We need to talk about Aydin


This post is a continuation from the previous post.

So. It looks like Aydin Coban is a naughty boy – an alleged 250 victims (if, by victims, you mean names of friends, family and others found on his laptop), a few thousand dollars in cash and some hard drugs under his bed. Essentially, the average Dutchman. But does that still mean he should be stitched up?

Something odd is going on. The Dutch staged a re-enactment of an Amanda/Tyler encounter, shown here. In the picture above, Tyler Boo is meant to have told Amanda: ‘The last time I didn’t control the video’ meaning that the last time he encountered Amanda, she was performing on webcam, and he had nothing to do with it.



He then goes on to say that he has videos of Amanda. He says he will show them, Amanda asks to whom, he replies: ‘school friends .. new pictures that your parents have not seen …. you know how it works .. so three shows of 15 minutes, then I will not send‘.



Then Amanda responds: ‘That’s not gonna happen, dick, how many of my friends have you involved?’



To which Tyler finally responds: ‘4 and I hope’…….to find more?

So – what is so strange about that? Doesn’t it show that Tyler Boo was threatening blackmail? Sure. But where does all the extra stuff come from? We have already seen the original in the hands of Carol Todd. There’s no mention of Tyler Boo having control; there’s no mention of three shows lasting 15 minutes each; there’s no record of a response from Amanda; and no mention of four as the number of people contacted. See the original below:


So. The Dutch have one version of the Tyler Boo encounter, Carol Todd has another – both completely different. The Dutch have additional interaction between Amanda and Tyler Boo. The Dutch seem to have info supplied by Facebook, Carol seems to have info she’s acquired for herself directly from Amanda’s computer. This points to some pretty nefarious duplicity going on somewhere, but where?

Just who is telling the truth here?

6 thoughts on “We need to talk about Aydin

  1. In case people wonder why I trust nothing in the Press, and believe that most reports are nonsense, the headline here reads: ‘Amanda Todd case will not be prosecuted in Netherlands’
    There is definitely something odd going on. The Canadian police never said it was Facebook who had started all the enquiries. The Fifth Estate documentary never published the full Tyler Boo messages. And the Dutch police and Press seem to know more about it than anyone else. This has got my head spinning. In the official documents in Holland, there is no mention of Amanda Todd.
    In a way, I’m not concerned with the slow processes of the Law. What I am concerned about is the slow leaking of information and the urge, both in Canada and Holland, to influence the outcome of judicial proceedings. It’s all very dangerous.
    We have already seen how Kody Maxson was vilified by the Press, and I believe that the authorities are lucky that some lunatic didn’t take the death threats to a conclusion. We have seen – in a similar case – that people firmly believe that Rehtaeh Parsons was gang-raped by four people when the fourth person accused wasn’t even in the same town. Personally, of course, I have shown how eager the insane vigilantes are to believe any nonsense they read online, with nutcases thinking I am several people, that I am a pedophile and so on.
    Aydin Coban may be a bad person. Or not. We have yet to find out the truth. But we have to maintain a sense of right and wrong, a true sense of justice. Surely the days when we incarcerated people because they MIGHT have a link to a crime are over? Allowing the police and the Press to lie, or to hold back the truth, is not good for society.
    Oh well. Why do I get the feeling that nobody cares?

    • MANY people care. The problem is many have been desensitized to the point of numbness. Many have determined that truth and fiction have been blended into the next ridiculous reality show, our lives. That corruption has not only infiltrated our governments and businesses but also into our friends and families daily lives. Racism, bigitry and general hate of all kind have been provided a place in lives once again, as long as you are politically correct about it. That the use of “convient morality” has become as popular as facebook. The problem for me is not “caring”, it is in determining who is really the victim and who is the the predator. To topit off, is there a Dexter thrown in there too? Life is no longer so simple for those who mayeven attempt to care anymore.

      • Care for what you know is worthy of care. Care for yourself, your friends, your family. Stay away from the unreal world of the Internet, and care for what is real and tangible. Beyond your friends and family, care about starving people, victims of war, the truly weak and the truly vulnerable. People read this story and think they are caring because they sob and get angry. People who care work for the Samaritans, in hospitals, sometimes in politics. Or write blogs trying to get people to understand the wider problems that plague society. Getting emotional is easy – caring takes a lot more.
        P.S. I would call Carol Todd a caring person if she had spoken up for the Maxson family, if she had preached more about love and understanding, if she had tackled the problem of BlogTV and cameracaptures head on. Or if she had protected Amanda and not cruelly ostracised her. Or if she had not blamed innocent kids like Amanda’s ex-boyfriend. Or if she hadn’t referred to herself as a rock-star mom. Or if she had not encouraged kids to think that suicide made you into an angel who was in a better place. Or maybe, just maybe, she had told the truth.

  2. Abusing 250 people does not equal “a naughty boy” it equals a cruel, heartless, visious predator! Calling him a naughty boy only serves to atempt to diminish his actions for which there is no excuse!

    • Stop being silly. There is no evidence of abuse of 250 people – just because he has 250 contacts does not mean he abused them. As usual, people have just made a mountain out of a molehill with all this. You like the idea of a cruel, heartless predator and no doubt you were also on the Kody Maxson bandwagon.
      All I do here is ask you to properly consider things. Do you not think it odd that the Dutch version of the Tyler Boo encounter is almost entirely different from the Canadian one? That the police keylogged him from December 2013, yet for some reason he is linked to Amanda Todd?
      You know by now how much of the Amanda Todd story is fiction: the ‘one photo’ tosh; the ‘lone man’ who flattered her; and so on. This is yet another tale of idiocy in this myth. Let’s see how far Canada push for the extradition – never is my guess.
      Honestly, you really need to grow up.

  3. I just want to comment on your translation… the first he says he didnt send the video the last time ((not control)

    Then when she says lul how many pedople/friends of my did you involve (cq sent it to) he responds 4..

    For the dutch LAW he was found quilty having engaged in illegal activitues and against the LAW, if he is in all the person engaging with Amanda, Thats not something they Needed to proof, they couldnt even, they dont have the authority to do so. Its is up to canada to do. They may have found proof on his computer /Phone, which Goes back before the keylogging started(?)

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