A German story

Trying to find a video, the best I could do was Grandmaster Flash.

I came across this article from Germany, and was astonished by how many echoes there were of the sorts of problems mentioned in the blog.


The translation is appalling, but it’s worth giving it a go.

It talks of ‘pubetaeren Irrsinn’ which is basically ‘puberty insanity’.

‘Laura’ goes online, exhibits herself to a kid, kid passes video to her boyfriend, he circulates it, she gets shunned, parents and teachers get involved, blah blah blah…….then…….wait for it……she does it again.

If anyone bothers to read it, at least read the whole thing. We learn that ‘Laura’ could easily delete the video but chooses not to, and that, in general, most of her peers think she deserved whatever happened to her. There’s also references to broken families, trouble at home, but we’ve read all this before. There are a ton of comments and from what I can gather they fall into the categories that are now becoming common – online communication is dreadful, teens are mad, and what the Hell should the parents do in all this. The days of sympathy seem to be over.


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