as this is looking more and more like some sort of set up. I have to give this a lot more research.

      • Yes, you’re right, there is a Tyler Boo profile.
        It could be him, but I think it’s someone else. If you look at the information, Tyler Boo says he’s from the USA and a three-hour flight away from Amanda. So – draw a line about 1000-1500 miles away from Vancouver and you’ll come across a person who is known as Tyler ‘Boo’ Buchanski (I’ll have to check that name).
        So Tyler Boo isn’t someone from Holland.
        Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Try sending the Tyler Boo a message and see if anything happens.
        Have a good Christmas!

  2. todd was on national dutch radio news today, something about police looking at the laptop of ‘the man that blackmailed canadian teen amanda todd who later committed suicide’ (well, in dutch) saying they found evidence n stuff. even mom of the year said a few words.

    • Yes. It’s odd. The cops don’t mention Amanda, and your OM don’t say anything, yet it’s all about Amanda. 250 victims now – or just names on his computer. Any idea how the Dutch news got hold of the Facebook security stuff?

    • I’ve seen some of this bullshit. I have a follow-up to today’s post, due to be published tomorrow morning. I am more bothered by nos’s dramatization of the Amanda/Tyler Boo conversation. There’s a big difference between what they say and what Carol has shown.

    • Spare me the nauseating ‘little girl is dead’ crap.
      The court case is a shambles – the whole story is a shambles.
      The only reason this story stays around is because your ‘little girl’ got her tits out and masturbated online and you closet-pedophiles types fantasise about it.

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