Lazy Sunday


This is a picture of one of the most wanted terrorists on the planet.

Anyway. It’s a lazy Sunday, so all I have done today is steal an interview from the Daily Capper.

Interview w/ Kristy

Q:How did you come across Stickam or Tinychat at first?

 I’m not even sure. I think my sister was on there and I saw it…? I made an account to talk to all kinds of people and just hang out. I talked to one guy I really liked and that’s when the showing started. I know I found tinychat on google. Haha because I wanted to find something that wouldn’t block me for showing last year.


Q:How did you feel about tinychat and performing on there for the time that you did?

 Well I started out with one on one things on messenger lists, then I moved on to private stickam rooms. When stickam stopped the private rooms, I went to tinychat. I always planned to talk to different guys, joke around, and have a good time, but by the end of the night they had done some convincing.I was in it for the good laughs and conversation. My small town is boring. I liked the adventure. At the end of the night (usually 2 or 3 am, maybe more at times!) they would get a show before bedtime if I felt up to that. I enjoyed the converstions, but felt guilty the next morning… I met another guy around September and by New Years we clicked. He’s what changed my mind about camming up.


Q: How many “shows” do you estimate that you’ve done within that time?

I have absolutely no idea… Not too many, but enough I suppose.


Q: Were the shows mostly for random people or did you know most of them that were in the room?

Well it was open to anyone, I started to know a few people and they became regulars. There were a few I can still name, but when I decided to stay off stickam and tinychat I stopped talking to them all and haven’t heard from them since about January.


Q:Name a few of your favorites from then

 I’d rather not. Haha I blocked someone though and they made a new account to get back at me. His name was Joel and I liked him until I found out who he really was.


Q: Do you mind saying something about the guy you mentioned who changed your mind and how that happened?

He didn’t care for seeing me naked, I mean he DID but he didn’t constantly ask like some addictive ‘losers’ do. We became friends and he got my messenger. It got more personal as days went by and serious family issures came along for him New Years’ night. I was there for him and that was when we decided we were serious. Late January, I decided to stop whoring myself out to the 4hds, stickam, and tinychat public. He actually has a military life, and has been through a lot. He respects me and refuses the best he can when I offer to cam up for him…but of course I have some tricks up my sleeve when I need them

Q: How did you find 4hds and what are your thoughts about it since you’ve found it?
 I was on stickam and someone pmed me. They said, “Your link was posted in a room, that’s why they’re flooding,” and I asked which room. Many guys in here don’t talk (waste of my time haha) and they’re waiting for links, but some like talking to me, so I enjoy their conversation.

Q: How do you feel looking back at everything you’ve done in the past?

 I mostly regret it. I mean, it was mostly how I found ‘him’ but I still don’t feel clean of it and it’s been about half a year (with a few private recurrences).


Q: So before the end of this year what are some plans or goals that you hope to achieve?

Well, sad thing is, I haven’t seen or heard chase (my boyfriend) because he’s 18 and bc of the military background, strongly believes he’ll get caught for messing around with me. I’d like to get him to call me before he leaves for boot camp. I had really really wanted him to come to my sister’s wedding and he was going to but now he’s going to boot camp. He already put it off months, for me.

Q:Is there anything else you would like to say to the hundreds who will be listening to this interview on Sunday? 

 i guess and just say that i’m up for conversation. i try to be online whenever i can and i love talking about anything that people bring up. if i have enough fun talking throughout the day and i’m able, they just might get lucky too!

6 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday

  1. and of course milton/thedailycapper was a mod on 4hds/suzam (actually he was one of the webcamsafety people that shared the HDS_Mod account). such a blur, those days. i remember kristy though, she would recrute people on 4h for private shows on stickam.

    • That Daily Capper stuff is quite old now. It’s weird that all that stuff was going on but nobody seemed to bother. Whatever happened to dogs, blarg, Charmander, or Caseyface and the rest? I still need info about this Aydin Coban and Tyler Boo. If the Facebook stuff is correct, it looks like Tyler Boo didn’t arrive on the scene until October 2011. I get the impression that the cops have no idea about all the people who interacted on things like the Daily Capper. If Aydin Coban had been a player back then, someone would have known about it. Oh well – the court case is held over for another three months, so there will be no more news until then.

  2. never heard of him before this blog tbh. but then i stopped going to those sites around early 2011. as for aydin its very likely hes acidcat/AC. he disappeared from chateen around the time aydin hit the news and i havent seen him there since. but then again theres dozens of creepy little pedo avchats i dont know about. maybe ask lauren she seems connected to that particular scene.

    • OK. AC cropped up early in the story, and it looks like AC = AcidCat, who was quite well known – I’ve heard some news about him operating 2010/2011. But then the name AcidCat doesn’t crop up in any of the reports, and I still can’t work out how the link to Tyler Boo existed.
      Facebook monitored activity, but all they could get was ‘possibly in Tilburg/Oisterwijk’ which seems weird, because they could get an address from his Facebook login details. I would have expected to have seen ‘registered to an address in Tilburg’. So maybe they were going on ip addresses alone. Laurenpzxxhjxmgjx or whatever her name is? Ha ha – she’s probably moved on now.
      Anyways – Robben is a dirty cheat!

  3. Pretty sure xfgt still cams on epikchat with the teenagers. as for dutch cappers, ive only ever known three. sebby, acidcat, and j4y. sebby is still around preying on russian 10 year olds. who knows, it might even be j4y, with his history of RATting/blackmailing it would not surprise me. skype account names would be helpful, at least youd have ip addresses to compare. /oldfag

    • OK. r0ra was the first person to spring to mind – right age for Aydin, but he’s already been outed as Oolders. But if people know so much about r0ra, why haven’t the cops arrested him? I have been told that he was in the chatroom with Amanda on BlogTV, so he would be a prime suspect. I have also been told that Sebby and r0ra were in touch about an Australian girl. As for j4y – never heard of him. Peyton would have been able to provide a lot of info. Maybe the cops have already interviewed her. Kody was chucked out of the picture ages ago, so they must have known something about what was going on. The closest I can get to Tyler Boo is Tyler Bochenski, but he is way too young. The cops would have been all over him too if he was close. But then again, the cops are pretty useless. Shit – there must be a ton of suspects. I’ll have to take a look at Sebby.

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