My gift to Carol Todd

OK readers. You know by now that I do my research thoroughly. So…….

I was sifting through some evidence that I had forgotten all about. Carol Todd has stated over and over again that she wanted to know who was responsible for that first release of the ‘photo’. So, as near as damn it, Carol, here are the culprits:


And before everyone blows a stack, try this quote, a quote with which everyone will be familiar:

‘name one of your friends that do the most fucked up things! (Illegal things)’

‘DEFFINITELY TESSA. LOL but there’s more people. like celia and shylah and xxxxxx :)’

Ms. Todd – I’ve delivered the names to you (except for one that I have xxxed), and I have a hefty suspicion that you knew it was them all along.

Celia Hutikka has been on the scene before, but I never made much of it. We all know who Shylah, Tess and Bianca are. And if anyone’s looking for reasons: it was all about Tommy.

By the way – me mentioning Tommy will raise a gasp in the Nitoi/Anderson/Watson circles.

OK. Just in case Carol Todd is unaware of where I got my information from, I can also tell her where to go for PRECISE ip addresses of people who she would chop her arm off to know about.

Later on this week I will be showing the convoluted machinations of female fickleness that led to Amanda simply being betrayed by her on/off best friends.

So Carol – have a good Sunday. I have delivered the names of the people you wanted. Think of it as a freebie. Even largesse. I hinted heavily that it was Bianca who blew the story, yet I guess you really wanted it to be some predator. And before you blather on about there really being a predator, that’s as maybe AFTER Bianca and her friends threw Amanda to the dogs. And before you blather on about it NOT being Bianca, Shylah, Tess and Celia, take a pause for thought: who else had so much access to her information, her school, her school friends, and who else had that kind of vindictiveness that ONLY comes from teen girls?

As usual, all the Todders out there will doubt my word. How could it possibly have been Tess, Shylah, Celia and Bianca? By the end of next week you’ll be hanging these kids from lamp posts.

Oh – and fair exchange. Can anyone tell me why Amanda went to jail at the end of 2010? I only say that because of these quotes:

‘what’d Amanda do that now she’s going to jail?’

‘Wait, so I don’t get it. What, like what happened? She rob a bank or something or what–why’s she going to jail now? Seems kinda funny.’

‘y is amanda todd going to jail?’

‘How come Amanda’s going to jail?’

And why did she put it on her Facebook status that she was going to jail?



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