Evidence for the lazy


Another repeat episode.

OK. This post is to provide the evidence that most people are too lazy to find for themselves, or disbelieve. These screenshots are taken from the ‘Sextortion of Amanda Todd’ documentary – one of the worst documentaries I have ever seen for providing truth.

My aim here is to provide food for thought, but also to back up my claim that Carol Todd has deliberately hidden certain things away. Is she a liar? Everything is open to discussion. So maybe we should simply call her someone who just reports some of the facts – the important ones she conveniently leaves out. A storyteller, if you will.

The first screenshot is of the warning that Carol received. Don’t you think it odd that she was sent the Amanda video link, then the police arrived on December 23rd, then she got this warning but still didn’t put two and two together and put Amanda on webcam lockdown? And it’s odd that she responded to this warning so aggressively. Instead of opening up a dialogue and perhaps asking what she should do, she sends the message to the police. Well that might be a fair action – maybe she just panicked and didn’t know what else to do. But this message screams out ‘Amanda has to be stopped’. It’s a shame she never listened.

Now, maybe it’s important to understand what goes on online. Amanda would have been one of the easier people to track because she was so open with her details. Certain cyberpoliz look for vulnerable teens to warn them. This can be a simple warning directly to them, and in many cases it’s a fruitless act, sometimes resulting in being told where to go by the girls who people are trying to help – Peyton Ramsey being a fine example. If all warnings are ignored, some of the online investigators resort to threatening to contact parents, and then finally doing so. This is what happened here.

Now at this point Carol Todd’s reputation still seems relatively intact if one continues to make a Hell of a lot of allowances – ignorance, panic, misunderstanding, a very cunning daughter. If the story had finished there, things would have been different. But it’s what Carol did afterwards that is so odd – essentially allowing Amanda to get deeper and deeper in trouble. Again I ask – isn’t it odd that she knew what Amanda was doing (hence all of her ‘evidence’ collected over the next 10-11 months) but never seemed to step in? If she knew her daughter was being harassed via Facebook, she knew her daughter was on Facebook. Solution: stop doing what you’re doing on Facebook. But maybe that was too obvious, and I am prepared to think that Amanda was immensely secretive and hid a lot from her mother. Until, that is, I read the next messages coming in.


This is a freeze frame from the same documentary. I have spoken about this before. As evidence goes, it’s pretty poor as it is typed out, so we have no guarantee it’s true, but for now I will accept it as a faithful report. It’s the Tyler Boo message.

Now note what it first says. It mentions a warning sent to Amanda 6 months earlier. Note: a warning. This would have been to try to get Amanda to stop – yet again. 6 months earlier would have placed the warning around March-April 2011. So obviously, Amanda hadn’t stopped doing what she was doing.

I am perplexed by the comment about Amanda promising the authorities that she would stop because she is producing child porn, but I won’t go into that now, except to say it raises the alarm bells about the origin of the message.

The message is again very odd. The prelude has 4Chan written all over it: pester the person again and again to get them off webcam, send out the evidence to shame them, tell the parents and so on. It sounds like this person already did that, probably way back at the beginning, but is annoyed that Amanda has continued. He warns he will do the same again (tell everybody).

Now the rest, if it is true, puts the blackmail into question. Why? Well, we all think that Amanda was blackmailed into doing what she did, but we have no evidence of that. This message is from October/November 2011, well after Amanda has produced all her material. If the first instance of blackmail occurred in October/November 2011, what’s the excuse for everything prior to that?

What I don’t understand is the ‘three shows’ comment. It doesn’t make sense. Why spend time warning Amanda and then say that? I have my theories, but again I won’t go off on that tangent today.

OK. Are we still thinking that Carol is in some way a hapless helpless bystander in all this? No, not really. She knew what was going on, that much is plain. If your daughter comes to you and says ‘Hey, I got this message’ every single alarm klaxon would have gone off at maximum volume. It truly is bizarre that the family didn’t throw away every piece of technology in the house, or at least place Amanda under strict control. And that’s why I find the next extract so incredible.

full rcmp

The Todd propaganda machine, as we already know, criticised the police for apparently not doing enough. What I find weird here is that Carol seems to have taken a very odd position on all this. It’s almost like she’s saying that what Amanda was doing online was OK, and that all the abuse she is getting is not Amanda’s fault, nor Carol’s, but because of nasty people. Like letting your kid play football on the motorway and then attacking the driver of a car for asking the kid to get out of the way.

Raffi Cavoukian, Sandy Garossino, the Fifth Estate and Carol all chose to have a go at the RCMP, using the ‘there’s only so much we can do as police’ as some sort of damning accusation. But they conveniently left out the part that refers to how the police are almost reduced to begging Norm and Carol to get Amanda off the Internet. And no one mentioned the ‘new material’ that Amanda produced.

But it does raise the ‘What exactly were the police meant to do?’ question. They really had not much of an option. Amanda wasn’t the victim of creepy stalkers, so the police couldn’t take over her identity and just sit back and wait for grooming talk and then pounce. She was the victim of direct responses to her putting child porn online. How could the police morally follow a path of showing Amanda’s masturbation and flash videos as bait, and then telling people off? Their major concern would have been to stop Amanda producing more. What’s the point in catching a harasser if, as fast as they do that, Amanda posts more illegal stuff in chatrooms or on YouTube or Facebook? Here’s news for you – it’s up to the PARENTS and Amanda. The only remaining viable option for the police would be to prosecute Amanda or to physically prevent her – in jail or an institution.

As far as what Carol could have done, well, not easy I agree. But something went desperately wrong on that front. Amanda had her own top-of-the-range phone. She had laptops that got a lot of use. Christ Almighty, she had a microphone and webcam set up in plain sight. She was given a ton of time to do her famous video, yet Carol never seemed to worry about that, either. A decent parent would have spoken about it, got involved, warned that she might get more abuse and so on, but we know that Carol was basically didn’t care much about what Amanda was doing. Yet still it continued. But even now, I can forgive the appalling parental ineptitude. It’s all the lies and avoidance of responsibility since then that I can’t forgive. All the parents Carol speaks to see the online enemy as ‘the other’ – predators, pedophiles, enticers. They never realise that sweet Sally by day is ‘Saucy Sally’ by night. Who can imagine such a thing? They never realise that the main threats to a child’s safety online come from the actions of that child online.

So – now all you naysayers have seen the evidence. If you still think that I am some sort of magic photoshop genius, just go and check out the documentary on YouTube. If I remember rightly, the Tyler Boo messages appear at around 29 minutes in, and the RCMP email around 31 minutes. You just have to be quick on the pause button.

And now maybe some people might grasp why I have a certain amount of antipathy towards Carol Todd. There is something of the night about that woman. In my own mind, I made excuse after excuse. It was only relatively recently that I found these screenshots, and, to me, it strongly reconfirmed everything that I had thought – that Carol is a manipulative liar who spends most of her time, when not glorifying herself and her daughter, covering up the host of errors for which she and Norm were entirely to blame. And getting paid handsomely for it.



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